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Just in case you thought I forgot: Bridget and Stilez hating each other is still a thing. Or, more accurately, Bridget hating Stilez while Stilez only barely even notices that something is going on is still a thing.

I really need to find an excuse for Stilez to start wearing some more extensive clothing. Anytime she goes out of few for more than a few pages, I forget just how long it takes to draw and color all those stripes. It's always a rude awakening when I have to get back int he habit of doing it, and it always makes the page take longer than I expect. And before anyone suggests that she just keep one of Tabitha's costumes, those would all end up being time consuming in some other way. I need to think of a reason for her to wear something sleek and simple. *puts on thinking cap*

Oh, and speaking of things taking longer that expected, today's Voting Incentive was one of those instances where I just started doodling with no real plan in mind. I should really start doing that more often, cos I was VERY pleased with the result... to the point that I found myself tinkering with little details HOURS longer than I should have spent on a Voting Incentive. By the time I tore myself away (I could have easily fiddled with the colors a LOT more) I was already waaaaay behind schedule on starting the actual page. It's always SOMETHING, isn't it?

ALSO: before I forget: I updated the Conventional Wisdom Patreon Gallery with a whole lot of 2016 stuff. So, if you can't afford to be a Patron yourself but still want a taste of what they get to enjoy, now's your chance!
Since Layla got angry when Tabitha kissed him, Trigger is wondering if he is supposed to be upset about whatever is happening on the other side of that door! :o

Of course, Layla has to warn him not to come in despite her having locked the door, because Sabotage Master Trigger would be slowed down for all of about 2 seconds by a locked door.

In the hypothetical Trigger Harem Anime, the door opens on its own right now despite being locked, and despite Trigger not having sabotaged it. Because comedy!

@Blitz: A giant old-timey wash barrel is exactly what I imagined they were using, even before you said it. Comic representations of the future have convinced me that most future tech will look suspiciously exactly like 1800s-early 1900's tech, except with some dials and lights on it.

@Seros: incentive: What, you don't want a challenge? ;)

Next week's announced vote incentive: WHAT ACTUALLY IS HAPPENING ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THAT DOOR. (which turns out to be something completely innocent, but FOT temporarily reaches the TWC top-100 from people checking to see)
Yeeeeaaaaah, I was afraid that would cause some confusion. The idea was supposed to be that they WERE in the bathroom, and Layla ran out to tell Trigger not to come in. The "splash" sound effects were supposed to signify trailing of water all over the place in the process... except that's not really the sound that would make, is it? That'd be more of a... I don't even know what single word "soggy and drippy slap of wet bare feet on a solid surface" could be condensed down to. I guess that's why I just used "splash", even though that conjures up images of a large body of water in Layla's bedroom... for no good reason. Like, maybe a big, old-fashioned wash basin or something, but why would- never mind. It was just a confusing choice of sound effects.

Also, I couldn't even bring myself to do an simple MegaBridget sprite edit, so I can hardly blame you.
Trigger is now wondering why they didn't go to the bathroom to get clean.


Looks at comment attached to the incentive. Looks back at Megabridget. Looks at Megaman games. Looks back at Megabridget. Looks at recent Megaman clones. Looks at personal attempts at drawing sprites. Looks back at comment attached to incentive.
Yeah... I'm not doing that.
The only things that "actually happened" here are words Trigger heard from beyond a locked door. Any further details regarding what's going on beyond that door exists solely within your imagination and is in no way Far Out There canon. Pervert. :P

But seriously though, it looks like Layla's concerns over that last costume (or, more accurately, the lack thereof) were justified. I guess it's a good thing she refused to let Tabitha do the hair, huh?

So, this is one of those pages that took a lot more editing than I expected. I mean, it's just Trigger in a hall! How hard could that be? Well, when you factor in the odd perspective of that door, and repeatedly having to resize that door to keep Trigger looking the right height, it turns out there's a LOT of editing required. Oh, and speaking of the door, it felt REALLY weird to go back and do that psychedelic lettering again. Remember when I was trying to squeeze that into every possible corner of this comic?

