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Sonic and Megaman go on a quest to save the unviveres from very powerful items in the wrong hands.


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you are right now vwery good at those effects you use! Keep going!
November 11th, 2011
Hey guys i'm back.
hope you like it.

rate, fav, comment.

oh and i deleted the original episode 11 because i felt as if i was rushing that plot with it.
love it. nice page bro!
I'm back!
I'm back!
which of you missed me...?
oh come on!

anyway, i feel this is one of my best so far. i enjoyed making it. sorry it took so long, everytime i made this on my mom's laptop, the comp froze. but now i used ultimate's laptop, and so here's what you get.

and enjoy
December 24th, 2010
Merry christmas and happy new year
nice comic so far!
nice lil' bro! XD

love panel 5 & 6
here you go.
has been a while has it.

so you get some action and a mysterious figure! ^_^

and fav
thanks for the advise
Here is the comment!
Well the comic is decent which is good (Keep it up!). The story so far is quite unclear. I only get the part that megaman and sonic dimension are merge together, Dr light has found 2 powerful energy item source but was stolen by a red guy. People might wonder, who is the guy who stole it, why sonic and megaman's dimension is merge, what are those 2 items? Make sure you tell the reasons to those question in the later part of your comic. For sprite wise, you can go search look upon for sprites as the evil minions is just a recoloured version of megaman. Effects are stunning enough. Overall, improve the comic and you get fans and comment besides from me!
comment plz
nice bro. best so far
So thats who that special guy was :)

-insert epic comment here-

last panel is epic
sorry i took so long i was very busy and ultimate kept hoging the computer.


also i want to thank ultimate for the big blast megaman does.
You have a nice story here, but you seemed to be rushing the whole plot.

Examples; Dr.Light's capsule just lands infront of Sonic, which doesn't really make sense since they are from different games.

Adding Depth to your coMICKS makes the story more interessing.
i keep telling him this