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There is more to Alice than just Wonderland. Completed.

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Percival's sister is unnamed in the original oral tales about the grail quest and Percival's life but later historians/storytellers named her Amide or in some cases Dindrane.
This is for two very good reasons. The first reason is the possible Hestia connection. The second reason is because that is how lolitas roll. Victorians might be stereotypically stoic but I've also mentioned lolita to me not so much about fashion but mindset: Do what your heart says not what anybody else wants you to do.
Because some do think of Russian book, I remind myself to not call my fictional detective the Lolita Detective but go with Victorian Detective. Daydreaming of girl who if was around today never ages but she always dressed in victorian clothing. Never does she use technology that is beyond that of the victorian period.
The allegations of pedophilia rose initially from a misunderstanding of Victorian morals, as well as the mistaken idea, fostered by Dodgson's various biographers, that he had no interest in adult women. His diaries show he was keenly interested in adult women, married and single, and enjoyed several scandalous (by the social standards of his time) relationships with them. In later life, many of those he described as "child-friends" were girls in their late teens and even twenties. Suggestions of pedophila evolved only many years after his death, when his well-meaning family had suppressed all evidence of his relationships with women an effort to preserve his reputation, thus giving a false impression of a man interested only in little girls.
Not just banished but told you are forbidden from ever having friends. EVER! Your sister got crowned because she is prettier despite fact you were oldest child. Imagine betrayed by everyone: Not a single soul was truely your friend to begin with.
James Birdsong
October 9th, 2010
Concept of Wonderland is contributed to Lewis Carroll. He wrote "Alice's Adventures In Wonderland" and "Through The Looking Glass and What Alice Found There". Also in public domain is "A New Alice in the Old Wonderland" which was written by Anna Matlack Richards. Even though most do not realize this; it too is part of Wonderaland canon. Just as title suggests different Alice though.

I don't in fact own properties, royalties, or anything that needs anyone to sue me. I am not making a profit even if in an update I use American Mcgee's Alice, Nippon's Alice, Disney's adult Alice, Disney's teenage Alice, or Disney's child Alice. Frankly I don't own any of the anime, movie, or manga Alices at all. Truely I just have some dvds and that does not mean I at all I created the characters. I just imagine.

You know what? Just come to realization that even though I'd love to write a manga do an anime based on Alice smackjeeves and yahoo image search is closest I can get to making my dreams a reality.