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Far Out There

A manga-esque Sci-Fi Comedy. Far Out There is the webcomic where things happen... IN SPACE!!!

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What?! Xal-Gox weird? Surely you jest! A mug of delicious Xal-Gox has been a part of the traditional Thanksgiving festivities since forever!

(Ever since the Pilgrimoids crash landed their starship and were rescued by the native Indionians, who introduced them to delicious Xal-Gox. OK, technically, they weren't really Indionians, but the Pilgrimoid captain, Christopher Magellan, was confused about which planet he had landed on and thought he was on Indionia. So the History Vids, sponsored by Xal-Gox, Inc. teach us, therefore it must be 100% guaranteed true!)
Well, she DOES have a mug of Xal-Gox right there next to it, so she's still getting her weird science food fix in SOMEWHERE.
Also, Dr Jarre's bird looks suspiciously normal. No extra legs or heads or scales or anything. That's just creepy.
Happy Thankgsgiving! :)
Unless you are a Turkey, in which case, my condolences. :(

So, for all those folks in those other countries that have a Christmas but not a Thanksgiving, how do you know on what day you should get up at 3am and cram 5,000 people into the local Walmart, Toys-R-Us, or MiffyMart and beat each other senseless trying to get the latest trendy toy for your kids? (which they break the day after Christmas) Is there some other day designated for that?
Given the level of thoroughness expected of a nitpicker, I would expect a 122 page detailed, indexed, categorized list of specific outcomes and sub-outcomes that were NOT supposed to happen was provided. Which Tabitha may or may not have glanced at for a couple seconds before making her plan.

Mariska should by now know to expect that the one outcome she wanted Ichabod to avoid was the one which had a 99.94% chance of happening anyway.
And then Tabitha running off with "Don't crash into their ship! Got it! Nothing to worry about."
Happy Thanksgiving! And to our friends outside the U.S., Happy Hearing Americans Talk About Thanksgiving!

And with this, Dr. Jarre's army of tiny top had robot assistants inch closer and closer to being a canonical fact. A holiday page isn't QUITE absolute canon yet, but it's definitely closer than a Voting Incentive. Actually, I shouldn't go saying stuff like that when I know FULL WELL that this year's Christmas comics will be sillier than a good 75% of the Incentives.

But we've still got a week to go before that. In the mean time, let's see how amazingly late tomorrow's page winds up being due to me being in a severe turkey coma...

EDIT: OH! OH! I forgot to say how thankful I am for every single person who reads my comics and supports what I do and all that sappy appreciative stuff!
Sam Bronson & Ed8:Yeah, any plan Ichabod is involved with usually goes so completely off the rails that a single puncture point (that isn't even leaking air thanks to the pod still blocking it up) is honestly an unusually favorable turn out... and that's INCLUDING the fact that it's rather obviously resulting in the one situation he promised Mariska he'd avoid.

SS: "...and that also includes OUR ship somehow crashing into THEIRS! That's unacceptable as well!"
I can totally see Ichabod saying something like this to Tabitha and Trigger to start with:

"And just to be clear, I don't want this ship damaged in any way, and since we want to keep Stilez away from them that means that they can under no circumstances come onto this ship. That means definitely no shuttles, escape pods, transmat receiver platforms, wormhole stabilizer gates, or armoured space suits crashing through the hull and into the ship. Is that understood?"
November 21st, 2017
Welcome, New Commenter!
Probably the latter, since the alt-hovertext emphasized "one" in caps, as opposed to there being a whole bunch of holes in the ship. Nitpickers must really make a *lot* of money for the Cap'n not to have kicked Ichabod off a long time ago if that is the case.
What is it about having just one hole in the ship means that the plan has worked better than usual: is it because the escape pod is presumably somewhere *inside* the ship, or just because that's less damage than the ship usually sustains?
November 21st, 2017
Even more ironic because the role of Bridget in this scene is played by Tabitha whenever her Dad goes on a similar rant. Probably best not to point that out to her, though. It might maker her mad....oops, I mean "angry".

