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A manga-esque Sci-Fi Comedy. Far Out There is the webcomic where things happen... IN SPACE!!!

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@ Incentive: For some reason I wish to both play the Jaws Theme Music, and turn what they had crashed into into a gigantic lollipop. Alternatively, I want what we're looking at in the second panel to be the BACK of the ship, with what they crashed into coming out of it. I know it all can happen simultaneously, but, still.
What's the one thing Layla enjoys more than making a whole lot of money from something? Being on a receiving end of a constant stream of attention and adulation (especially if it's coming from a gaggle of cute and innocent little boys, apparently).

So, I'm not gonna lie, this originally wasn't supposed to be a page. At best, it was supposed to be one panel out of a much larger page... but I REEEEEAAAAALLY needed to get something finished and posted before Animazement, so I massaged this gag enough that I THINK it stands on its own... or reclines contentedly on its own, at least. Either way, the REST of the intended page, the part that would have required drawing more than one panel, THAT will come next Tuesday.

Oh, but speaking of that convention that's happening this weekend, there's actually a new Voting Incentive on a convention weekend for once! Granted, it has more to do with the fact that I'm commuting to and from home for Animazement, meaning I can actually get on my own computer at night and do stuff rather than trying to fiddle with TWC stuff on my phone (me trying to do ANYTHING over my phone is a bad idea), but still! A new Voting Incentive! And this one is actually a rather important development too!

EDIT: It occurs to me that, since I'm writing this in THE FUTURE, I don't actually know for sure if I'll have gotten back home in time to switch Incentives before this page goes live. So if you vote and Tuesday's incentive is still there, just try again in an hour or so. I promise, there IS a new page done.
Fixed and fixed.

The Incentive was kind of embarrassing, actually. Apparently I was so in the groove after setting the SmackJeeves page to not go public until a certain date that I went ahead and set the TWC date to that too. The linear progression of time continues to be my downfall.
The voting incentive appears to be missing, it just says "thank you for voting". This page also has no title.

Also, I'm now trying to come up with elaborate sci-fi closets that would look near identical to a room on a ship with the beds removed. Holographic would work, but that's hardly ridiculous enough. How about a closet that fills with nano-bot infused liquid that measures not just your exact current measurements, but also your state of mind to give you a perfect outfit for that exact moment. Any pieces you're missing will be automatically ordered.
Not much to say this time because I've still gotta get Friday's page finished before Animazement so go look at the new Voting Incentive and also ya'll had better enjoy this page 'cos yesterday was my birthday and I spent the whole day working on this okay BYE!
@ Blitz: You do realise that Option A & Option B are not mutually exclusive, right? Everything about Option A could be true for planetary-based vacuum cleaners, while Option B could be true for pace based vacuum cleaners.

Also, with my suggestions, they tend not to be as deeply and/or well thought out as they appear to be. I make mental leaps to possible explanations like that easily, and, in exchange, miss out on important social clues from others and myself (I can miss other's boredom and I can miss my own irritation growing. Honestly, it's an unfair trade, as I feel the social loss far outweighs the "advantage" that causes me to be able to make overly verbose internet posts on unimportant topics).

@ Incentive: That was a foolish thing to do. She was distracted, and probably wouldn't have restarted the fight due to the distraction.
Hmmm... on the one hand, I appreciate how well though out Option A is. On the other hand, Option B is pretty dang funny.
No, see, it's not called a "vacuum cleaner" because it uses vacuum pressure to clean, It's called that because it cleans vacuum!
@ Blitz: Remember, he's vacuuming up the "fragments of reality as we know it". If something that could suck those up worked on air pressure, I would be surprised. Honestly, I wouldn't be at all surprised if Vacuum's have stopped utilizing a "Vacuum" at all in this story, but kept the name because changing it was either too much of a hassle, pointless, confusing or the new name was never utilized (be it because the name was inconvenient, the old name was more convenient, or because the new name was trademarked) and thus practically everyone forgot about the "true" name of what ever the actual name of that device is and instead just calls it a Vacuum Cleaner.
*GASP* I'm getting a page posted ahead of time again! Yup, we're DEFINITELY getting close to a convention weekend... which ironically means I'm not sure if there'll be a fresh Voting Incentive up when you read this. I mean, I'm planning on doing one, obviously, but since this page will be going live automatically, there's a pretty good chance that I could still be fiddling with the Incentive when it happens. I am sadly out of practice with this whole "being ahead of schedule" thing.

