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Pawn is a silly erotic fantasy comic that contains as much nudity as it contains humor and is therefore considered best suited for equally silly adults.


Recent Comments

where the hell are the updates at?
I've been following this comic for longer than I can remember, and finding now that it's been picked back up after six years is truly a gift to my nostalgia. So excited to follow on Deviant Art this year and see if the story progresses.
woot, good to see ya back
Oh joy!
Thanks Silvador! If it wasn't for your comment I wouldn't have found out!

It's funny, back when I read Pawn I knew nothing about fantasy worlds and stuff. Now I'm a regular D&D player/DM lol.
holy guacamole! I never thought I'd see this picked back up. Glad I kept it bookmarked and checked back in every few months
@Silvador: I can't believe it. It has been such a long time. But i'm happy^^
Pawn will go on.
For anyone that finds this Pawn and possibly more chapters can be seen here.
It. Has. BEGUN!
Missing Pawn
Pawn is still held dearly in my heart.
Once in a while i check if there is something new.
Maybe sometime...
Still Hoping
We haven't given up. We still hope that you will feel able to start again. Best wishes in whatever you're doing now.
Here's to another five years of waiting for an update. *lifts glass of coke*
Happy 5th anniversary!
It's been five long years since you've added any real content to PAWN, Fredrick! Your DeviantArt page is alive and well with new content, but PAWN still suffers. May you find that pot of gold and return to updating PAWN on a regular basis.
I miss this comic, but im so glad because he draw some art again
@zebunisher: Yeah youre right
anyone out there
I miss you.!!
It's been 5 years now
Think about it, if a child was born when this page was uploaded, now they'd be 5 years old.
That's crazy! Welp, nothing else to say, I'll keep checking every now and then.

I hope Fredrick will post Pawn on that deviantart and eventually decide to continue it.
as mentioned before
As somebody already wrote here:
Mr.Andersson is nowadays posting all his new art on under the name "derangedmeowmeow".
Apart from a cameo no new pawn content, but lots of other good stuff.
Would it help to start up crowd funding, to turn it into a project that is profitable?
This story is to good to just let it die here.
So good
Please consider picking this up again, I’m really curious to see what happens next
I've been reading this since part 1, and would love to see it continue if you have the time and motivation for it; I am betting I am not alone <3