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To Defeat Them All
A journey to beat all the Mega Man games.... Perhaps.
Basically, it's a blind Let's Play comic.

Because the playthrough is intentionally blind, we request that you withhold any and all spoilers when commenting.

Formerly called:
- I Can't Defeat Anyone
- I Can Defeat Anyone
- We Can Defeat Anyone
- We Can Defeat All The Hippos
- Toad Man Can Defeat Anyone

Updates at odd-numbered dates. (1, 3, 5, ... 27, 29, 31)
17:00 GMT during DST, 18:00 GMT otherwise.

Latest Comments

Comment on Wily stage 3: page 10
Clement Creavan (Guest), 19 Jul 2016 03:33 am
Flattery'll get you everywhere.
Comment on Fireman: page 5
Cutman (Guest), 17 Jul 2016 05:55 pm
Somehow Megaman does have a chance of turning invisible.

btw the only thing I could do to beat Metalman was to die and then shoot so Metalman died. The explosion animation stayed but Mega Man kept on sliding on the conveyor belt.
Comment on Iceman: page 1
Cutman (Guest), 17 Jul 2016 05:46 pm
Crazy Razys.

Now you can't say they weren't as hard as disappearing blocks.
Comment on Elecman: page 2
Cutman (Guest), 17 Jul 2016 05:42 pm
Glitched Dissapering Block
Attempt #4 actually happened to me.
Comment on Woodman: page 1
Shadow_Da_Hedgie, 17 Jul 2016 01:34 pm
Nice touch to use the dialogue box and text from FireRed/LeafGreen on the remake of this page, when you used the dialogue box and text from Red/Blue/Yellow on the original.
Comment on Cutman: page 3
Shadow_Da_Hedgie, 14 Jul 2016 02:01 pm
@BlueyKid: Wakka wakka wakka
Comment on Hiatus
Extremmefan, 28 Jun 2016 04:21 pm
Comment on Cutman: page 2
Donut12345, 13 Jun 2016 09:51 pm
Megaman: you saw nothing...
Comment on Cutman: page 1
Donut12345, 13 Jun 2016 09:50 pm
*puts on YouTube* to late!
Comment on Megaman 1 opening story in a nutshell.
Donut12345, 13 Jun 2016 09:48 pm


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