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Far Out There

A manga-esque Sci-Fi Comedy. Far Out There is the webcomic where things happen... IN SPACE!!!

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This sort of thing really should have happened right after Tabitha arrived on the ship, but in an explanation that works both in universe AND in real life, there was already too much stuff going on. By this point, I think things have calmed down enough that the Cap'n can take at least a short break from his captainly duties to be overprotective. Because I don't think we get to see nearly enough of these two interacting.

So, that last panel kind of annoys me, because I had to move everybody's heads around a lot to fit all the characters and word balloons around each other. As a result, Tabitha looks a god bit shorter than Cap'n Crosby, even though it's been established elsewhere that they're just about the same height. I dunno, I'm probably just feeling grumpy over the fact that I came up with a neat new shirt design for Tabitha to wear, and for two pages in a row now we've only seen her from the shoulders up. How am I supposed to hype T-shirt designs no one will ever actually buy THAT way?

Anyway, I've once again posted an update a good twelve hours late. Gee, could that mean that today's Voting Incentive once again involved me getting carried away experimenting with lighting and shading tricks? YOU BET IT DOES!
@ dylgramac: No, no I have not. My fist Incentive Theory came from "There's a swirly gate in the background, so it's how she entered this place, which will be a new dimension. Now I have to explain why her clothes have to glow". My second Incentive Theory came from "Let's make that glowing portal the sun. Wait, the building-like things are glowing on the wrong side for that to be the case. Let's run with that anyway and see what I can come up with!"
@Darius: Have you played Closure too? Your first voting incentive theory sounds similar:
My license plate!
Actually that's backwards, the title should be "CHAOS" which is the plate on my car, which I would then have explained down here.

CHAOS, however, is what you get with 'multiple insane ladies' on one ship, so it's not predictable whether, or when, they will cancel each other out, but sometimes they will. It's probably controlled by 'the law of funny', but that is notoriously unpredictable. (It's like how when you try to use the fact that you're genre savvy, it doesn't work.)
Well, yes, but that's the easy answer. The easy answer that everyone would make. That doesn't belong in the Far Out There Universe (in my mind), as the Far Out There Universe has far too many insane possibilities to explore!
Ooooh, interesting. To be honest, I'd just kind of lazily assumed that the Incentive depicted some kind of virtual environment since, ya know, glowy lines = TRON and the like (and it might possibly explain Mariska wearing those goggles all the time if she uses them to plug into VR things) ...but idea of that being a "real" place is a lot more interesting!
@ Incentive: My explanation for the incentive comes in two options (beyond, of course, the fact that it looks cool. Also, I'm continuing this because I started and don't want to stop, until I run into something that doesn't need explaining).

First option is, she's travelled through the swirly blue gate into a connected dimension where only surfaces upon which light hits are solid, and thus she has to wear those clothes in order to create light to be hit by in order to maintain her solid state.

Second option is, that this is a planet where, due to a certain cosmic dust cloud, light reflects off the far side of the buildings and people wear glowing techno-clothes in order to ensure that their clothes can actually be seen and so that their screens can actually be seen.
Also, his body naturally produces thick clouds of cross-hatching when distressed.
This page also establishes that Ichabod's face melts when he's particularly unhappy, which is vitally important information for an upcoming arc... that will start three years from now :)
So, I was gonna grumble again about how I originally wanted this page to be combined with Tuesday's, so that all the repeated lack of payoff moments could pile up on top of each other... but I'm not gonna. You know why? BECAUSE TODAY'S VOTING INCENTIVE TURNED OUT FREAKING AMAZING, THAT'S WHY!!! Yeah, this was another instance of be getting too caught up in the Incentive to get started on the actual comic on time, but so what? This thing still turned out WAY better than I expected it to, so I don't have time to be grumpy about any flaws in the comic, real or imagined.

And besides, this page also sets up more Tabitha/Stilez/Avatar interaction. Who's gonna complain about THAT?
@ Blitz: Well, yeah. Almost anything's possible in the established Far Out There Universe. I could imagine insects that use dust bunnies as a medium to time travel and it wouldn't contradict any established part of the Far Out There Universe. Or an intergalactic monstrosity theoretically capable of destroying civilisations or even the entire Universe that can't due to it's fatal weakness to and/or fear of any and all ants.
Absolutely no part of that paragraph contradicts any established part of the far Out There universe.

