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Loud Era

Loud Era

by mitchellbravo
The daily trials and tribulations of a group of friends entering adulthood- funny, sad, relatable. What happens when you're standing on the edge of your own future, and the drop looks pretty steep? Friendships fade and endure, self worth is questioned, substances replace solutions.

Historical slice of life fiction, begins in 1917.
Occasional mature language/content.
Traditionally drawn and colored.
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Loud Era

The daily trials and tribulations of a group of friends entering adulthood- funny, sad, relatable. What happens when you're standing on the edge of your own future, and the drop looks pretty steep? Friendships fade and endure, self worth is questioned, substances replace solutions.

Historical slice of life fiction, begins in 1917.
Occasional mature language/content.
Traditionally drawn and colored.

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I like how the entire group is all SPITE SPITE SPITE and hateful glances and then there's Whitney The Blissful. XD I feel kinda bad for him even though it's worse for Cecilia.
He done did that on them there purpose!
@mitchellbravo: I don't mind at all, go right ahead! (I'm glad you like it, I was kinda worried it didn't really do Marie justice.)
@Seven Rain: THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry I'm only replying now, I caught the drawing when I was on my way somewhere and wanted to wait to respond. Thank you so much for your kind words, and your choice of Marie is very timely as the next scene moves back to her- is it alright with you if I share the picture you drew when I run that scene and put it in my fanart section of my site?
My previous request for a fist fight is becoming less of a joke and more of a joyful fantasy... 8I

Also Whitney, just STFU while women are talking, don't get in the danger zone. <:D
"Damn, Darla, bringing it back with the white Vans....."
Odd little WHAT??? Don't leave them hanging!!!

Whenever I got tired of working on this scene I'd just look at Seton's face in panel 4. Look at that cute little guy. Cecilia, how can you even be mad? Look at that serene smile.

And Whitney's just straight up making up shit.
Sorry I took my sweet time catching up on this, but I finally stopped procrastinating and hammered it out. Wasn't really prepared to hit that latest page, but that's a good binge-read for you.

Similar to your sentiments about WOE, Loud Era isn't the kinda thing that usually lands on my radar, but your unique artstyle has always looked so charming, and when I finally got started reading there was a certain nostalgic feeling about it all that I'm really into.
(That and I've always envied people that can write slice-of-life well!)

Have some fanart to make up for how long it took me to come around, (and because I knew as soon as she first appeared that I'd want to draw Marie, though keeping her recognizable in my artstyle was an enjoyable challenge! Hopefully I succeeded.)
I propose Cecilia and Darla just climb on top of the table and WRESTLE LIKE REAL WOMEN already. :U

And gah, I get so emotional when you update. I with we both could do it more regularly but I also wonder if part of the hype would be gone if it was a weekly thing... Naaah, I'm glad to see comics I like any time. <3
Let me not labor over these pages any further.

Enjoy your unseasoned chicken breast, unseasoned potatoe, unseasoned asparagouse. And white wine for those who partake. Sparkling water available upon request.
@Face Eater: Wow, thanks so much for your comment!! Glad to be back and have you along for it! Hopefully I'll have another page ready to go next weekend. :) :)
Glad to see you're back at it! I've missed reading your stories about this crew.

But ooh yes dumb decisions, bring them on (apparently I can't have enough of my irl dumb decisions and my OCs' dumb decisions) 8)

Right, I'm applying the same theory I use for Black Dram and assume Eddie has an even more unfortunate relative in the basement until proven otherwise. 8I

Real life stuff is hard, enjoy the art times! Seriously, I've been doing unusual amounts of irl stuff lately and I want my routine baaack.

Ooooh, PM AWAY!! :O I often find initial research confuses things more but then I try to step back and think of what I was trying to get to narratively and there usually is some part of that research supporting that. This world is confusing enough for so many things to be possible and I don't even mean it in a positive or negative way, just woah, life is sure weird...
@mitchellbravo: I would say forming friendships was easier when we were kids because kids are more or less stuck in the situation where there's tons of peers to socialize, except I was regularly failing/avoiding that too. Proper friendships are weird and rare, but having someone who's okay to temporary share the temporary space you're both stuck in is not too bad either (THAT'S ABOUT PHIL AND EDDIE, NOT A WEDDING SPEECH DRAFT LOL)

Sweatpants are the best attire for creative work (that and PJs). HOW DO YOU WEAR SWEATPANTS AS A SHIRT THO???
@Oly-RRR: He's definitely glad to just have a companion, which I think is really nice for Eddie too- not that Eddie isn't used to having friends, but he hasn't made any new ones in a while. Omg the dumb decisions that are going to be made so so so soon XD XD XD XD

I think probably some time in the next chapter I'll be able to expand on Eddie's crazy stupid family a little more (THERE ARE OTHER VICTIMS TO THE BADNESS), I've been thinking a lot about them lately and how i want to start weaving that thread in...

Yeeeaaaaah the holidays didn't help me much lmao, I think I drew twice during the month of December. -_- I'm actually procrastinating on real life stuff I should be working on... which is bad... but like I come home and it's dark out and how can I work on things that have to do with the outside world when it's dark??? xP

I HAVE TO PM YOU SOON ABOUT A LOGISTICS PROBLEM I HAVE REGARDING A PLOT ONLY YOU KNOW ABOUT.... one of those things where I thought I had the easy answer but doing research has actually confused things more....
Awww, I start liking Phil more - I mean he's still doing the whole "manly guys doing manly things" act but he's also interested in getting to know Eddie and letting him choose how to have fun too and them getting to feel included on an equal ground (unless Phil is in it only to meet girls which I hope he's not). I dunno. I like how no character makes perfect decisions in the story (and to be fair they ARE the age where people are especially prone to making ridiculous decisions) but I also like to believe most of them have good intentions in heart until proven otherwise.


I'm so happy you keep updating 8) Gotta jump on that train too but the holidays left me with a backlog of stuff to wade through and finish.
@Oly-RRR: Thanks!!!!!! I can feel parts of it getting easier again. I worry that's just another fakeout lol but I am starting to get interested in just working with the characters again and actually making pages so i can get to these new plot points.

Yeah, Phil's got a pretty valid point :( You and I are similar in that regard, I mean I did have a friend group in college but I wish I had spent more time getting to know other people. Like planning for my wedding made me realize how few close friends I've made in the past 5-7 years... I *make friends* wherever I end up, but it's always in the context of the workplace, we don't really hang out outside of work/grad school, and then don't keep in touch afterward except through pseudo-interactions on facebook... bleh :/

I actually remembered to add Phil's freckles in this scene but I feel like they barely showed up after all the post-editing.

I had fun drawing this football game but I think I could still go another lifetime before actually wanting to draw another one lol.

Seriously, I know you have a lot of stuff on your plate lately (good luck and congrats!!!) so it's good to see you update on top of it all. I believe you can do it, the key to a healthy art habit might be enjoying it just enough to want to carve out a bit of time for it regularly. I'm still learning to do it too.

And in a way Phil is right because college IS about making connections but I was like Eddie and didn't realise it until way after graduating (and even if I did realise it earlier I still fail at social stuff anyway).
Yay for getting married!