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by farah
A witty hostess with a successful life. A distant guy with a past. A memory of the past interferes with the present. A story about love & discovery.
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9 Years Ago
A witty hostess with a successful life. A distant guy with a past. A memory of the past interferes with the present. A story about love & discovery.


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Aaahh- last page?!? Now I won't be able to find out about Flora's stalker, their fathers and everything! Anyway, thanks for a great story- I really enjoyed it! :) It was brilliant how you connected the past and present together and I like both the characters of Daniel and Flora a lot- I guess in a way, they really complement each other! And as a another random thing- I like how there's flower references everywhere in this story - like Flora, the thornless roses, Rosemary, Herbville... Anyway, thanks again for an enjoyable story! ^_^
Argh- I can't view this page either for some reason..I think my computer is spazzing :(
Yeah! Go Mrs Blossom!! He totally deserved that punch :)
Oh no! I feel sorry for Daniel's face :P
I can't view the image on this page for some reason.. :/
Oh no! Evil Mr Sigaraga! Daniel's not going to drink it instead of Mrs Blossom is he? 0_0
This is such a tragic story! :( No wonder Daniel's a bit messed up..
Aaaah- Daniel is such an angry character. He's pretty much the exact opposite of Flora
Hahaha- young Mr Sigaraga looks so...:D I can totally believe how flirty he can be with THAT image in my mind now :P
Wow- this story is getting more and more complex by the page! I'm loving the character interactions :)
Ooh- Mr Sigaraga's character is getting a bit more interesting!
Whoa wait- he lost his memories? But he still vaguely remembers Flora?
Of course he remembers Flora! *face palm* And haha - "murderous glare" - Flora is awesome ;)
Awww..this was a sweet chapter. It's nice to see how the past in the prologue is linking back with the present here. It looks like Flora had quite an impact on Daniel :P It's a shame she doesn't remember him though...I'm really curious as to why she doesn't remember anything!
Yay! Thornless roses! :) Looks like Flora might start remembering everything soon
Oh my god- I'm loving this Mrs Blossom character! ^_^ The hairstyle, and whacking Daniel on the head...haha :D
Hahaha- she DID hit her head against a wall *face palm* I had a feeling that would actually happen :D
This chapter was a nice follow on from the prologue. It's great to see that Flora is pretty much following her mother's footsteps in doing a counselling-style radio show. I'm really curious about this Daniel-Flora relationship though..Must read on! :)
Wow- Daniel's being a bit creepy here 0_0 Does he have some kind of grudge against Flora? Hmm
A few random notes- you made a typo in the top left panel - it should be "pleasant" rather than "pleasent". Also I really like Flora's clothes design :D