Core and Daniel find an old Mega Man 5 cartridge at a yard sale. As they pop it in, there's more to this game then they realize. A lot more.

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This gimmick always puzzled me when playing through this stage. Then again, we're talking about the future of technology with a robot that has a strong sense of justice
For the last time, I didn't program the game, Core...
Core is probably more concerned about Bobby than himself, even though that could have hit either one of them all things considered.
i'm suprised core isnt giving megaman the finger.
I didn't really take into account how small certain areas are in this stage. Had to pack them in like sardines to get through. :P And when a Grammar Stickler knows something is wrong with your spelling, they'll correct it.
Yes, the entire tower is definitely capable of balancing on that one pillar. Makes perfect sense. And finally when WILLY thinks something is weird, the universe ends.
I've seen pigs fired from a hot tub time machine and understood how it worked, but this is insanity.
I still kind of question the way that's supposed to work, AND THIS IS MEGA MAN I'M TALKING ABOUT!
and when PROTO things something is odd, than you know know theirs like acopalix level trouble going on
@Nashew: Maybe Dr. Light did help him.
When Mega Man thinks something is odd in his world, you know something is wrong...
Did Core... try to look like he was doing instant transmission?
I wonder how Mega Man got through four other adventures without the help he's receiving on this one.
I like how Megaman starts two sentences with "Let's just say...".
After trying to keep up, I FINALLY caught up with Mega Pain!
@Shurikens_Miner: Oh that makes sense
@Rbade: He's probably scared Core will get killed off.
Why is Bobby scared? Can't he just fly through the spikes?