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My random sprites.


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October 22nd, 2010
wolfie boy, there are 2 errors in your comment.

1) these sprites aren't shit. they're not the best, yeah, but calling them shit is just stupid.
2) that is NOT c+c. that is quite blatantly flaming. c+c is saying how you can improve on something, not just insulting it. you're gonna end up creating another lugz war.(not that I would know, I hadn't even heard of smackjeeves then)
Don't listen yo Jake, he sucks at spriting and he's a useless piece of Shit
So sorry, it's on the original sheet of Joee. If you want, I can add the credit to this.
Where's my cred
Where's my credit
Also I'll edit that pose for my char
Hey bro can I use you for a cameo?
'Least some people aren't assholes. 8D
Alright. Fuck off. These are not your sprites. Stop acting as if your god. Fine, you're a good spriter, some people aren't as good as you. DON'T ACT AS IF IT'S ALL FUCKING NATURAL. Some people aren't perfect. He's getting better. He used to be shit. But now he's better. The reason Kirbyhog is wearing all black is because he likes to veer away from the gayness of pink. Now, lets veer over to your sprites. Can you learn some anatomy please? I'm not entirely sure how they can STAND UP. Also. You can't put your next sentence right after your periods.Like this. Add a space there, please, you doing that is burning my eyes.
Last note: Fuck off.
--The Lower Lord
September 30th, 2010
I like the new Kirbyhog dumbfuck >:U
September 30th, 2010
Trust me, no ones gonna steal this.

Now for some C+C

Storm -
I know him.Me and my friend know him.This sucks.Horrible.Why would you have a blue and orange guy then have a light gay blue shirt and some same orange as the head pants?Looks like a gayer version of the elementalfaill guy.NO ones pants are like that.At all.The shoes are straight yellow.No originality in this at all.

KirbyHog ~
Heh, i remember this guy.Um, this revamp is shit, plus you picked a bad pose because the fucking head is going up.Shitshitshit.The recolor is better than this.The pink of the head has no shading, and why did you add more to it than the original?It makes it look horrible.The black you put on there shit's it.Pants shit.Jacket/open shirt shit.Hair shit.The pants on the old RECOLOR looks better by 10fold.Its KIRBYhog dumbass, its suppodes to look like kirby, which you LACKED to do.You added black and it shits now.Now on to this guy.Hair looks like horrible sonic's quills deformed.Color originality shits.Hair shits.Clothes shits.Shoes shits.Mask looks to good for you to have made it.
September 30th, 2010
Please do not steal
Because, Major Mongo has a chainsaw to pick with people who steal.
September 30th, 2010
He's back....
September 29th, 2010
September 28th, 2010
Some critisism.
Hands are made wrong.

You're suppodes to have the top bottem of it gloves not the right side..The head is not shaded at all.The pants suck because like a part of them flails over the shoes and the outline is a black color.Never have a black outline unless the inside color is grey.The whole shadow streak thing is unoriginal.The whole red eye thing is unoriginal.Clone or not the eye is white.Look at shadow the hedgehog.He's a clone of the original who died years ago.Pants and shirt are pillowed badly.Gloves and shoes are pillowed badly.You don't know how to use 4 shades correctly, so don't try 5.Stay at three until you get good enough to start 4.Then start with 5, but you are barely good with 3 so, what.

Head 1/10
Quills 1/10
Colors(and color originality)0/10
Shirt .5/10
Pants .5/10
Shoes .5/10
Hands 0/10
Muzzle 1/10
Originality 0/10
Full 4/10
Out of 100 i say about 40.
September 28th, 2010
Tell me what you think is wrong/needs added.
September 28th, 2010
Thx. Looks great
September 27th, 2010
Made for Zone by ElementalZ. YAY.