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Rue des Solitaires

Rue des Solitaires

by H-P
Perfect girl and handsome guy, that relationship must be perfect... So what's the problem?
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9 Years Ago

Rue des Solitaires

Perfect girl and handsome guy, that relationship must be perfect... So what's the problem?


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November 26th, 2012
@Remy: Well... I could continue... If I'd come up with what would happen next. The story is actually finished and finnish readers have been able to read it as I wrote a novel about what happens next haha. That may not help your case though. The novel is in finnish.
I know it's been a while since you updated, but are you planning to continue this? I'd love to know the rest of the story.
Wow, I know it's short, but I actually really enjoyed this ^^
Oh I really hope you... decide to actually continue writing more that sure would be nifty /my name is Alex and oh jeez I sure am late to this party uh
A love interest. Don't leave me hangin
I really like this
I would love to read more. Also I think the empty space gives it a lively, revealing but still keeping a mysterytious ness feeling.

about the spaces in the comic, i kinda like it, it's like, bring a feeling of the time is going soo slow and so much emotional in it
you need to continue!!!!
I would love to see more!

I'd love to see more of their relationship and how they got together! =D
I'd like to see more, for sure.
Yes. Yes. Yes. <3
hey that boy looks like Marcos :O
yay updatee♥
YOU UPDATED! That makes today the best day of the month! And yes I totally love your negative space, it builds some good tension.
Man I love your work so much.
Finally a new page.
You know I got some problems when I was drawing this page the last time and then it took me almost half a year to re-draw the page. But hey, at least it's done. I was actually thinking of ending the story here, but I'm actually not sure.... Do you people want to know what happens to them after this one? I'm not sure if anyone's interested in reading it... o___o;;

Also I was testing leaving a lot of "empty" space in the page... Like how it would affect reading the comic. Like... it would give a slower feeling to the page maybe? Tell me what do you think! <3

Hey here's a secret link that leads to secret stuff:
OxO I know it's probably a tattoo...but.....anyone else think that was a sparkle in the last group panel?

....I did.....=3
The long frame! SO cool and creative! Really love it.
i love the sense of loneliness and separation you get across here, especially those last two panels and how you've spaced them out so far. works very well!
October 20th, 2010
Cliffi: They... Are too different... Indeed.

Blackrainfall: They actually got set up by Devon's uncle. Bere was working for him at that time... And well, Bere fell in love, she's that kind of a person that falls in love very easily.