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A wisecracking look at the little quirks in life.

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I was lazy and used pre perscribed hues :P
But look a new comic...
I guess it would be another word wouldn't it?

Yeah, a lot of shops, busses, etc. are like that, too.
They sure are! and the claws are very pointy too :P
August 22nd, 2011
Also, this is worth mentioning:

Start on any Wikipedia page. Click the first link. Repeat. Eventually, you will come to an article called "Philosophy". This also works when starting from "Philosophy".

Source: XKCD.
No, one of my old roommate's cats, named Sokka. He's now a lanky orange ball of energy.
Those little teeth are sharp, y'know!
Thanks! I have a mug like this one!
It's featured throughout the comics ;)
It's my noveling mug!
Only bring it out in November ;)
One of yours I'm assuming?
This is a very common occurance.
Of course now that Bella is getting bigger Gizmo fights back
But when she was very tiny he used to just let her chew on his ear. Sometimes he'd be walking around the house with her gnawing on him...

Poor Gizzy!
Lol, I know a cat like that... XD
So, this is Bella
She is a ragdoll
though... she doesn't ACT like a ragdoll...
It is entirely possible...
The way she acts most of the time had me wondering... :P
Maybe she's an alien.
I like the mug.
Ah, glitter.
New Ideas
Shall we all wlecome Bella?
I know she is not in this comic... but you meet her soon enough...
This is just to warm you up to her...
She's such a Twirp!
I used to have a fear of limbo, but it got over me.
It's very meta. Like writing about writing or trying to find a synonym for "thesaurus".