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To Defeat Them All

A journey to beat all the Mega Man games.... Perhaps.
Basically, it's a blind Let's Play comic.

Because the playthrough is intentionally blind, we request that you withhold any and all spoilers when commenting.

Formerly called:
- I Can't Defeat Anyone
- I Can Defeat Anyone
- We Can Defeat Anyone
- We Can Defeat All The Hippos
- Toad Man Can Defeat Anyone

Updates at odd-numbered dates. (1, 3, 5, ... 27, 29, 31)
17:00 GMT during DST, 18:00 GMT otherwise.

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@Pingas260XL:Or the true hell, IWBTG. *shudders*
April 16th, 2017
I swear, if this ever gets updated again, I will binge-read the ENTIRE thing! :P
Ahh, I get to compare your Megaman 2 playthrough with mine.

Just for LOLz, here was the order I went with:


The Dr. Wily stages were REALLY easy because I kinda exploited the Metal Blade throughout the whole game.
@Djoing: *cough cough* Item 2 *cough cough*
@Djoing: All the way to the end. I actually beat Bubbleman deathless.
I don't really like him. It's actually quite easy to die if you suffer from a case of bad reads and jump right into the blades.

I have that problem.
Can you even KILL Springers?
I like to shoot the spike things in the conveyor belts to farm energy-healing thingies.
I thought that you could jump through the chains in the presses.

It was a painful experience.
April 8th, 2017
(Remembers that I beat MM2 on Normal)

Welp, I'm a weenie in the gaming world.
Man, screw Watchers.
@Djoing: YAY!
@hippo986: i'm confuzzled.
@Oceanus92: A weapon to surpass Metal Gear
March 25th, 2017
Are you ever gonna have this back? It's been almost two years at this point!
March 24th, 2017
@BaconBub: Totes
March 24th, 2017
@BaconBub: ik rite?
March 21st, 2017
Binge read
I've read this from start to here, you guys made a lot of ground here. It's so sad to see this story still go on hiatus, but you guys are very strong willed, like Purple Guy, you'll come back sooner or later. You always have...

Also Dave in the lab XD.

Speaking of the lovable robot, I'd like to use Dave in a Death Battle on my DA account.

It's Dave vs all the FNAF animatonics.

connections: Robots that are threats to humanity. For example,Dave's stupidity and the Animatronics jumpscares.

May I use Dave as long as I credit you?
Here's some damage data:
I found this on another informational Mega Man site called Mega Man Home Page.

Both the Mega Buster and the Pharaoh Shot deal 1 damage uncharged and 3 damage fully charged.
The Ring Boomerang and Dust Crusher both do 2 damage. And every other weapon except for Wire Adapter does nothing.
Your best bet is to only use fully charged Mega Busters or Pharaoh Shots.
In case you're wondering, Wire Adapter does 1 damage.