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Core and Daniel find an old Mega Man 5 cartridge at a yard sale. As they pop it in, there's more to this game then they realize. A lot more.

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February 27th, 2018
@Guest: Fixed.
Wait, "Letting the power get to his head"?

...That weapon is infected with a virus.
What can i say except...?
I just noticed after all thoose years.

Core says 6:30.

However, the comic was posted on 4:54.
@GamingNinja: Come on, that was a good pun!
@Djoing: it's been 6 years and I still want to hit you.
Holy crap, you still made sprite comics all the way up to this year? That's crazy dedication. A whole decade of making these things... I think I was eleven or twelve when you started Mario vs. Sonic vs. Megaman and now I'm out of college. So weird how much time it's been.
glad to see that this classic comic has finally come to an end. started reading from some time when knuckles was in Mario 3 in the first comic. thanks
I love this
This ending is great, Great comic,I will miss this it been such a treat to read it. It is one of the few things that lighten any mood i was in Good job Happy to hear Megaman will not be left in the end without those two to finish!!!
I will miss Core's antics and the characterizations of the characters a lot but I really enjoyed this great comic you guys made.
Megaman should be more thankful when core is like that in fact recently he helped out saying there's enemies in front of him
i think that he is just being dumb on purpose
I may not have come in early but I still really love this comic!
Congratulations on finishing and keeping up for so long, there are not many who can say they did that!
Good luck with any future projects you may do!
you two mean awesome

i will miss you DHK! i cant believe you are retiring...Core you are amazing and i am glad both of you made this awesome comic that i personally enjoyed to the fullest! i also loved MvSvMM! both i cant believe are over...each day i came to laugh and read and enjoy each day i could not wait to see what came next...cant describe how you two made my days brigther and fun! so i thank you both! :) and i hope to see what comes next! :D
Thank you guys.
This was an incredible comic.
Have a nice retirement DHK.
I'll be waiting when you face withdrawal and have to return.
...Guess I'll make my bi-annual check on To Defeat Them All.
These comics were amazing they were one inspiration of many and I will miss the comic team making another but something's must be like another well known mega comic this will be missed. Core, Bobby and Daniel will be missed. I hope best o retirement. Since this has ended I may make subtle reference to it maybe...

Anyway this was an megapain of an wait an thrill ride of comics and bye
Thank you guys for the experience, it was amazing and I'm so glad I was able to read this comic. MegaPain is the comic that brought me towards smackjeeves. I wouldn't even be here if it weren't for this comic sparking my interest.

I loved everything about the story, characters and dialog/drama!
It's sad to see it end, but I'm glad that I got to see one of DHK's last full adventure comics and I hope to see more from 2021!

Thank you! =)
Congrats you two! I've enjoyed reading, so thanks to you for making this.
What an amazing comic, thank you both for such a great journey! :D and DHK, no worries having to retire from making comics full time, but I'd still love maybe some mini Megaman comics from time to time, perhaps not one with any plot, just a bunch of mini one shots that mostly don't tie anything together.
WTG It was great ride thanks :)