Oh, and speaking of revisiting things, there's a new Voting Incentive that returns to that "Far Out There in Video Games for some reason" them that was building a little while back!
I WANT them to, but actually getting the story to a point where it could happen will be a challenge. There's a whole lot of stuff coming out of the current story that needs to happen first, and it doesn't leave that much room for mad science hijinks.

The more likely way we'd see more Madam Ventricle & Kiki would be another side story in the voting incentives... buuuuut that's not going to happen either until after I get Jenna's long-delayed Patreon side story up and running again (MAN I have a lot of stuff that isn't done)
The Prophecy Has Been Fulfilled!!!!
The ending of the vote incentive series really fits in well with the current events too - Layla's exasperated but grudgingly admitting that she enjoyed it. Wait...you totally planned this thing all along when you created that vote incentive series years ago!! You Mastermind! I bow before your intricate and detailed planning skills!

@current incentive: if she's bothered by the report of a few extra random mammals or mammal-like-substances in the mix, then she really should avoid reading the other report on what eating fried foods does to your body in the first place. :o

Also, will Kiki and Ventricle ever make it back into the main comic again?
Lo, the fated time is now upon us. As was foretold in days scarcely remembered, so it has come to be. At long last, we can officially point to when Tabitha dressing Layla up in all those costumes "actually" happened. I mean, we all basically knew it was canon somehow, but now we REALLY KNOW. In celebration, let's all spend a few minutes re-reading all those old Voting Incentives again!

And speaking on Voting Incentives, today's gave me a chance to revisit something else I've been wanting to do more with for a while. Well, not so much a "what" and a "who..."
February 15th, 2017
@Seros- I was going to let you count the rest of those up for me. ;)
What, not including Becky & Gilb, Point Me At The Sky, his Digimon comics, as well as the other various comics and fanart he has produced?
February 15th, 2017
Not that anyone is counting....
If you include 1195 CW strips, the total number of works in the Blitz Portfolio is now over THREE THOUSAND.

February 14th, 2017
Since Blitz provides the Webcomic to everyone for free, wouldn't that make us unpaid slaves of an unpaid slave? Wow, we really are at the bottom of the totem pole!

Due to the unexpected popularity of Nitpicker vs. Nitpicker competition, they came out with one of those "dueling monsters" type card games - "Nitpicker Battles", very popular with Nitpicker Otaku around the Galaxy, or so I hear. For example if you play your "Ichabod" card but that's not sufficient, you can use your "Cosmic Vertion Beam" card to summon your "Sophia" and "Claire" cards and that pretty much beats everything. Of course those really rare cards are pretty hard to come by.

Then later they made an Anime based on the card game. Because that's pretty much required.
Being a knockoff product would also be why Blip's personality is so different than Gilb's!

Also, I really want to see a Nitpicker Battle now. And we all know their Uber-Walls-of-Text would include little diagrams throughout.
Bonus points if there are spectators commenting on it, giving each action anime-style battle move names, and special effects.
(Afterwards, all the nitpickers would join together to nitpick the commentary and special effects. Naturally.)

Concernign "unpaid slaves" - so I take it you haven't been paying attention to where your Patreon money is actually going, then? :P
February 14th, 2017
@Blitz - Of course Bridget is reading a B&G comic that doesn't exist YET. It's the future! There's entire libraries that will be built to hold the millennia of works in the highly popular Becky & Gilb genre :D

In fact, now that I think of it, I bet Blip's manufacturers designed his model to look similar to Gilb to appeal to the many fans who wanted their own little alien, but just different enough not to infringe on the copyright. Basically, he's a knockoff. A real Gilb-brand(TM) bioengineered pet would have cost way more than $14.99
February 14th, 2017
Thanks for all your hard work, unpaid slaves-GAH I MEAN LOYAL READERS!!!

I think counting the other comics in Far Out There's page tally would probably be cheating, especially since Point Me at the Sky actually predates Far Out There. After all, she still don't know if the versions of those stories seen in FOT are actually the same as the ones in "our" universe (Bridget was reading a Becky & Gilb comic that doesn't "really" exist, after all)

Also, CRAP I forgot all about that old Photobucket/deviantArt stuff! (the non-genie stuff, I mean) I should really gather all that up and put it in the Gallery at some point.
February 14th, 2017
@Seros: Upon further examination you are correct on the 55 Genie strips (I suspect a majority of readers are wondering what this even is) and I bow to your superior nitpicking thoroughness on the incentives, I only counted them, I didn't check for duplicates:(

Of course, that destroys the symmetry - the volume of bonus material is actually larger than the original comic!

