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5 Years Ago
A strict, megalomaniacal lioness.
A egocentric, muscular vampire.
A sarcastic, antisocial eraser.
A surprisingly sane blob.
A small, mute pikmin.
An optimistic, friendly green thing.
A stubborn, determined mouse.
A curious woman from the future.
A meek, brilliant scientist.
A calm, fatherly fighter.
A serious, taciturn war veteran.
A crazy, hyper girl.
A confident, eager architect.
A savvy, sly chimpanzee.
A frustrated, busty teenager.
A sad, lonely emo.
A fangirlish, lovestruck fairy.
A dominant, genius octopus.
A loud, grumpy senior citizen.
And a sadistic, creepy alien.

Who will win the $1,000,000 grand prize?


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I have been reading this tonight for the first time. As a big fan of SFC I must admit I love this. This is amazing! This specific comic actually brought me to tears, the Bob and Chuckles friendship is so beautiful. The fact that Chuckles can stay positive after everything that happened in his life... is beautiful
@Congo: I dunno, I think I got it from either Tiny or SSBFreak.
I know this is a completely random and out-of-nowhere comment, but I have a question:

Blanc's confessional mentions "the peeps in my node", to refer to the characters from Bobobo.

I've noticed that some other people within the SFC community on DeviantArt (and Smackjeeves) refer to a fan character's home-world as "nodes". When did we all start saying node? I haven't seen the word node used to describe the home-worlds in the original SFC, so it didn't come from there. I dunno, I prefer "series" or "franchise".

For my own guess, I think it came from Tinyhammer's Survivor stories? I haven't read all the SFC spinoffs yet.
@Aura Master Fox: Yes.
So true @999
Oh My GAWD Sakura's making a coffee!
Oohh.... Now I remember this.
Oh god.. we got a dude that fools a polar bear.. didn't remember this comic.
Wow, SP got it right
Yeah, yeah.. bye Flo.
Oh dear... Alex is smart.
Ooh...ooh... I know what happens! Bud dies and Skazz leaves, correct?
Ceviana's right....
Not commenting on rewards... but yeah LOL.
Yeah... big-lipped alligator moment.
Yeah... uh, wow.
Doesn't really count.
Yeah I know what happened