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Far Out There

A manga-esque Sci-Fi Comedy. Far Out There is the webcomic where things happen... IN SPACE!!!

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So, on the one hand, bumping this page back a day DID allow me to get the next batch of Conventional Wisdom pages up sooner. On the other hand, my secondary hope that the extra time would ALSO allow me to get some real sleep most certainly did NOT happen. Mostly because I got really super into the Voting Incentive again. Yeah, I'm still experimenting with animations, namely taking waaaaaaaay to long trying to get the final image down below the SmackJeeves file size limit. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too long. All things considered, I've only made up, like, an hour or so of sleep. Speaking of which... ZZZZzzzz...
It's not as exotic as it looks (though I guess that means I did a good job) The static is just screencaped from youtube videos of VHS distortions. The SciFi-looking stuff is the X-Wing targeting computer from Star Wars, a POV shot from The Terminator, and an extreme close-up of that one giant wall panel in Tron with the Pac-Man reference. (stretched out for more frames by looping differently in both eyes)

And also this:
Please rewind tape
It occurs to me that every time I've made an APNG I've used a code library or command line tool...

Also if I wasn't on my phone I'd look at those frames more closely. I want to see where that assembly is from...
Just posted a new Incentive, also with animation.

Given how my endeavors on this one went, I'm just going to assume that -if there are different forms of animated PNGs- then my programs would automatically make the worse one.
There are (at least) two types of animated PNG, one of which isn't very good...

And which is bigger compared to GIF depends a lot on what the image actually is.
Hmmm, my experience has actually been that PNGs turn out bigger than GIFs... and I've heard a lot of rumblings about PNG animations not working on certain browsers. I think more experimenting with GIFs will be the best step for what I'm building up to (now that I know SmackJeeves supports animations at all)
Okay, before the comic updates...

It worked fine, and was cool. Though do be aware that some people disable repeating animations (such as I have on my work computer) or even all animation.

Also, if you want to put in secret messages be free to do so. Just remember that if you want people to find them, you need to also put in a clue that there is a secret message to find.

Also, consider using animated PNG format instead of GIF - more available colours and depending on the image it might have a smaller file size. Though I don't know if what you have supports making animated PNGs though...
He gets that a lot.
@ Blitz: Oh, I wasn't blaming you. I half expected something like that to be the real-world reason why (particularly since actually adding 255 colours for the sake of making what she said right is outright ridiculous). I was just making fun of what Jenna was saying.
Zae: This is all true as well.

dylgramac: Well now I'm just wishing I'd put some kind of morse code message in there.

DD: Yeah, I WANTED to put some more colors in there, or even better, some kind of TV static between frames, but I'm taking baby steps at figuring out how big that kind of file will turn out to be (because SmackJeeves has a file size limit, don't ya know). Ironically, it turned out waaaaaay smaller than I expected, so I easily could have put more frames in.
@ Incentive: Well of course you aren't going to find a colour you like if you just keep cycling between 4 that you already know you don't like.
The Incentive worked for me. I think the secret code is Cyan, Red, Yellow, and Green. I'm on an Android phone using Firefox.
I'll be honest I didn't even think if him having family training-I figured him going for the 'face' role reflected his greater charisma/self-confidence to not buckle in the face of social challenges like that.
GASP! They got so excited they stopped standing in a straight line for a second!

So, I guess this technically counts as a spoiler, but I'm not sure how long it'll be before this comes up in-comic, and it's already been speculated on in the comments, so I'll just go ahead and say it here. Avi hails from a very lady-heavy family, with lots of sisters and aunts and female cousins and what have you. Thus, he's way less intimidated by the thought of interacting with G-G-G-GIRLS! than the rest of the boys... or, at the very least, he knows how to not show it.

So, I'm usually pretty passive about getting people to go on TWC and see the new Voting Incentive but this time I really could use as many people voting as possible. That's not a desperate plea to boost the comic's ranking or anything, I'm just trying an experiment with some image stuff and want to make certain it's displaying properly. So, even if you don't normally, please go vote for Far Out There on TWC and let me know if anything's not showing up right. Pretty please?

And, as long as I'm spamming links down here, I'll go ahead and slap a quick plug for Conventional Wisdom's MAGFest comics, since I'm REALLY hoping the next batch of pages will be online before Friday. Hope hope hope.

2/22/18 EDIT: Okay, I'm polishing up the last of that batch of MAGFest pages right now, which means they SHOULD all go online this evening. That said, everything Conventional Wisdom related seems to take at LEAST 50% longer than I expect it to, so I'm going ahead and bumping the next Far Out There update back to Saturday. It sucks, I know, but this way there'll be no rush to type out all the page commentary, I'll have time to get some sleep, and you won't have to suffer through a Far Out There page that was drawn after being awake for over two days! Everybody wins! (If I can, I'll try to at least get a new Voting Incentive up on Friday)
Oh no! Trigger vanished into the empty white void in one of the pages where I was too lazy to add a background! WHAT HAVE I DONE?!?!?!?!?

So, I was kind of hoping my little mini-vacation over the comic's tenth birthday would result in me getting this page done in a more timely manner. You know, that taking a little breather would help recharge my batteries and spark some major creativity. And actually, it did... for Conventional Wisdom stuff. I got a lot done, and while I PROBABLY won't manage to get the next batch of MAGFest comics online over the weekend, they're definitely close. Buuuuuuuuut the trade-off was that I lost track of what time it was and didn't actually get any kind of a head start on THIS comic. Oops.

Oh, and speaking of stuff coming soon, The Voting Incentives are still random, stand-alone comics for now, but another ongoing series will be starting up before too long! Tease tease tease!
But of course! The bounds of franchise as you know it have no hold on CHAOTICA!
Hrrm. Lemme think as to what the pose is...Okay I've got something but it's maybe not something the kids would like:
Hiro in the back holding Avi? (blue kid's) legs so he's not stuck trying to do a one handstand with the card in the other, maybe with those legs resting on Hiro's shoulders so he can have his card in his hand. Purple hair and green kid are to the sides, maybe doing this leaning out but holding each other's hand for balance, with the other hands out and holding their cards. Yeah, not bad, a bit awkward and has the 'fearless leader' in the backround instead of the front like he should be, but I think it works.
Is the first Panelist in "World Domination with *Style*" a reference to the villain in the Captain Proton scenarios that Tom Paris plays in Star Trek: Voyager?