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Oh my gosh! Despite all the Conventional Wisdom stuff, I actually managed to get today's page finished! AND a fresh Voting Incentive! ...and that's all I have to say on the matter because I literally nodded off to sleep twice while writing this and need to go to bed NOW.
@ Blitz: It was on a couple of episodes of Mythbusters, at very least, before an explanation or two.
I... actually have no idea. It SOUNDS like something I'd say... but it also sounds like something that would pop up in any number of other sources that have influenced me over the years.
Have you used "Warning: Contains Science!" before? It seems like it would fit in, and I feel like I'm stealing it from somewhere...

@Incentive: Little Layla is always adorable. That is all.
Oh man, this week... Okay, so I just posted a whole new batch of Conventional Wisdom comics that I was up all yesterday finishing, then I was up all night and into the morning doing today's Far Out There, and as soon as this post goes up I start working on ANOTHER batch of Conventional Wisdoms so that I'll finally have all the MAGFest stuff done before Animazement... witch starts on Thursday. Fun stuff!

So, yeah, in the midst of all that, don't be surprised if Friday's update turns out to be a little... threadbare. Hopefully the worst that'll happen is I don't get a new Voting Incentive done in time, but there's the possibility that I might have to post some unfinished line art instead of a fully finished comic. It'll all depend on how much time I have and how little sleep I can get by with... and I honestly have no idea what that's gonna be, since I'll be commuting from home instead of staying at the hotel. I MIGHT be able to make use of that extra bit of computer access to finish up a perfectly normal update... or I might collapse in bed the second I get back, we'll just have to wait and see.

Oh and speaking of Conventional Wisdom, today's Voting Incentive is a nice bit of cross-promotional synergy!
The sleve was actually a late addition, since all the other indicators that she was wearing something managed to disappear in the coloring process. We gotta protect Layla's modesty SOMEHOW, right?
@ Comic: That is probably the only "hat" Stillez has ever worn that could either or both stay on her head for an extended period, and not get destroyed from being on her head during her fights. Could, not would, though.

@ Incentive: And appears to be doing so while (seemingly) wearing a skin-tight one-piece with slightly flaring sleeves. That is, flaring for something as skin tight as whatever she's wearing that shows off her backside so well in this picture is. And the only reason I know that she's she's not naked is due to her notably wearing some sort of sleeve on her left arm.
Oh man, I am SO SORRY this page took so long to get up. If you guys missed the note I added to the comments on the last page, here's the deal: I started feeling TERRIBLE Thursday evening. I'm not sure what set it off, exactly, but I had one of the worse headaches I've had in YEARS. I'm talking "I literally can't move any part of my body more than an inch or the pain in my head will make me puke" level bad. And I don't know if you know this, but constant throbbing cranial pain makes it juuuuust a little bit hard to get stuff done. I ended up sitting in bed gulping medicine until the wee hours of Friday morning when things finally settled down... at which point my body remembered that I'd been awake all night from head pain and promptly crashed for the rest of the day. So, yeah, not a very productive day.

Still, it DID get done... eventually! In some ways, I'm kind of glad for the delay, because I ended up yanking some things out of this page and moving them to later ones. Hopefully, the changes will work out a lot better during my Animazement absence next week. Also, I had a sudden, overpowering need to draw Avatar sitting on Stilez's head, and this is what it took to make that happen. A man's gotta have his priorities, after all.

Also, New Voting Incentive that somehow managed to get done in that brief window between the migraine easing off and my losing consciousness!
I see this comic being the act of Tabitha both literally and figuratively completely untensing herself from the act of meeting and interacting with either and/or both Stillez and Avatar. You even have her collapsing as her muscles relax!
Possible Layla reactions/thoughts:

First panel: We are two friends talking.
Second panel: Umm, a little close, but I can live with this. Just give me a minute.
Third panel: Don't shove!
Fourth panel: Ask before you use someone as a mattress!

More seriously, the only panel that looks like it'd be uncomfortable for both of them is the third panel.

