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The fantasy/ science fiction comic about my dragonelves characters, and their life's and powers, discovering and struggling, learning and failing, loving and hating.

Recent Comments

December 26th, 2017
Its been so long, I hope everything is ok with the author of the comic, its such a shame this story can't continue yet.
That answered the question what kind of species the maincharacters is. Dragonelf is pretty rad.
This entire universe is very detailed to say, i love it so far!
Oh she's cute!
Ooooh this page...
I want that house so badly!
I love how the fish in the first panel looks almost digusted by the guy eating raw meat xD
Also the animals so far are really cute! <3
...well that's ominous cover.... I must read on
August 30th, 2015
I'm sorry for the delay, but right now I am a full time student and wont be able to update my comic on regular basis for quite some time now.

Maybe after Desember when I am done with my commissions I'll get back to my comic again.
It'd be a shame if this comic didn't update again.
Well, she certainly caused a lot of fun.
@IronWolfQueen: Thank you for such nice words. <3
I don't see why you need to apologies, family comes first. ^_^ Your comic is awesome and honestly worth the Wait, I look forward to when you are able to pick things back up meantime Enjoy family and I hope everything will be ok.
Due to family and personal issues I'm a bit behind on my webcomic Era of Orlon, and will probably not be able to update until mid April, hopefully.
I have to travel home to my family this Easter and will be away from my computer and Photoshop.
February 15th, 2015
Happy New Year!
The holidays always takes a large bite of my time and inspiration, so here is a belate update on my comic!

(Please keep in mind my English is not my first language D; )
Ariero you dumbfu*k. >:B
Managed to cram in a new page before I move to my new apartment! Enjoy!
This will be the last update for this month, hopefully the next page will come together nicely after I have moved to a new apartment 1th November.
Now I have to use October to pack, throw shit and all that jazz...
That face was priceless, on both of them, Nice page!
Seriously delayed, but here is page 53!

Ravn is not supposed to use his fire powers on other dragonelves, but in this case it's a special case of crazy.

Jolon has anger issues... <.<;;