A further question occurs to me regarding the argument as to whether PMATS and B&G could be considered subcomics of FOT - are two opposing sides in an issue each allowed to hire their own nitpickers to nitpick each other, or does the guild not allow that? If so, what would a Nitpicker's Battle look like? Besides being an Uber-Wall-Of-Text, of course.

There's 55 Misanthropic Genie comics by my count, and yes there are a few FOT-related items on DeviantArt that I don't believe are to be found anywhere else.
I had 12 not 13 unarchived vote incentives - since it looks like on Photobucket one of them is up there twice, so I only counted it once. Also, I think there might be some vote incentives that were missed on the transition to the new archive, but I couldn't be bothered tracking them down.

Concerning PMATS and B&G - I shall be the one to argue the opposite point :D

Concerning epic ninja skills:
Only because I waited an hour before starting to work on my comment.
February 14th, 2017
Darnit, I should have typed faster!
Note: I typed this before Seros ninja'ed me and got his post in ahead of mine. Not sure why one of us is off by 2, but my number has more symmetry :)

Regular & Holiday Pages - 1,160
Archived Vote Incentives & Public Patreon - 575
Unarchived Vote Incentives - 13
Top Secret Misanthropic Ear Genie Archive - 52
So total=1800!! Which is ironically exactly twice the number of "Real" FOT comics.
FOT is apparently exactly 50% bonus material

Disclaimers: There's probably a few FOT doodles on Photobucket or DEviantart that were never incentives (yet) so those aren't counted, and I didn't count the pay-patroen strips yet since not everyone can see them.
And a nitpicker might argue that since both Becky&Gilb and PointMeAtTheSky have been shown to be fictional stories/shows in the FOT universe, that they are part of that universe and count as FOT comics. Of course, another nipicker would argue the opposite point.

@Incentive - it's either for Mom or Layla

@Today's strip - ...aaaand, it takes exactly 1 strip before Layla is back to being angry again. Surprised she lasted that long.
OK, my current "estimate" (of using a calculator to naively add up page counts) for the number of "public facing" Far Out There stuff, is 1,802.
I got that number by adding up the archive totals of this site and the incentive gallery site, what I think was the number of strips of the old antigenie arc (which I may have gotten wrong, since I'm not entirely sure I found the last one, so could have been more), and the number of vote incentives since your current last update of the gallery (which I think is only twelve at the current time).

So, not quite 2,000 yet. You need to try harder.

Concerning the actual comic, I have decided that this was a step involved in the Captain cleaning up Tax's scribbled "800". Why it involved turning it into a glowing "900" is something we may never know.

I wonder who he's giving that to. Possibly his mother.
February 14th, 2017
I need to learn not to have characters use the word "bouncing" around Layla. It always sounds like it means something other than what was intended.

On a different note, I'm pretty sure one of the functions of Cap'n Crosby's spacesuit is not actually needing to sleep. Or, failing that, allowing him to sleep while still standing at the wheel. Captaining a ship is a 24-hour job, ya know. Speaking of which, when does LAYLA sleep? Aside from a few Christmas comics where she seems to have just past out where she stood, I'm not sure if she actually does. All the times I can recall seeing her in bed, she was wide awake reading. Yes, there are the things I think about while writing this comic.

Let's see, is there anything else to talk about? I'm not sure if OMG WE'RE AT NINE HUNDRED PAGES! And that's just the "official" count. If you add all the holiday pages, the comic count is well over a thousand, and throwing in all the Voting Incentives and Patreon stuff would probably bring the total count to around TWO thousand by now. Probably. I dunno, I'm afraid if I actually try to count it all up my brain will explode.

Oh, and speaking of both holiday comics and Voting Incentives, VOTE NOW to see what you would have seen if today hadn't been a numberversary,