And of course it'd turn out that the jagged metal spike isn't actually metal, but rather made out of some kind of cheap plastic.
(Cereal boxes are always misleading about their potential freebies)
Yay for authorial intent triumphing over headcaonon! :D
I wanted to say a couple of things regarding the page/characters, one; that i think that you did an excellent job with the positioning and body language in *all* the panels. And two, my natural impression of the dynamic between Tabitha and Layla is that of two best friends, one being really touchy-feely, and the other who likes her personal space, but puts up with the mannerisms of the friend because that's just how their relationship *is*. Frankly, the only reason someone might see a romantic thing going on between Layla and either Tabitha or Trigger, is due to that being what *they* want to see. anyone that says the comic says otherwise is, confusing the comic for their headcanon. that second part was just me saying that if you were, no don't worry, you're not missing some aspect of the writing that might unambiguously say otherwise; and if you weren't worrying that, just me trying to say not *all* of your readers are trying to mentally pair off characters regardless of the way they're actually written.
Bit surprised layla didn't move out of the way as Tabitha went from leaning on her to laying upon her, buuut I can imagine it as either being a sudden thing or Layla simply being patient with Tabitha. To me it's only really fan-servicy because well...Layla's build.
Thousands of shipping-obsessed tumblr users just felt a sudden urge to make new fanfics or gif sets and are wondering why.

So, this is another one of those pages that's EXTRA frustrating because it took forever to finish, but the average reader would never know it. I mean, two girls sitting on a couch, how hard can THAT be to draw? Now, those of you who've been reading for a while now have seen me complain more than once about drawing characters leaning all over each other like this (move one of them around a bit and suddenly you have to redraw the other, which then means you have to go back and redraw the first one and the cycle continues). So a page where such character positioning is literally the entire joke? That took a LOT of fiddling to get right, and I still don't think that last panel really came together properly.

But all complaining and fanservice-teasing aside, this page DOES serve an important plot-related role: even when Tabitha's being painfully self-conscious, she's still one of the least self-aware people in existence.


5/19 EDIT: Okay, just a heads up to anyone coming by Friday and wondering why the comic is even later than usual. I had a MASSIVE headache last night (like, "if I move more than an inch I'm gonna throw up" massive) and that kiiiiiinda made it hard to get any work done. The next page IS coming, but I only just now managed to start working on it. If nothing else, just keep an eye on Twitter, tumblr, and Facebook for an alert when the page is actually done. Sorry!
OOOOOH I like that. Let's go with that.
Concerning title text,
I think that Alphonse thinks that he should always make cards himself.
Bridget therefore does too.
@ Incentive: I think that it only works on tech. Not only would you need different frequencies to look through metal or plastic and skin, most people who would want one of those eyes understand how disgusting the stuff under human skin can be and DON'T wan't to see it. Doctors and psychopaths have their own eye-based under-skin looking dealies, and it's quite expensive to get one with both functionalities. Not due to technological problems (both actually use almost the same technology) but because it's rarely wanted and people who do want it can generally be persuaded to pay through the nose to get it.
See if you can guess which card was made by Alphonse and which one was made by Bridget. Go on, see if you can figure it out!

Full confession: I actually already made this joke back in 2012, but some stuff about that page always bugged me. Specifically, Alphonse's card just didn't look "good" enough. I mean, it was enough of an improvement over Bridget's for the joke to work, but... I dunno, it just needed a little something extra. THIS version of the idea makes the card look more like what passes for photorealism in Far Out There, which I think sells the contrast a lot better than just "hahaha Bridget's bad at drawing".

Also, I didn't include the kids holding the cards this time. A purely artistic decision to place focus on the cards themselves and in NO WAY a consequence of me trying to get this done faster so I could start working on something for my OWN Mom.
Either it gets broken, or the people doing the hanging out get broken :)
Well, points to her for reconizing she gets crazy, even if it's maybe kinda justified? I suspect normal behavior tends to break down if you hang with Tax&Stilez too long.