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Its an 8-Bit World - Blank World

This comic's premise is simple. This is the White Space, or "Blank World" of my It's an 8-bit World Comicverse. Here all the characters, past, present, and future can interact and do crazy, random, and all-together odd things for your own entertainment.

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i can't believe vegeta got his wish: being powerful than punchy

wait a minute that's not vegeta
@Omnimon630A: Good hearing from you too man. Hope life has been treating you well. And yeah, I'm still here lmao. Probably will be for another year or two at least.

But yeah man, I wish you well in your life and it was a nice little blast from the past to hear from you again.
Hi, i know its been such a long time. But its Omni, that kid from dramatic space and stuff, you might not remember me. Punchy, I just wanted to say hey, I know I Havent been here in years, only because well I got older and the time judt didnt come to me. I cant get into my account again either, the website doesnt even have my email for some reason. But I just wanted to say thanks for being my friend when I was here, and thanks for everything, spriting was really important to me when I was 12 years old at the time, and now Im 17 and without the smackkeeves experience I dont know where I would be. I'm so happy to see youre still online and making comics. It really is amazing. I just searched Omnimon630a on google because i was feeling down and its a little heartbreaking eveyone I was friends with has left, but then again, I left to, but Im glad to see some are still on. Thanks again for everything. I really hope you see this. I would love to talk to the others like sspeedo th, MXD, Blumage, but its ok because I understand why they arent online. Its great to talk to you one last time. Thanks again.~Omni

also this is like the last update i can do until ian does his stuff but ive pretty much got all my stuff set in place
What does he mean by ascended????He means...JOHN CENA!!!XD
@14yroldinhismomsbasement: whomstved
Fuck hexec for taking crunchy away he was my favorite

Also of this is some ultra instinct rip I will murder you and everyone you know and love
It's just a prank, bro
someone else update so i can stop making self-contained comics about my characters please
September 26th, 2017
See, the flaw here is that the attack wasn't from behind.
Hold the fuck on.

How long of a story is telling him he has fourth wall powers?
Wow, look at all these dead people.
Kami's just like, "Fuck this shit I'm out."
D R R O B O T N I K ' S M E A N B E A N M A C H I N E
the comics dead but we're gonna get it back on track i promise


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bring back LBFR

bring back Ross

ross ;____;

bring LBFR back!
This makes me even more sad that Ross is perma-dead