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Far Out There

A manga-esque Sci-Fi Comedy. Far Out There is the webcomic where things happen... IN SPACE!!!

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To be fair, Layla HAS lived a life in which assuming the absolute worst about people usually turns out to be a very smart move. We should probably be at least a LITTLE forgiving of her snap judgements...
I can't help but feel like many of the people on this ship are biased against Vengeance based on his appearance.

From what little we've seen him talk, he seems like a nice enough guy, even if his choice of topic is... *interesting*.
She only wants to know for purely academic reasons! Honest!

So, I promised you all something extra today that was SUPPOSED to happen on Tuesday, and here it is: T HE THIRD FAR OUT THERE MADLIB COMIC IS FINALLY AVAILABLE ON THE PUBLIC PATREON GALLERY! I know, it's been a looong time since I did one, and even longer since I put one out for the general public, but it's mainly because this most recent (ha) one turned out so incredibly long. I didn't want to put this one out for casual readers until I had something else going for patrons, and of course I've been struggling with maintaining a steady schedule there for quite a while. But that's the other good news: I'M FINALLY GONNA DO A NEW FAR OUT THERE MADLIB COMIC!

Okay, if you've only just started reading recently, you probably don't know what I'm talking about. One of the perks I offered when I got started on Patreon was, every so often, I'd post a short comic plot summary with key words left blank, MadLib-style. The post would only be visible to people donating $5 or more, and anyone in that group could write a filled out version in the comments. Then I'd take the first/best/only response and actually draw it out in comic form. The IDEA was that they'd be four to six pages long. T hat last one was sixteen pages. You can see how there was a problem with the process. I think I've found some ways to reign myself in better this time, though, so I'm finally gonna offer to do a new one again... in a few days.

Let's face it: I suck at the whole self-promoting thing, so it's entirely possible there could be somebody reading Far Out There right now who didn't even know I DID stuff like this through Patreon. Thus, I'm gonna give this little spiel the weekend to be seen by people (and also to spam the social media accounts a bit) and allow that b ig giant extra blast of content to entice people before making the Patreon post on Monday or Tuesday. If this sounds like something you want to get in on, start donating on Patreon! Anything over $5 a month lets you fill in the madlib, and even if you just want to read the eventual results without having to wait a year, donating just $1 a month still lets you read all comic posts right away. But come on, you know you wanna spring for the +$5 tier, right? You wanna make me draw a few extra pages staring that one Far Out There character you think I don't show enough, right? C'mon! Buy the right to tell me what to do!
Sounds like vengeance is describing the ending of Neon Genesis Evangelion.
This is probably the first time we've seen Vengeance properly participate in a conversation, even if we haven't managed to see most of the conversation.

...looked back at #534 - Page 437: Vengeance's School of Politeness, and saw that he gave a half dozen lines of criticism directly to Kevin, while I remember the thing with Stillez being him asking, repeatedly for her to stop poking him. Neither of which constitutes a proper conversation in my eyes.
...although it IS the first time we've seen Vengeance talking to Tabitha, since Layla deliberately refused to introduce them earlier. The first time he spoke was when he threatened Kevin waaaaaaay back when, and there was at least one other time when Stilez was poking him. Has there been more? I can't remember (I mean, he does talk in that one set of comics most readers don't know about)
Before I anwer the question: It's "...isn't it", not "hasn't it". That would be wrong grammar. Also, he's spoken before.
This is the first time we've seen the guy talk, hasn't it?
Going ahead and posting the black and white version again, since I doubt any of the humor in this one absolutely depends on seeing what color Layla's new outfit is. Obviously, the colored-in version WILL be up in a few hours, though, so be sure to check back in this evening!

I am a bit more frustrated than usual that this one's running late, because I HAD hoped to bust out something else today along with the regularly scheduled update stuff. Unfortunately, that super busy weekend I was complaining about earlier took longer to get over than anticipated, and, well, here we are. I won't spoil anything here, but expect some interesting stuff to happen on Friday. *dramatic cliffhanger music*

And hey, at least I WAS able to finally post that new TWC Voting Incentive that I didn't get around to finishing last week!
I think autocomplete is trying to subtly create it's own new grammar and make me its unwilling prophet.
I didn't realise dead was spelled with the a before the e.
Or that very was spelled with two e's.

