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Life With Empy

A comic showcasing the funny moments between me and my friends.


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Some more tributes to Vader (he was put down on May 1st, 2009)

-The first drawing depicts me trying to use the computer and him sitting in my way, blocking the whole screen, it was something he did often and enjoyed doing. Just a little reminder to us that he was more important than the computer.

-This was just his general attitude to my brother's dog, Sweetie. And she often would roll over for him to show him that he was indeed the boss.

-Just me and him snuggling on the couch, something we did often, whether I was watching a movie, playing the SNES, or reading; he was often snuggled up with me.

-One time he was playing in a paper bag and I stomped behind him and it scared him so much that he tore out the bottom of the bag, leaving claw marks in the bottom from how fast he had taken off. Even though I should feel bad for scaring him that badly I can't help but laugh at the memory.

-One summer he got his head stuck in a watering can, my sister pointed and laughed at him very hard because he was such an egomaniac. When he freed himself he was so ashamed that he hid in the basement for 3 hours XD
So Charlie and I went to Burger King, and while we were waiting to cross the street he decided to write 'FUCK' in the snow...
March 19th, 2010
My sis wanted me to draw her with her kitty like I had drawn of me and Vader. So I thought about it and these are what I came up with.

When Poe is sleepy he completely melts and stretches out into the longest cat I have seen, you can pick up and he will become all bendy just like that. When he's awake he is the bitey-ist and evilist cat and he will bite down and gnaw and chew on your arm and yes he will clamp down like that XD
Mythic healing Jin's booboo cuz when I brought my friend Charlie over to my house for the county fair my sis's cat kept mauling him and I had to patch him up a lot XD

Mythic is one of my original characters/my alter ego and Charlie RPs Jin/has a cosplay of him on gaiaonline.
March 19th, 2010
just some random chibis of me and my kitty, who was put down on 5/1/09

first one is colored with colored pencils, the other two is with sharpies, and then the last one is with colored pencil again.

in regards to the first one, yeah he was huge in comparison to me XD and with the last one, yeah that was how we'd sleep :)

i have stickers of all of these...last convention I went to some guy bought the sick one for his kid who was sick and unable to go XD
this is not a part of Life With Empy. This is a preview of my new webcomic Legend of the Seeker: Lies. It's a webcomic ripping on the innacuracies of a miniseries called Legend of the Seeker which is based on Wizard's First Rule by Terry Goodkind, it can be found here:
August 12th, 2008
This was when we were planning for our first con which was NoBrandCon 2007. None of us ended up cosplaying....Oh and in the second panel she was discreetly flipping me off

(katie is asking Alisha to be her pixie and Michelle is the one sitting next to me, this is her first appearance in the comic)

This was during spanish II
August 12th, 2008
This happened in Spanish II, that's Alisha next to Katie, she was also on the cover of the comic
yes, i was hit in the face, with a protractor >>
4th of July filler
Yeah i know it's late >> Cuz when i first thought of it was on the 4th itself and then i never get around to things so it only got started a week ago and finished today >>

Also, yes it is Link and Navi and they don't really have a relation to the comic other than this is in chibi and in comic format too >>
June 28th, 2008
During Homecoming this last year (our senior year) we had twin day so Katie and I dressed alike. She wore one of my disturbed shirts, i wore a pair of her old shoes and some of her jewelry and we did our hair the same :)
June 26th, 2008
So i FINALLY drew a page ^^ This happened one day in algebra II (like...overa a year ago now)

Katie is the one with the shocked expression and I am the one putting up with her :P

Yes all pages of this comic have actually happened in real life

sorry for the crappy's late and i'm tired