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...and then they come back out with their groceries and find that somebody's cart had rolled over and scraped the mech's foot RIGHT AFTER THEY'D GIVEN IT A FRESH COAT OF PAINT.
And these are the ones he's keeping in his actual room, not the two "spare" rooms he's using as a library.

@ Incentive: Yeah, they would be going there. It's also one of the few stores with Giant Mecha sized parking spaces. Which are often "occupied" by tiny little bikes and/or vans which, because these are Mad Scientists (and the more Evil Type of Mad Scientist) get crushed underfoot.
Well, this page is good and late, though I can blame it on something good and concrete this time around: those bookshelves were a BEAST to get right. I don't mean all the text on the books (that was tedious, yes, but fairly easy), I mean drawing the books and shelves themselves. It doesn't LOOK that complicated, but angles and perspective have always been my worst enemy, and we definitely came to blows with each other over this page. I had to completely scrap what I'd drawn and totally start over SEVERAL times, and even now the perspective isn't really "right", it's just not as distractingly bad as it was earlier.

Oh, and speaking of doing things over, the gag for this page got drastically changed at the last minute, and it's a definite improvement. Originally, Alphonse was going to grab several very smart, sophisticated books that complimented each other very well, impressing Ichabod with his mature tastes... except there's no go way of really getting that across to the reader if all the books are made up things you're never heard of before. If this were the kind of comic where he could pull works of Shakespeare or whatever off the shelf, maybe the gag would work, but this is THE FUTURE where everything's new and made up and... futurish. You've never actually read "Xargotip the Unrecallable's Threefold Saga of the Nihilist Star Slugs" so seeing Alphonse take it off the shelf doesn't really mean anything. Yes, Ichabod could SAY "Oh, I stand corrected, you are clearly a very well-read zombie child as demonstrated by these choices"... but that's not really funny on its own. Thus, I tried to think of a new punchline where the titles of the books would be funny without any context, and that eventually led to something MUCH funnier. Because Farts. Ha ha ha ha. This is how comedy works.

Oh, and I should point out that there's one or two references to events that haven't happened yet lurking in those book titles. Happy hunting! :D

EDIT: OH RIGHT! New Voting Incentive! Unlike the lateness of this main page, the Incentive actually was done around midnight... so of COURSE the internet went out for several hours right before I could post it. Dang it, the ONE thing I was (mostly) on time for...
Assuming nothing. The scary thing about Stilez is her physical ability and ability to ignore physics. That looks like a military operation, it's too direct, clean and controlled to be a Mad Scientist creation, particularly with those numbers. Assuming that Stilez is, comparatively, mentally deficient, but those which remain actually follow orders, and suddenly you have a force that can take over the galaxy on those walls.
Assuming, of course, that other individuals possessing Stilez's physical characteristics would necessarily possess the same mental characteristics... which is assuming a LOT.
@ Comic: Downerology would be useful for research into how solutions can be found in even the worst situations. And ways in which people can get themselves killed. Also, Alphonse most certainly shouldn't read "Magical Girl Wrestling", that's mostly for perverts.

@ Incentive: I'm hoping that it becomes non-cannon because I can't see the FOT Universe surviving for long with more than one Stillez.
I wanna read "Psychology of Pizza!"

Also, just for argument's sake, there's still a LOT of wiggle room for origin stuff around this one image (like, nobody said they STAY in there all the time)
Probably would have been easier to have Layla flip on the lights, plus that would let us see Ichabod recoiling in fear! Also, it looks like Layla refers to herself as "It" in the first panel.

@Voting Incentive: I rather hope it does become de-canonized, because if it does stay sorta-canon like the rest of the voting incentives our chances of seeing the adorable child version of Stilez in the actual comic will probably be reduced. And they weren't really very good to begin with either...
I'm kinda miffed over this one. I wanted this page to still have a dark, shadow-y look along the lines of the previous page... except not ACTUALLY the same as that page, since I wanted the text on all those book covers to be legible. I was afraid that doing the lighting and shadow via solid colors would obscure the text too much, so I went with the layers of screen tone instead... which DEFINITELY obscured the text, probably more than doing things the other way would have. I didn't even bother putting text on half the books in the end, pretty much defeating the whole point of the page. Dang it, Ichabod! Turn your lights on!

On a far less frustrating note, go check out the new Voting Incentive, which turned out to be one of my favorite things I've drawn in a looooooong time ...and will no doubt spark some delicious rampant fan speculation :)
I like that answer. Let's run with that.