Layla - the correct response, as any parent knows, is "yes, i saw, you did a very good job sabotaging." whether or not you actually saw.

I almost forgot why Ichabod didn't want them on board the ship - he wants to keep them apart from the cute, adorable, harmless kitten & puppy duo. Hard to believe they've even gone this many pages without stealing the scene.
November 21st, 2017
@incentive: Alphonse cosplaying Ram Quatzi is not something I ever would have expected… Cool!
WHOA! It's not even dawn and the page is already up? Enjoy it while you can, kiddies, I'm sure it'll get a LOT worse over the course of next month.

Speaking of the future, by the way, just a quick heads up that there'll be a extra page on Thursday. One special Thanksgiving page, two regularly scheduled pages on Friday and next Tuesday, and then the Christmas bonanza begins next Friday!

Anyway, actually seeing Tabitha and the kids was a last minute addition, the plan was originally to just hear her over the intercom. It's definitely a change for the best, though, since Bridget is probably my favorite part of the whole page. "MOOOOOOOM! Why are always being so EMBARRASSING?!?!?!?"

Last up, there's a new Voting Incentive, but the Vashti stuff is over. Between all the Christmas pages AND the multiple things I'm trying to get wrapped up for Patreon, Incentives aren't going to have a theme beyond "whatever I felt like drawing at the moment" for a while.
@Seros - The deathbots we've seen, if I recall, are the ones at the convention, which were merely beta versions for display/demo only, not production line quality, the ones in TKSoDD which were old and defective due to blah blah radiation something, and various ones being ripped up by Stilez (as if anything could stand against her). These are probably Top Notch Grade A+ Milspec Deathbots. Not to be messed with. (Unless you are Stilez, of course)

@Darius - You should read the incentives. I heard it's going to be on the test.

@dylgramac - It's a sign!! ...of...something? Something nitpicky in your future?

@Timeskip - Timeskips, unless there's a really super obvious reason why it has to be done, always give me the impression the author has painted themselves into a corner and doesn't know what to do next with the characters, so erase the whole board and start over! (Blitz, of course, would never do such a thing. Even if he were to paint himself in a corner, he'd just walk right back out through the wet paint. Um, metaphorically. Or something.)
@ The last thing said on the last page: To make a timeskip in this story work, you have to give Trigger & Layla a reason to get off the ship, and then not only give them a reason to get back on the ship a few years later, but also give Ichabod a new reason to be willing to take them on board. As for other planning, all it really requires is a few interesting Noodle Incidents. Maybe one or two proper stories, but mostly Noodle Incidents. From all characters, if possible.

...not even reading the incentive.
Just a bit ago I went to type itself and my finger wandered a little and I ended up typing Ichabod! I figured I should share that here. Also, does the voting incentive make anyone else think of They Might Be Giants? "C is for conifers, my kind of trees!"

I'm using sliding finger typing on an Android phone BTW.
See, most of the time writing about music in a medium without sound is a major hindered, but SOMETIMES the fact I never have to worry about actually creating the songs I bring up is very liberating :D
I think it's got to be that she artificially ages them, maybe each year on their birthday. Kids that age (whatever age that might be) grow really fast, we probably would have noticed it by now over the amount of time we've seen them (whatever amount of time that might be)
Vanadium! Arsenic! Hydrogen! Titanium!
She could have gone with Ag Au Pt on the cover, in reference to Music industry ratings for how many albums are sold.

More importantly, I'm just surprised that even Vashti would tackle such a giant project. Writing a song to cover all 42,814 known chemical elements on the periodic table is tough already, much less making it catchy enough that kids will remember all of it, even if they take their memory pills. It's got to be tough to find that many things that rhyme with UnOctNonPenSeptium.
(Not to mention Alphonsium and Bridgettium, because you know Tabitha is going to have discovered at least a couple new elements, just so she could name them.)