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My Life Is A Joke!

A series of 4-panel jokes based off of my real life experiences. :(


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"The question is... Who watches the watchman?"
Pips will always be in your heart, Sal, and he'll always be watching over you. I wish him a Happy Birthday, and a prayer that he has a great one. :)
Aww, may your dog live forever through this comic. ;3;
Sorry! Took me some time to come back to this comic since my dog passed away last august, especially with this next joke being about him. But his birthday was this month, so I want to post this in loving memory of the best best friend I ever had. He really was the cutest thing, even when he'd wake me up on Saturday!
So adorable. ; v ;

I was wondering how you got the crayon texture for the border and lines? Especially on your cover.. where you color the girl! Is there a special texture or brush you use?

Thanks! c:
@SolaraHedgie - Ah, nah, I didn't, really, but I wish I had, so I stuck it in this joke, hee hee! :3

@BlueKiwi - Yeah! My teacher rocked, but sometimes I think she gave me scores I didn't deserve. ^^; But the more you practice public speaking, the better you get at it!

@animefan23 - I heard speaking in front of a crowd is the #1 fear by the average person, #1! Death is #2. Pretty scary. XD

@HaKu10 - Haha, thanks! The class really helped me improve.

@akeena - Thanks, akeena! :D

@Stig Hemmer - Yep! Goes to show being nice to others will get you good grades in that class.

@HaKu10 - Aww! Thanks! ;w; And you're not alone, Ai! Speaking in front of crowds is super hard. (I think that's why my teacher gave me such high marks in my class because she could see I was terrified, but still went up there to speak!) Looking at everyone in the class while I spoke always made me nervous, so what really helped me was to visualize that I was talking to just one person I knew in the back of the class. Might help you too!

@Guest - Thank you very much! >V< The crayon texture is actually a default brush setting in PaintToolSAI, the digital painting program I use to draw all of my artwork. But you might be able to get the same effect in another art program, or actual crayons would be even better!
I was reading this page again, and I thought, this is EXACTLY how I was in my current speech class! The first day we had to introduce someone else after interviewing them, and I just shut down...I was okay after awhile, but I get extremely nervous doing public speaking ^^
The two F's were disrespecting. You were respecting. All the difference in the world.
hahaha. your humor is really something. xD
I know how you feel, girl~ :) I have trouble speaking in front of people too!
I love this page~ :)
Hee hee, lol~ :)
Apparently, your teacher likes the humble ones.
I don't think anyone did this, but I would assume everyone else thinks about it.
Lol, I'm the same way.
Haha, I like your teacher. I have the same problem too unfortunately ;_;
I didn't know you took a class with Hotaru! BD
Thanks for all the fans! I had almost forgotten about this little comic of mine.

For this one, we had to stand behind a podium and give a speech about our public speaking class. Speaking to people makes me nervous, and the more people there are, the more I lose all understanding of the English language. XD
@SolaratheHedgehog - Thanks! It wasn't until after I left the library that I realized how ironic it all was, and then I couldn't stop laughing about it!

@kurorin - And one time I had an officer pull an illegal U-turn right in front of me! Where are the police officers to catch these police officers? XD

@ZombieWolf - LOL, I had no idea! They didn't teach me that!

@ammychild - Ha ha, yeah! But some of them are nice, too. They let me use their telephone once. XD
Rules are for breaking anyway >:D
Lol- I can see they like to be hipocrits in this future x3