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Loud Era

Loud Era

by mitchellbravo
A hundred years ago, we are a bunch of misfits.

Historical slice of life fiction, beginning in 1917, following a group of adolescent friends into adulthood.

Traditionally drawn & colored.

Contains some mature content/coarse language, depictions of racism, and physical & substance abuse. Recommended for readers 13 & older.
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Loud Era

A hundred years ago, we are a bunch of misfits.

Historical slice of life fiction, beginning in 1917, following a group of adolescent friends into adulthood.

Traditionally drawn & colored.

Contains some mature content/coarse language, depictions of racism, and physical & substance abuse. Recommended for readers 13 & older.

Recent Comments

@Oly-RRR: :D :D :D :D

I always felt that way too, like I know some folks argue that flashbacks are a crutch for lazy authors but I think sometimes scenes like this pack a better punch when you already know the characters a bit?? :/

*reaches over ocean for high five* yassss. The past week and a half with school starting up again have knocked me down temporarily but I'm hoping I get into a routine and can get back to the next scene !!! Fingers crossed for this year as I shouldn't need to do as much work outside of ... work as I was doing last year *wishy face*

September 4th, 2019
@Oly-RRR: Tiny Sickly Joseph has won the award for "Critter Most Needing A Hug and Most Likely to Refuse" too many years running :( :( and yeahh :( :( I didn't want to make it hyper explicit but between the trapped feeling and the woozy haze of painkillers he made a few attempts :(

It's been a lot of fun writing and drawing little Cecilia :D :D
@Oly-RRR: omg loving Sad Feel Green XD It was super fun to do but the effect looked better in my practice sketch than in the real thing... meh >:[
The last panel made me crack up for too long! XD

And it's also so bittersweet. I love this kind of scenes too and I think something about them being flashbacks makes them even better than if they were chronological.

And heh, though all these years each of us had moments where we thought drawing wouldn't be possible but we're both still here. I'll take that with any pauses and derails. <3

I hope the trip was beyond fabulous and you saw all the cool places!!!1
September 4th, 2019
I want to hug Joseph now (well, as usual). ;A; And build a time machine so he can run away and play with my misbehaving boys. Though those restraints look like he already tried getting away :C

Cecilia is such a cool little lady though. XD
OMG OMG it's THAT scene aaaah! So excited! And I love the sad feel green (it should be a crayola pencil name).
@mitchellbravo: "Play the Violin, Johnny...."
@The_Hankerchief: Thanks for the reread and the compliment :) :) It's hard to wrap my mind around the fact that I did this page 6 years ago.
@The_Hankerchief: Bunk beds, man. My sister and I had separate rooms so we never had justification for one, but I remember being keenly jealous of my best friend and her younger sister (who was also my sister's age). The younger sister had the cavern-like bed on the bottom, and my friend had the exclusive top-bunk which gave us access to the ceiling fan (which had an adjustable dial switch to control speed). During intense games of Good vs. Evil, Barbie Edition, the top bunk was the "evil barbie" lair, and kidnapped "good barbies" were often tied on to the ceiling fan and spun at gradually increasing speeds until rescued by their colleagues. It's a miracle we never broke that fan.
@The_Hankerchief: I love you for making me aware of that video so many years ago XP
That whole scene with the violin, keeps reminding me of that silly FilmCow video, and I'll never not laugh at that, or the video.

Also, Joseph, don't be a knothead!
Years ago, when Aaron and I had to share a bunk bed, I got stuck on the bottom bunk. It wasn't until years later (and after a brief stint where he lived at Dad's house, thus letting me sleep in whichever bunk held my fancy that evening) that I grew to appreciate the fact that I had a bigger bed than he did, even if mine was the lower one.
Rereading this page years later, I realize how much I appreciate Cecilia's look of disapproval. It -makes- this page.
I can't imagine they're going to get incredibly far into the book, but I hope they can glean some amusement from it.

So that's it, the story of how these two initially met. For some reason I fucking *love* writing and drawing these types of scenes as flashbacks, so expect more "HOW DID THAY BACOME FRIENDS" scenes in future chapters. Not this one, though. This chapter stays strickli in 1918 from this point forward.

...Huh, up until this point the prom chapter was the longest one in the whole comic. The next update will push chapter 7 into that superlative. There's four more scenes in this chapter, and rounding up to 5 pages per scene (which isn't going to be the case but I'd rather overestimate the workload) leaves us with 20 pages or fewer until the end of the chapter. Um. Guys. I think I can finish chapter 7 in TYOOL 2019 *a tear forms and I swipe it away quickly*

By the end of the next scene, I'll have matched or outdone in 2019 the number of pages I made in 2016, 17, and 18 combined. It feels really good to be back to drawing and updating semi-regularly like this. I hope I can keep it up. I feel bad about the readers I've lost over the past few years because of how slowly I was updating, but I'm also a little bit grateful for the delay because I'm definitely a more decisive writer now and have really terrific plans for the cast that I think I was too uninspired to do a few years ago. Yeah my art sucks more than it did in 2014/15 but I think I'd rather be motivated and excited about my story while having shitty art than have good art I never feel like making.

By the time this post is up, I should be returning from my EXTREME FABULOUS TRIP ABROAD. Hopefully updates will resume within a few weeks, otherwise be mindful I may have died on the trip!! Thanks for reading!!!!!!!!!
Cecilia, he's calling you a poindexter. Give up! Go on to the next sick kid! Spare us this whole webcomic!

for folks keeping score at home, here's the last time we saw Joseph around this age, about 2 months before he needed to go into the hospital, being a dick to Uly.
ya another flashback~~

I probably mentioned this last post, but this is a scene I've been excited about since I came up with it probably 5 or 6 years ago if not more. I'm.... okay with how it turned out, like it's probably 80% how I wanted it. I think this page turned out the best, though I didn't finish editing the others yet.

More to come next week! I have the next two weeks ready, but am going on vacation for these same two weeks, so I expect that the page following this scene won't be ready for a while. Sorry for sporadic updates.
This is so awkward and hilarious I can't handle it! XD Pure Loud Era. <3
@mitchellbravo: I WAS wondering if that would be bad news or needing the bed but... IT COULD BE BOTH, RIGHT? (That would be just cruel.)
@Squirreltastic-Blue: That could work!

And thanks! I try to use colors for shadow effects though I think it's something I used to be better at. This --> was a piece I did around New Years 2013-2014 featuring some characters from other comics, I was really pleased with the way the tones turned out to suggest a brisk night scene. I keep intending to go back and do more with that... the next scene I'm working on now uses a technique I haven't ever used before and hopefully it will be effective.
@Squirreltastic-Blue: I was thinking yesterday about the fact that I have a character who was intended to become a large-playing role, but recent changes I've made to plot arcs have pulled the rug out from under the character... I'll find a way to keep them a relevant contributor, but yeah, if you were to compare my plan years ago (or like even just months ago) to today, there'd be a big disparity there.

Lmao at the idea of Tony just beating up on Joseph, I feel like it'd be more in character the other way XP And it'll be a while before we get to more of Uly's sstory, though I'm hoping to get some flashbacks in there.

@Oly-RRR: LOL, my intent was the officer would be conveying "bad news" but I really like your interpretation better XD IN THIS PERIOD OF RATIONING WE NEED ALL YOUR SURPLUS BEDS