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It's 1643, Japan...and it's the end of the world...


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Cheap goods
Dead written subject material, Really enjoyed studying. acedededbcad
The associate says...
I bet you didn't think I'd check it out immediately after being told about it. Awesome job man.
The story of Oniken's origin
Backstory of Oniken and the plot leading up to issue one is revealed this issue!...
The new cover of the next issue!
Still working on the redux of issue one...i moved recently so the updates were hard to do...enjoy
more blood and zombies is a good thing!
same svz time same svz channel...
More pages around the corner!!! more zombies...and awesome samurai action!!!stay tuned...
Wah! Love the bg's
whoa! There goes the hand!
Second new page this week...i'm on a roll!!!
yeah! update!
Hooray! An update!
Back on TRACK
Finally able to work on comics a new laptop for on the go samurai/zombie mayhem, hehehe
December 21st, 2010
this is really cool! I don't know if it's just my crappy monitor but it's so large it's hard to see T^T
the teeth are my favourite part
December 16th, 2010
i made this as an intro for the entire comic to give a bit of backstory...i think it will help the plot sink in like a katana into the grey matter of a walking ghoul...enjoy
THis issue 1 page three ReDONE!!!
This is the page 1 ReDUX...i'm updating the visuals for all of issue 1...
Issue 1 page 2 REDUX
Somehow, you've taken the zombie apocolyps and made it very...feudal Japan. It all works.
This is a great comic!