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To Defeat Them All
A journey to beat all the Mega Man games.... Perhaps.
Basically it's a blind Let's Play comic.

Because the playthrough is intentionally blind, we request that you withhold any and all spoilers when commenting.

Formerly called:
- I Can't Defeat Anyone
- I Can Defeat Anyone
- We Can Defeat Anyone
- We Can Defeat All The Hippos
- Toad Man Can Defeat Anyone

Updates at odd-numbered dates. (1, 3, 5, ... 27, 29, 31)
17:00 GMT during DST, 18:00 GMT otherwise.

Latest Comments

Comment on Short hiatus
Megasomari36(not logged in) (Guest), 26 May 2015 01:54 pm
@Djoing: Oh...hrm...must've misread a letter then. Regardless, I'm pretty sure MMKP does the same thing that he's talking about.
Comment on Short hiatus
MegamanOmega (Guest), 25 May 2015 09:07 pm

It's hardly cheap, in all honesty I'd easily consider some Megaman games much tougher than Minus Infinity (Megaman 8 and 9 and 1 come to mind)

I'd honestly just put it a bit harder than MM4 to be honest. The main difficulty of the games comes from the new stuff that's introduced every stage but that's also easily canceled out by how crazy the master weapons are. I mean three of the weapons make Metal Blades look like a peashooter.
Comment on Short hiatus
kmarwx, 25 May 2015 07:30 pm

I mean, it's not "cheap" by any means. I'd consider it almost entirely fair with a couple exceptions. It's incredibly difficult but incredibly well-crafted at the same time and honestly I like it much more than any official Mega Man Classic game.
Comment on Short hiatus
Guest, 25 May 2015 12:45 am
@kmarwx: So in other words it's only better if you like "Silver Surfer for the NES" levels of cheap difficulty
Comment on Dive Man: page 6
ForestFire, 24 May 2015 07:48 pm
@Maximusace9: But that would be cheating. They don't cheat.
Comment on Dive Man: page 6
Maximusace9 (Guest), 24 May 2015 05:52 pm
Eddie glitch
Hey guys, if you use the ladder to leave the screen Eddie is in without picking up the item and go back in, he can drop a different item. Keep doing this until you get the item you want!
Comment on Wily 3: page 1
Shadow_Da_Hedgie, 24 May 2015 12:38 pm
@Djoing: It's a possibility that his interior decorator is colour blind. But keep in mind the NES is limited on how many colours it can show at one time.
Comment on Short hiatus
Djoing, 23 May 2015 10:23 am
@Megasomari36(not logged in):
Who isn't paying attention? We used MMKB.
Comment on Short hiatus
Megasomari36(not logged in) (Guest), 23 May 2015 08:31 am
@MegamanSonic: Someone obviously doesn't pay attention. They USED MMHP. Look back at Wily 1:Page 13.
Comment on Wily Castle 1: page 13
Giga, 23 May 2015 04:13 am


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