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Loud Era

Loud Era

by mitchellbravo
The daily trials and tribulations of a group of friends entering adulthood- funny, sad, relatable. What happens when you're standing on the edge of your own future, and the drop looks pretty steep? Friendships fade and endure, self worth is questioned, substances replace solutions.

Historical slice of life fiction, begins in 1917.
Occasional mature language/content.
Traditionally drawn and colored.
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Loud Era

The daily trials and tribulations of a group of friends entering adulthood- funny, sad, relatable. What happens when you're standing on the edge of your own future, and the drop looks pretty steep? Friendships fade and endure, self worth is questioned, substances replace solutions.

Historical slice of life fiction, begins in 1917.
Occasional mature language/content.
Traditionally drawn and colored.

Recent Comments

@mitchellbravo: Tony is the son he never asked for. ;A; (That and Brennan appreciates sexy boxing posters too.)

And I can relate, I'm like that with finishing colouring seven. half-coloured. pages. X|
@mitchellbravo: I think I mentioned them before but yeees I should get back to writing long emails :D
@Oly-RRR: I feel like he's stealing and breaking a law and there's some weird interpersonal reason why Brennan isn't calling the cops on him, you know???

@Oly-RRR: LMAO I'M TERRIBLY CURIOUS and would love to hear more if you feel like committing it to PM or email XD

I have a feeling the #1 scene is something to do with Joseph but not the violin one, maybe something from their camping time... or drunk Eddie or Eddie saying goodbye to the car but that's just me listing my favourites by now. XP
@mitchellbravo: Ahaha, Whitney is precious! Also I totally met a person talking exactly like that buuut it was at group therapy sooo... :P
This was not a fun page to edit. If you notice weird dark blobs on your screen, I tried to fix them all. I need to get a good scanner :/

<h2>#2: Cal and Leon Make Up (link)</h2>

Length: 6 pages, 10 if you count the lead up (featuring Tony & the Rhinestone!)

Why it's #2: It seems obvious from the start now in retrospect, but working on this scene was around the time when I first realized that, of all the genres Loud Era might belong in, it is clearly a romance comic. Leon and Cal were the first couple to get together that weren't already explicitly "together" at the outset of the comic, and way back when I was getting ready to write the prom chapter, I had a bunch of different weird, dumb directions I was going to take their relationship.

In the scene I'm linking here, Cal expresses her regret to Leon at shutting down their relationship before they had a chance to properly experience it. Cal crosses back and forth over the line of being chaste and rule-abiding, and being (relatively for the time) promiscuous- she finds ways to justify her own relationships while being perfectly comfortable condemning others. Leon's played the love game before and isn't up for false promises and shenanigans, and I think it's a good wake-up call for Cal about considering other people's feelings more than she already (thinks she) does.


<img src=" ">

I was going to tell you this fountain in this scene is based off a fountain in a real park in the town where my sister went to college, but on rethinking my personal timeline, I drew this fountain years before I ever saw the town fountain.

Overall I remember really enjoying coloring this scene, too; it was one of the first where I stopped being so afraid of mixing markers to create gradients. I also like the palette I picked for it but like whatever


If you correctly guess what my #1 favorite scene is going to be, I will draw you a sketch of the Loud Era character of your choosing, you know, like if you want and stuff.
@mitchellbravo: Oh gosh I just saw all the ways I could misread this!! Can't wait for the next page!

And eee a new avatar (something I'm going to do when I start updating as well)!
@Oly-RRR: :D :D :D :D

I'm hoping to get back to more fun unusual things like that and embrace the medium more??

AHAHAHAHA I REALLY LOVE YOUR INTERPRETATION and sadly the actual conversation is so much duller and less interesting <D wait until the "reveal" on the next page.... (though that's also my bad for seating them exactly the same positions as they were in the last dinner scene, and I didn't make it clear that they are at their own separate table here- it was more obvious when the snapshots weren't there lol)
@Oly-RRR: I wish I had more opportunities to show Uly's writing XD XD XD

Yeah :( She burned her bridge with Clarabelle, but just left Cecilia behind... why she wrote Tony a letter and didn't do the same for Cecilia, you can probably imagine several reasons... but they're all sad :(

I still think Phone Joseph should be one of your avatars at some point! That was a good scene!

And I'm so glad you're excited about comics again! I had a feeling those snapshots were done separately, that's just so you and it works well on this page!

And Whitney is such an idiot but at least... uh... his heart is in the right place? It irks me how he talks about Cecilia's friends as almost an object of study but then he's also the only one at the table (besides Cecilia) to actually admit they have good qualities.

Unless his "pages on the topic" are all terrible poetry about how he wants to touch Cecilia's boobs. o_o
In all fairness, I would read the hell out of Whitney's shitty book, but the average person at a party doesn't want to hear about your hypothetical novel you may at some time craft.

