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Excerpt from Tabitha's Mad Science Notebook:
Response by experimental subject Trigger to Cuddle and Hug tests were well within expected parameters, however response to subsequent testing differed widely from
expectations. Curious, as subject did not respond at all like subject Stilez did when given the same test. Possible error in methodology? May need larger sample size to verify. Note to self: check to see if Layla is busy.
(Below this is written "Vengeance?" but then it is hastily crossed out several times)
January 13th, 2017
@Blitz: I'm glad you didn't go with the "Layla walking in on them". I think I would have been disappointed, because if there's any trope that has been completely beaten to death in every single form of storytelling it's got to be that one - people walking into a room at exactly the right/wrong time.

@Darius: I think you're probably right - she's just digging a deeper hole for herself now.

@Seros: Of course you're correct that Tabitha does need to learn something from this, but that doesn't necessarily mean that she can. Just as there are some people who, due to brain structure, can study for years and years and never be any good at math, or maybe for someone else it's music, or maybe languages - their brain through no fault of their own simply doesn't possess the ability to think in the right way - there are naturally some people who simply don't have the ability through any amount of effort to learn the nuances of social interaction that come automatically to most. In real life, many people like this compensate by being shy/reserved/introverted, but there's also a few who compensate instead by being extremely gregarious and overenthusiastically extroverted and uninhibited - that would, of course, be the Tabitha type. I'm not saying this is neccessarily true of Tabitha, since of course, it's also possible that it's merely because she spends all of her time in her lab on a desolate planet with only her insane dad, her disembodied mom, and two mute kindergardeners for company that she has no "social common sense", but it is a possibility. Only Blitz knows for sure, and it's difficult to pry details out of him before he's ready to reveal them. :)
I'm going to be honest, I had NO IDEA what was going to happen. I mean, I know Trigger's innocent, but what could happen was wide and varied. And I now feel that Tabitha treating it as a joke just made it worse for him.
IF this were a TV sitcom or an anime, Layla would have walked in on them. It also would have been the "more funny and THINGS ARE WAY WORSE" option.

Honestly, this is closer to what I expected, since it's only been a few pages since Layla angrily stated that she'd go to bed.

Also, concerning "learning" that was mentioned in comments on the last page, I feel that this page demonstrates something we should already know:
Tabitha needs to learn just as much as, if not more than, Trigger does. Different lessons, yes, but (in my opinion) far more important ones.
Ah-ha, the real turning point.
What happens when your actions have unintended consequences?
January 13th, 2017
Not that I'm interested or anything
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I was beginning to wonder if you were delaying the strip on purpose as a tease, but since it's a half-drawn version, I guess not. ;)

So, this is pretty much what I would expect to happen: Tabitha broke Trigger. Ooops. I don't suppose she has any mad science handy that can make a person forget the last 5 minutes worth of events ever happened?

Normally in the case of psychological trauma I would suggest that Trigger needs a hug, but...that might not be the best choice here.

@Hovertext: Anime and fanfics would never lie to us. She must have done it wrong. (Hopefully she is not really using Anime, Fanfics, and/or other speculative cinema as a guide, as they would teach that if you don't get the expected/hoped reaction from a first kiss, the only possible course is to immediately kiss them again even more enthusiastically.)
Oh man, of all the comics I did NOT want to leave people hanging on. Guys, I am SO sorry this update took so long, and that it's STILL not finished yet, but the Conventional Wisdom MAGFest comics are absolutely kicking my butt right now, and that's slowing everything else down (and I was moving pretty slow coming out of MAGFest to begin with). I'll have the finished version and a new Voting Incentive up by tonight, I promise.

Anyway, I'm pleased to see that Tuesday got everybody all in an uproar. I spent all weekend eagerly awaiting when that bomb would finally drop, cos I'm slightly evil like that. Buuuuuuuuut now comes boring old reality, and the fact that... yeah, that was really bad thing to do. I know everybody expected Layla to walk in on them, and I guess that probably would have been more laugh out loud funny. However, it also would have taken the focus off of Trigger's reaction, and I thought dwelling on that was the best way to demonstrate that, fanservice or no, this was a BAD thing Tabitha just did.

EDIT: OKAY THERE, everything's taken care of! Colored page and new Voting Incentive. Now, back to Conventional Wisdom...
January 13th, 2017
Not that I'm interested or anything
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Diverse and sundry:
@Ed8: You said
@Stonefoot: So if your cat has kittens, I assume they will be 'Bridget' and 'Alphonse'?

Since Tabby (Tabitha) is fixed, those would be quite appropriate. ;-}}

Also, I'm not really a fan of roller coasters either, but they are iconic for this sort of situation. I've been on an 'old style' (not really high, no near-vertical drops) roller coaster and it was fun, but I'm not anxious to do it again. The new, very high, almost vertical drop types I wouldn't even get close to. Give me the 'Wild Mouse' any day.
It occurs to me that this event might have been why recently there's been so much ...eh... fanservicey? (I'm sure there's a better word) stuff since Tabitha got on the ship that Layla's been trying to keep Trigger from.
including, for example, the skimpy outfits that appeared on the Children's Educational Channel in page 881.

I was not endorsing it as a good way of learning.
(If Layla finds out, it's even more important that I say this)
January 12th, 2017
@Stonefoot: So if your cat has kittens, I assume they will be 'Bridget' and 'Alphonse'?

If I ever get a cat, it will be named Stilez. If I get a puppy it will be named Tax. Hopefully the cat would not live up to its namesake's destructive potential.