As for the actual comic... Captain, I'd think you could've started assuming that the moment most of these people boarded your ship, rather than starting now.
It's the second Far Out There page in a row that's gotten finished and posted before dawn, I should be super stoked right now. Alas, I am annoyed. Very annoyed. For one thing, this page should have been up even EARLIER than this, but the internet went down mere minutes before it was finished. (And just to add insult to injury, it finally came back to life while I was in the middle of trying to transfer the file onto my phone so I could load it that way). For another, the text on the screen turned out a lot blurrier than I'd hoped, but there wasn't any time to go back and redo any of it. But there's the real annoyance. As I've mentioned elsewhere, I've got a VERE busy weekend ahead of me, hence my scrambling to get stuff done in advanced because pulling another all-nighter just isn't an option. Sadly, I wasn't able to get a new TWC Voting Incentive finished for today. I tried my darndest, I really did, it's all penciled out and everything. But I really, REALLY need to get some sleep while I still can, so there's just no time to finish it up. Let's all look at this as a head start to ensure that next Tuesday's update will have an Incentive done right on time! That's a positive spin, right?
HOLY COW, IT'S AN UPDATE BEFORE DAWN! ...that's only half finished. Okay, I've been really scrambling to get an extra page finished before Friday, NOT because I'm going out of town this weekend... but I'll be so busy over the next week or so that I might as well be. Anyway, I obviously haven't gotten SO far ahead that today's page was completely done ahead of time, but after the past few weeks, I figured as long as I even had the OPTION of posting something in the morning, I'd go ahead and push a rough draft out early. So tune in later for the colored in version, however long that takes (Stilez always takes longer to color in than I expect, all those stripes are a real hassle)

And before anybody asks: No, I have NO idea why Stilez's flea treatment involves feeding her a stop sign.

Oh, and I even got the TWC Voting Incentive done early, too!

EDIT: WOW! Final draft up and it isn't even 8am yet!
i don't try as hard as trigger
Well, now... This was a mess and a half. Yeah, this page is stupid late, and it's not even because of any technical difficulties or massive changes or anything. I was just still burned out from drawing so much last month and couldn't accomplish anything. Well, that and I'm getting PUMMELED by rising temperatures and massive clouds of pollen, which isn't helping matters much. But yeah, either way it took waaaaay too long to finish such a simple page. Sorry about this, guys.

But still, at least I know I need to make myself business cards declaring myself "Burritomancer"

And hey, at least I got a new TWC Voting Incentive done when I was supposed to!
You know, normally I'd feel the need to include a link back to the previous day's unannounced extra comic, just to make sure nobody missed it. But with this page taking so long, I can feel VERY sure that everyone has already seen the April Fools page by now.

Yeah, sorry about that. Between that and the big Conventional Wisdom update, my mind and body had another one of those "Wait, you did HOW MANY things this week?" moments and involuntarily went on strike last night. (It also didn't help that the final version of this page looks NOTHING like the rough draft I'd started working on) The good news, though, is that was the last truly time sensitive deadline I had to meet for a while, so things will be a lot more relaxed over the next few weeks... unless I just jinxed it by saying that out loud, of course.

Anyway, despite all the delays, I DID manage to get a new TWC Voting Incentive done for today as well. See? Things really ARE starting to improve around here!

Finally, I just need to state for the record that, while working on this page in Manga Studio, the layer with the speech bubbles for the lower half of the page was titled "bottom bubbles," and it made me laugh every time I saw it. I an an enormous child.

4/5/11 EDIT: Okay, I'm throwing in the towel. There's just no way I'll have the next page finished today. And it isn't even because it's so complicated that it's taking forever to edit or anything like that. I just had to stop drawing and go to bed because I'm still so worn out after last month. I DID get a new TWC Voting Incentive posted, though, so you can at least go look at THAT until the new page goes up sometime tomorrow. Sorry!
Insert obvious and unconvincing author comment attempting to convince you that Far Out There is now a Warhammer 40k fan comic and this is completely serious and blah blah blah you know the drill for April 1st by now.

...okay, that came across as more grumpy than I'd intended, but I'm still a little sore that I didn't get to put anywhere NEAR the amount of detail into this as I'd hoped. I really wanted to drive home the silliness of these tiny little boy heads poking out the top of GARGANTUAN Space Marine armor, but I didn't even get STARTED inking this until around 3am. If I'd seriously tried to polish the art the way I wanted, I GUARANTEE I would have fallen asleep before the page was done, and it wouldn't have made it online until after everyone was well and truly sick of all this April Fools nonsense (Hahahaha, see what I did there? I implied people aren't already sick of April Fools right from the start!) not to mention that it would have eaten into the time I'm supposed to be working on the next REAL page.

Oh, and speaking of working on other stuff, Conventional Wisdom has some special new stuff going on too!
A wiki of every random one-off reference to future stuff in Far Out There would probably rival the size of actual Wikipedia. ANd I'm totally okay with that.

Okay, so today's page obviously didn't come out as early as I'd have liked (despite the MAGFest comics being done, I've still got that mysterious Other Stuff that needs to get done in the next couple of days), but at least it's all up in one blast this time. No rough drafts hung up there for everyone to see THIS time! Also, more importantly, TWC VOTING INCENTIVES ARE FINALLY BACK! Now you can once again go get your Becky & Gilb fix!
...yes, yes I did mean Mariska. I just said the first name of the first female Nitpicker I found in the character pages.