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Core and Daniel find an old Mega Man 5 cartridge at a yard sale. As they pop it in, there's more to this game then they realize. A lot more.

Recent Comments

Aqua Jet ski time
Prepare for a bumpy ride
No. No. No.
Core + an almost unpoppable bubble = chaos.
Don't let him get one...
First panel is a reference to the Mario vs Sonic vs Megaman comic! Awesome and epic!
Fake sleeping?
A part of me thinks Core is doing this on purpose...
Only one wily can remain
This is why cloning never worked...
@Extremmefan: I noticed that too
Wily has no ass... I mean not the donkey kind!!
Cloning always leads to trust issues
I know because IVE DONE IT MYSELF!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHcoughcough... jk I've never cloned myself
Poor Core!
If we get invaded by anything pun-related I'll know who to blame...
That was very "punny" core...
Like a doge
No chain will hold core.
Oof incoming
Good thing those mousebots never stop moving. But that won't matter next will it?
Bobby looks like his life is flashing before his eyes. Also his eyes are like pebbles !!
Farm Man
I wonder how that boss would work if he existed in 2019...
I will (end) you
So he will end him while running away from him?
Shadow man?!
When I did a play through of this game I mostly used shadow blade.
Cores next big plot...
I wonder what core will try next...
But the train is always moving!
It has no destination. So is it an infinity train?