The candid shot of Cecilia looking like she's going to need more than just that glass of wine is fairly anachronistic in terms of its sharpness and how much of a close-up it is, but I got the idea in my head and I stuck with it.

<h2>#3: The Results Are In (link)</h2>

Length: 6 pages

Why it's #3: God, I love this stupid scene. I could probably have included the entire lead-up including the competition itself but decided to narrow it down a bit. Joseph being genuinely white-knuckle excited about something, jostling Eddie and Tony around with each passing announcement, and then the depth of his disappointment as he hears the news literally the entire rest of the group already knew would be the case. I had fun coming up with the other acts that took the prizes and really enjoyed drawing the alley setting after they dejectedly leave the theater. Joseph's transition of expressions on the page shown below is my favorite part of this particular scene.

<img src=" g">
I had an honest to god blast drawing this scene. And as I speculated in the last page's comment, I decided to dip back into mixed media with IMO decent results, which was encouraging. Coloring both this and the next page took about 5 hours all together, 4 of which I did in one sitting, which I haven't done in a really, really long time. This excludes however the "snapshots" which I did first, and which are actually separate from the background paper and I attached them after I'd finished the rest of each page. I didn't keep track of how long those took. If I had to guess, probably 2-3 hours. So I guess that rounds out to about 4 hours to color an individual page, which isn't terrible.

Whitney needs to NOT GESTURE WITH A KNIFE while sharing dull anecdotes, or probably ever!

You'll also find that between this and the next page, I discovered the oddly soothing enjoyment in drawing & coloring patterned wallpaper. Who could have known???

<h2>#4: Joseph and Cecilia Break Up (link)</h2>

Length: 5 pages

Why it's #4: I thought more earlier scenes in the comic alluded to Joseph and Cecilia's relationship not being particularly stable in the past due in part to Joseph's infidelities, though I guess that must have been more apparent in the "old" "first" chapters that have been axed. There are a few mentions of Cecilia's family DEFIN ITELY not approving of their relationship, which is how Whitney (see today's comic) even comes into the story at all. Neither Cecilia nor Joseph is entirely happy with the way things are- I guess typical for couples that have been through adolescence together, or longer-lived relationships in general- and in this #4 favorite scene, you get to see how close to the surface all that anger and resentment has been sitting. I particularly am pleased with the facial expressions on the page below as well as the page that precedes it.

<img src=" g">

I'm also tickled by, and didn't plan, the fact that today's linked scene is *about* today's actual posted scene. We're in Virginia for Cecilia's (and Darla's) birthday after all!
@mitchellbravo: That feeling when you want your characters happy but you also have PLOT STUFF TO DO.

And I'm glad you're back in the saddle! That seems true to me too - trying to work on the comic semi-daily and it's definitely less of a scary uphill struggle than before.
I still love Uly's penmanship. XD

And awww, that's such a bittersweet present time scene, those bonds still holding them together. I think it's one of those things about friendship - even if you haven't heard from someone for weeks/months, they are still in your mind, you still want them to be well.

I want these kids to reconnect and to be happy and waaaah ;A;
@Oly-RRR: Drawing the kids put me in a sad mental place, honestly... I put myself in Aggie's place and want to like, turn around and somehow rescue them but that's not really on her agenda at this point in time :( :( There's just so many layers of sadness and neglect...

Yayayayyyy thanks :D :D :D It was super fun to do this scene and I feel like stuff is starting to come back to me now that I'm (relatively) regularly drawing stuff again?????
Re: the old scene - these girls keep breaking my heart there. ;A;

Re: the current page - ALSO HEARTBREAKING. ;A; I'm so used to seeing Aggie's family as judgemental jerks because I was raised to believe that you gotta let kids be kids as much as possible, especially when life forces them to grow up fast but they all look so abandoned and betrayed there...

I still don't judge Aggie for leaving (for many reasons we probably discussed before) but I hope she'll patch it up with her family someday.

And eee, these page is a visual delight - from them all being there to the colours and the efficient expressions/poses. :D
@mitchellbravo: I saw so many typos in that last comment of mine I dunno how you understood what I wrote. XD Like words get misplaced by other words that are sort of related but change the meaning but you know what I mean. But yeah!
@Oly-RRR: I think that's the only way I've been able to keep going for all these years is having differnet avenues to pursue... like I know there's characters I haven't spent as much time on but i feel like as things unfold their time in the spotlight comes up to the service (MEANT SURFACE, LEAVING THAT TYPO)
@Oly-RRR: Yeah, almost like a cutting-off-your-nose-to-spite-your-face move at trying to fit in :( :(

Oh man I'm glad I conveyed that feeling well on this page. It's sad and sucky and I think a lot of people don't realize that "fun times" can sometimes help but sometimes a person is just really deeply entrenched in a problem bigger than you can help with :(