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A manga-esque Sci-Fi Comedy. Far Out There is the webcomic where things happen... IN SPACE!!!

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Another day of being REALLY ACTUALLY ALMOST JUST ABOUT FINISHED WITH CONVENTIONAL WISDOM STUFF (check later this weekend and something should be up) which means another one panel comic I could get done quickly... which I decided at the last minute to give a complicated, multi-layered lighting that ended up taking QUITE a lot longer than anticipated to get right. I mean , I do like the result (even if I wasn't able to cram in as many shout-outs to other sci-fi properties into the brick-a-brack as I'd intended) but so much for saving time.

Fun fact: at one point I'd planed on one-panel comics like these being a much more regular occurrence for Far Out There. Newspaper comics had a much bigger influence on my formative years than comic books, so early Far Out There strips were way more stand-alone, gag-a-day affairs with a minimal number of panels. Even after the concept drifted into something more story based, I toyed with the idea of having a second side-comic featuring the characters in silly, out-of-continuity situations. I eventually dropped this idea on the grounds of being too much work... only to stumble back into it anyway in the form of Voting Incentives.

Speaking of which, Voting Incentive!
I dunno enough about brain chemistry to have anything to say about that aspect, but on a behavioral/psychological level doing the same thing for too long is DEFINITELY dangerous.
Heck, just having a chance to write Pattie interacting with ANYBODY was enough to send me into a writing frenzy.
Forgetting How
The phenomenon you mention of forgetting how to draw is really interesting! I have a really specific idea about what's up with it, so, I'm aware I'm probably wrong in both assumptions and conclusions but here goes. Your drawing style is pretty narrow - you stick to one style, and though you're challenging yourself frequently, you aren't changing methods or goals too much, so to speak. What I'm picturing is that you're using just one small set of neurons for everything and they get tired. Maybe if you learned to paint or etch or sculpt something else - like, just casually, or as warm-up before drawing - then your drawing style could get anchored to other concepts using other neurons and it would be less fragile.
Can't have things too easy for you now, can we? :D

Also, I really want to see how those two interact with each other.
With a different set of characters, it probably would have, but THOSE two got me feeling waaaaay too creative for my own good.
Apparently being stuck in a room wasn't good enough to make making those things fast.
Oh, those Patreon comics are still in the works. It's just that it kinda swelled into a whopping 15 pages. That kinda takes a little while to finish ...even with the built-in artistic limitations of the setting (which I deliberately added to make sure I'd get those comics done quickly. Ha.)
Bridget still wants to prove that she can throw heavy things better than Stilez.

Cosplaying as a boy is fine.
I'm more concerned about how she has dressed up as someone she may have had a crush on...

@Previous incentive:
*Checks Patreon* - Still not there...

(Also: Checking missed incentives before they are in the gallery has become a lot harder since you switched away from using Photobucket... So I don't think I'll do so anymore. Especially since they actually get to the gallery in a reasonable time frame these days.)
@ Incentive: She's not cosplaying as a boy. She's cosplaying Trigger, who's, objectively, might be a heterosexual male, but is, subjectively, a five year old in personality and attitude to life.
Oh, look! A single panel comic! That must mean I'm either in the process of wrapping up a Conventional Wisdom update, OR trying to get ahead on things before a convention trip. SURPRISE! It's both! I'm finally really actually for real going to have the Otakon 2017 comics done later this week, and I head down to Atlanta for AWA NEXT week, so between those I sorta needed to get this finished very quickly. So, of COURSE, my computer decided to start acting funky right in the middle of the update. Aside from forcing me to do today's Voting Incentive all over again because it crashed before I could save the first version, those problems also altered how this page turned out. The PLAN was for that box Bridget's holding to have a window in the front, so we could see some kind of weird glowy sciency thing inside... buuuut then I got all jumpy at the thought of the computer crashing again and decided to wrap things up quickly (It didn't crash again, by the way). Oh well.

Anyway, the important thing to remember is that Bridget's still very jealous.
Obligatory Cynical Social Observation
@Blitz: I would never imply that an education institution with a baby in charge would be any worse than the current educational system ;)

(although almost certainly more fun/interesting)
@ Stip: Honestly, I'd find the show more interesting if these were the lyrics and the first two lines are what Principal Baby wishes was happening, while the second two lines was what Principal Baby was wishing WASN'T happening.

@ Incentive: And of course she has a Layla Doll at her feet. One that she's actually too close to, seeing as it's propped up on her.
Surely you aren't implying that in institution that placed a baby in charge would be lacking in the quality education it provides?
Stilez's version is probably pretty close: If Anime has taught us anything, it is that "school" almost always involves fighting battles of some sort, or training to fight battles, with very little, if any, pointless activities like "sitting in classrooms" or "doing homework" which have no place in schools.
Confession time: I did write a set of "real" lyrics first to use as the basis of Stilez's mangled version... but I forgot to actually save the original version anyplace and have already forgotten how it went. I know it was all school-related, one way or another.
Everybody's breaking glass,
and trying to skip class!
No one wants to confess,
who's gotta clean up the mess?
It's Principal Baaaaaaby!!

I think that fits the beat and rhyme pattern at least, which are usually the most memorable. No idea if it actually fits the show though.
this is exactly what happens any time I try to guess the lyrics of pretty much any song. begin obligatory speculation as to what the real lyrics to the Principal Baby Theme are. (I have no idea. something something class, something something test, la la la, It's Principal Baaaaaby!)

@Incentive: Will totally totally freak Layla out if she sees this.

regarding Stilez current attire vs. jumpsuit - casual-mode Stilez just looks much less dangerous than jumpsuit Stilez. Like she's on vacation from being a world-ending superweapon. she shouldn't change back until she's ready to destroy Threid. it's her work uniform. :)
DANG IT, I decided to take a nap for, like, an hour or two to clear my head before working on this page, and suddenly it was morning! So, yeah, that's my lame excuse for this page being late (It's nowhere near as good as my most recent excuse for not having the Otakon comics finished yet) AND YET this is the second time in a row where giving up and walking away ended up being the key to getting the page done... sort of. The whole reason I went to take a nap was because I was stuck on something, and as soon as I finally woke up, I knew how to fix it. So, um, yay I guess?

I probably should have gone ahead and posted the line art version of this in the morning, just so SOMETHING would be up before noon. I nearly did, but told myself I didn't need to, since the only thing I actually needed to color in (beside the effects on Ichabod) was Stilez... but I always, ALWAYS forget how much longer she takes to color in than any of the other characters. Seriously, I have GOT to find an excuse to put her back in a jumpsuit, all those furry details are MURDER to get done.

Oh, and just to add insult to injury, the new Voting Incentive didn't even go up at midnight because of my sudden need to nod off, AND IT WAS TOTALLY DONE!
@Blitz: You only have to keep her away for a short while until she spots the next thing she finds interesting. Tabitha's like a much much smarter version of Stilez, with an only slightly longer attention span, just substitute "Stilez/Tax/Avatar" instead of "shiny things" as her distraction. Of course, who could we find who would be so cruel and heartless as to throw poor Avatar to the wolves like that? *everybody turns and stares at Layla*