Not. One. Single. Part. :)

@ Incentive: She's getting rid of what remains of her Xmas decorations now that it's safe enough to approach in the environmental suit, isn't she? (since it looks a little like a Xmas Tree star). Also, in my headcannon of what happened in this incentive, if you agree with what I've already said, that "star"-like object absorbed/devoured the rest of her Xmas Tree Decorations in something akin to a survival of the fittest battle.
There's a LOT of disgruntled self-deprecation in this page, believe you me. See, this is another one of those instances where this page was SUPPOSED to be part of the NEXT page, but after hours and hours of trying, I just couldn't make that version of the page work. It's extra frustrating because this was supposed to be the page that dropped the first seeds of Ichabod actually initiating the next major plot arc, something I've wanted to start building momentum towards for a while now... and IMMEDIATELY I've had to push part of it back a page. How's that for an encouraging omen?

Well, for a page that had to be reimagined from the ground up at the very last minute, I DO like how the shading turned out here. Compared to the last time I I tried to depict Ichabod's room with the lights off, this looks a lot more like actual light and shadow rather than just, like, smog or something.

Oh, and speaking of light and shadow, today's Voting Incentive has a lot of that going on... though I had to drag myself away before I was actually done with it. I was fully prepared to spend another three hours doing multiple layers of shading before I realized how late it was. I swear, I've gotta stop getting more wrapped up in the Incentives than the comics. This is getting kind of silly...
@ Blitz: I don't make many suggestions on what to do for future things, many of mine are "this is the explanation for this thing you made without explanation because why not".

Actually, this brings up explaining HOW the gas is shaped like Bees, why it buzzes and why it doesn't dissipate. RULES LAWYERING TIME!

Fizzbiama is actually contains a cross-dimensional link to another plain of reality (possibly even our own). This link isn't strong, but it is connected to a form of life. Specifically, Bee Life. Due to this inter-dimensional link, the gas replicates the form of the life it's linked to (aka, Bees). Additionally, due to dimensional differences, despite the gas replicating the linked lifeforms (bees) at a 1 to 1 ratio, the life-form-replicating gas seems to appear as Giant Bees to the local residents due to the dimension they're linking to having everything be bigger. In other words, to the residents of both Dimensions, their bees are, proportionally, the same size relative to their residents, but the the linked dimension's bees would be considered GIGANTIC if they ever entered the Far Out There Universe.

Edit Add: The Next Day: That's my theory, anyway.
Oh, believe me, I'm on endless quest to find ways of making the "real" comic out-do you guys' suggestions. You don;t make it easy! (and I absolutely mean that as a compliment)
@ Incentive: Is that the side effect of some sort of bomb in the background?

@ Comic: I suddenly feel the need to become more crazy with my "Reader Suggestions" of why stuff works in this universe.
Avatar really has an unfortunate habit of fading into the background. She's such an observer by nature that, if there's even a slightly scene-stealing character on the page, she just kind of hangs back and watches as things happen around her... or allows herself to be carried around, as the case might occasionally be. So this was a nice chance to actually give Avatar a moment in the spotlight again, AND to continue that idea of her having all the answers but not really knowing how to play.

So, despite the whole middle section of this page being another block of text and black and white doodles, this page was WEIRDLY hard to draw... and not just because no one should ever have to take the idea "gas that looks like giant bees" and turn it into something visual. No, the problem was the character art. I had to spend HOURS of extra time cleaning up sloppy mistake in the character art, even though there's really not anything complicated enough to give me trouble. I bring this up because today's Voting Incentive turned out GREAT. In fact, it's the latest in a series of updates where I'm actually more please with the Incentive than the comic. I'm not sure if that means anything, it's just weird is all. But yeah, I think the Voting Incentive turned out REALLY well today, so check it out!
@ Darius: And then the Captain got ahold of lots of all the leftover Bunny Sushi for real cheap! :)
@ Blitz on "Bunny" Response: Honestly, my thoughts ran to how Layla would, emotionally (internally), react to "cute little bunny rabbits" being slaughtered and sliced into thin strips to be served as sushi. Then I multiplied that by x100 and predicted the social backlash created by young girls of cutesy girl films everywhere towards any company that thought slaughtering one of the most popular and cutest "cutesy animals" known to man (and still utilised in the Far Out There Universe).

Long story short, in how I view this universe, if actual Rabbits were used for that Sushi, the company that came up with the idea is dead from Public Backlash and outright Riots, and their competitors became terrified of using Rabbits on anything food related, even as mascots.