(Heck, it's more green than I ACTUALLY wore on St. Pattie's Day)
"Aww, dang it! I should have made today's Voting Incentive St. Patrick's Day themed!"

She's wearing green shorts and flip-flops. If that doesn't say "St. Patrick's Day", I don't know what does...
...or it could be all those things at once :)

Also, maybe this is what Ichabod's giant glasses are or? (or why he needs them in the first place)
The incentive's up! Now the question about it is if that "Brain Food" is food made from Brains, food made for better brain development/retention, and/or food made to "feed" things such as a brain in a jar. Or other. There's always at least one other. Such as sugary cereal produced to look like brains.

@ Comic: And it's NOT BAD FOR YOUR EYES AT ALL, now is it Ichabod? Particularly not when looking at screen for likely hours on end.
Dramatic lighting is fun. There's literally no other reason for ichabod to have all the lights out, I just wanted to do something different. And after pages and pages of The Exposition's sterile white corridors, it don't get much more different than pitch black!

So, fun story: remember how I was asking if anybody else was having problems seeing Photobucket images? Well, after hours and hours of uninstalling and reinstalling things, I FINALLY got my computer to the point where it could see everything again... just in time for PHOTOBUCKET to stop working. I know it wasn't my problem this time, the site just wouldn't upload any new files. I put today's Voting Incentive up on another host, so hopefully everything will be alright, but still...

EDIT: Aww, dang it! I should have made today's Voting Incentive St. Patrick's Day themed!
It might not be dreams themselves that are illegal, just that this particular brand doesn't conform to the Federal Food and Dreams Administration's health and nutritional guidelines.

Trigger's SUPPOSED to still be drinking that Tube-O-Food from page 904, though I didn't quite get the dimensions the same, so it could easily be interpreted as a different bottle.

Also, I was able to get this page to work just fine in Firefox on my laptop, so I guess it really is just one of the plugins here acting up. Still, it's a weirdly specific problem to be having...
Apparently during their date, Ichabod never got around to teaching Stilez how to use a vending machine.

Concerning drinking from hip flasks, the only beverages I've personally drunk from them have been water and tea.
Concerning vacuum flasks, usually if I use one it's to hold hot water, which I can then make tea, coffee, cup-a-soups, etc. with by pouring it into a cup or mug.
Concerning laboratory flasks, I have seen someone drink water out of one, but it's really a bad idea to drink from a laboratory flask. It can be a bit hard to tell the difference between one filled with water and one filled with hydrochloric acid.

Voting Incentive:
My Firefox isn't having any problems...
I like the question marks around that guys hair near the bottom :P

Previous incentives:
- Madam Ventricle and Kiki!
- Also, I for one am concerned about what Dr Jarre might be trying to buy back there...
And concerning Darius Drake's comment about Children's Dreams being illegal, it's illegal to sell them, but the dreams themselves tend to otherwise not be regulated. (But some of the ones I've heard about probably should be illegal)
...Is anyone else worried that Trigger appears to be drinking from a flask? I've heard rumors of non-alcoholic beverages in flasks, but have never confirmed them with my own nose...
Ahh, old video game memories...
I'm more proud than I should be of thinking up "Gummy Chairs". I am also really sleepy right now. The two are probably related.

So, originally, the joke here was going to be Stilez and Tax being amazed that their source of food from the previous day is actually fully stocked AGAIN today, since they're used to everywhere they go turning into an abandoned field of rubble once they make their presence known. But then I remembered that they didn't USE the vending machines before, Tabitha just brought the food right to them. And THEN I realized the funny part was just Stilez tearing the machine open because she doesn't realize there's other ways of removing the contents. The creative process at work.

Okay, so I... THINK I've got the new Voting Incentive up and running... but it's a bit hard to be sure. Apparently, at some point over the course of the night, Photobucket and Firefox decided they no longer like each other, and suddenly I can't see any images hosted on Photobucket anymore. The site itself still works, and I could load the Incentive onto there fine, but I can't actually SEE the incentive... or the Far Out There banner or any of the various buttons that are currently being hosted on that site. At least, I can't see any of it ON FIREFOX. When I visit on Chrome or Safari, everything loads just fine. I have no idea if something's gone wrong with Photobucket, or if a Firefox update went bad, or if it's just some plugin of mine going wrong and I'm the only person in the world with this problem or what. The point is, if you're reading this right now and you can't, say, see the normal Far Out There banner at the top of the page, fire up another browser before you go to TWC and vote, or you might not be able to see the new Incentive ...and it'd be a shame if you missed it, 'cos there's a sneak peak of things to come!