Tabitha will not be able to make out with Trigger in the future, because Layla will NEVER EVER AGAIN LEAVE THEM ALONE IN A ROOM. EVER.
(Assuming of course she finds out. Which she will.)

@Seros: This learning method, while not the worst way, still does NOT receive the very important Layla Natalie Quartment Seal of Approval.
This page seems to have got everyone talking... Once they were over the shock, anyway.

Concerning learning about how things like this work with certain people, although yes learning it from someone like Tabitha isn't the worst way, it's also definitely not the best.
(in reverse order)

2) Tabitha may well be up for additional 'making out' with Trigger whenever they happen to meet in the future. He will learn, sooner or later, that she doesn't take this seriously. Better to learn this sooner (and from someone basically nice, like Tabitha) than later.

1) If you don't recognize the song look for 'Criminal' on youtube. It's good.

0) I have an adopted cat named Tabby. (a gray striped tabby-cat, very vocal, very 'cat', already named Tabby before I got her) My 'story' now is that 'Tabby' is short for 'Tabitha'. ;-}}
January 12th, 2017
@Stonefoot - Lots of people hate roller coasters (me!) Went on one once, never intend to ever do it again, and think that folks that like 'em have got to be nuts. So let's hope that analogy won't hold for Trigger in this instance. Of course, I can't imagine any part of kissing Tabitha could be unenjoyable, but I suppose there could be a bit of terror in there too. Seeing as how she totally pounced on him out of nowhere!! :)
Fiona Apple
Tabitha (channeling F.A.>>>)
I've been a bad, bad girl,
I've been careless with a delicate man.
It's a sad, sad world
Where a girl will break a boy just because she can.

Tabitha means well and Trigger is getting some (way, way overdue) 'life experience'. I think this will come out a net positive for him... sort of like the rollercoaster where you go back and forth between screaming in terror and screaming from exhilaration - but the next day you want to do it again.


Vote incentive Alphonse is only yawning because he doesn't see what is happening in the main comic!

I think Tabitha is being more than a bit irresponsible here. Trigger is not some indestructable cat-warrior that you can poke and prod for fun without worrying about them being hurt! Hes a kind, sensitive, emotional, vulnerable, rather niave kid who until recently spent his entire life in near-isolation with little human contact, who had never even met a girl other than Layla, and who basically fell madly in love with the first girl he had a brief one-on-one conversation with who shared a single common interest with him. The point being that, while for Tabitha this is just another random impulsive experiment to poke at something and see what happens, and I highly doubt she has any intent to start a "relationship" here, Trigger could very easily take being kissed (first kiss!) by a beautiful older girl the wrong way (we know he likes "older" women, right? ie Skye) and be very emotionally hurt when he finds out this didn't mean anything to Tabitha. Now, that's probably not how it will work out since it's a story and what happens will be whatever is best for the narrative, but the point is that it's a possibility, and Tabitha has no way of knowing it wouldn't happen, which is what makes this so irresponsible of her. Even for her.

More importantly, I second the nomination of Stilez for the position of "Innocent Fanservice Girl" in the harem! In fact, we don't even need to wait for the harem plot, I nominate her for that position in the current comic! ;)
Given Layla's attitude to Trigger, I feel that if she walked in on this, she'd get upset and angry at Tabitha for corrupting Trigger. And I mean REALLY upset and angry.
Appropriate Sitcom track: https://youtu.be/j1FS4Dw8miI
Yeah, this was what I'd kinda wanted to leave things hanging on at the end of November. But as attention-grabbing as that would have been, I think it's for the best that I wasn't able to time it right for that. We do kinda really need to have the reaction to this following RIGHT on the heels of this page... and no, I'm nowhere near evil enough to pull a fake hiatus now :)

Also, HOLY CRAP YOU GUYS ARE RIGHT. It would be WAAAAAAY too easy to turn this into a post-Tenchi Muyo harem series. I think we all dodged a bullet on that one. (The only other cliche I can think of off the top of my head is "Innocent Fansrvice Girl who's always doing really sexy things without realizing it" who would probably have wound up being Stilez)
January 10th, 2017
Checks calendar to see if it's April 1
I totally knew that was going to happen. What? Why is everybody looking at me like that?

So I guess this was the scene that you were trying to get to as a pre-Christmas-break-cliffhanger but couldn't squeeze in. Yup, that would have definitely been a big one. (This coming Friday's cruel practical-joke strip: An announcement that the strip is temporarily going on hiatus...)

@Tabitha: Self-restraint. Look it up. You really don't have to do every thought that pops into your head. No, wait, first, before that: run to your giant-engined ship and flee to the far side of the galaxy, because LAYLA WILL FIND YOU NOW. Even mad science cannot save you. Remember, Layla used to be a major organized crime boss-in-training. She knows exactly where the best places are to hide bodies.

@Seros Senric: You're right! I can't believe I didn't notice it before, this entire 10 year strip has just been the setup for the Trigger Harem Anime. The trope characters are all there - Trigger has managed to accumulate: the sister figure who technically isn't a sister (layla), the girl who looks underage but really is much much older (Avatar), the nerdy blue haired girl with glasses (Tabitha, but she's supposed to be really shy, so not quite on-trope), the girl he's crushing on but can't have (Skye), and the nice girl who actually likes him who he's "supposed" to end up with (Jenna), and he's the unassuming average guy who innocently doesn't even realize he's the center of the harem despite being the only available male in the group, Are we missing anyone? Let me check TVTropes. I guess he really should have the "childhood friend" girl also, so Layla will have to count twice in that regard. Actually there's at least a dozen or more stock harem girl types to pick from and several of our ladies here could fit in more than one trope.