But anyway, MAN I like how that whole "shards floating beyond the frame" effect turned out, especially for something that was thrown in at the last minute.

Also, part of me wants to ask how a vacuum cleaner is supposed to work in the VACUUM of space... but really, that's the LEAST odd thing about this setup.

EDIT: OKAY! Voting Incentive is up!

EDIT EDIT:, okay. NOW it's up. Sorry, something went wrong with the settings, but it really is up this time. (see what happens when I deviate from my pattern of being extremely late?)
@ Incentive: TAX! Don't run off without Stillez! You two are supposed to be each other's caretaker's!
...aaaaaand we're back! Except not, because I actually did a special Mother's Day page during my "time off". I did NOT finish any extra pages to cover the next couple of weeks, which is what I really WANTED to do, but I managed to make progress on several other things that needed doing, and do feel an awful lot better than I did this time last week. So that's good, right?

Anyway, WOW it's been a while since we saw Bridget doing something, hasn't it? So long, in fact, that I had to relentlessly comb over past pages to remember which of her various t-shirt designs she was supposed to be wearing here... and it turned out it wasn't ANY of the ones I thought. I'd forgotten Bridget even HAD a Principal Baby shirt.

And look! There's even a fresh Voting Incentive! Truly, everything is back on schedule. Now if only I could get a few steps AHEAD of schedule, as I really ought to be with a convention coming so soon... there a way I can confess to not realizing my plan to take a few days off would have meant not doing a Mother's Day page WITHOUT admitting that I nearly forgot Mother's Day was happening this week? I mean, my Mom specifically DOESN'T like doing anything big for Mother's Day, since, you know, she'd rather have a day to relax, so there wasn't as much build-up around here... but STILL...

But hey, for a last-minute pic I threw together in the wee hours of the morning, I think this turned out REALLY well. Such a happy family, with boys that will in no way turn out to be brats!
Tarkus doesn't prepare for what he expects, he prepares for what he fears.
Perfect for corpse handling? I'm hoping that's related to some sort of zombie ad campaign, and not an indication of the kids' expectations…
Well, now... this was a big ol' disaster, wasn't it?

Here's the deal: Animazement is coming up later this month, and I've been trying to get a bunch of stuff ready for the con and do pre-convention promotional stuff and get some extra pages ready to go up and generally just get emotionally prepared for that much social interaction for that long a time and... well, I sat down in front of a blank page on Monday, and I had nothing. I mean, I knew how the page was supposed to go, I had the exact stuff I needed to draw in my head, there was just no creative juice left to DO it. I was spent.

So, as much as i hate to pull this sort of thing, this will be the only Far Out There update this week. If I tried to jump straight into another page feeling the way I do right now... well, that one probably wouldn't get done until sometime Monday anyway, so why even bother with Friday? Hopefully, if I take an extra day or two to breathe this week, NEXT week will run a lot more smoothly. Again, I've gotta get a page buffer built up in time to cover Animazement weekend anyway, I just need enough creative energy to actually DO it.

If nothing else, I MIGHT manage to get a new Voting Incentive done on Friday, it all depends on how much other stuff I'm able to get done... or more accurately, whether or not I actually feel up to getting that much done. We'll see.

Sorry again for all the delays, gang!
Ah right. Mind meltingly rich kids. not enough sense among them to fill a teaspoon.
Oh man... I just want you guys to know, I came very, VERY close to calling an audible and ditching this page. Well, not "ditching" really, but pushing it back until next week and doing another "Blip says a non-sequitur" page today. One look at that second panel will tell you what took so long, and that's the sloppy, rushed, "unfinished" version. I could easily have spent another whole day squeezing little easter eggs into that pile of stuff and cleaning up the line work in ways that most people would never actually notice... but THIS time I resolved to tough it out and get this thing done in one blast... and now I REALLY need a nap.

Not a whole lot else to say, or at least not a lot I can remember in my sleep-deprived state. New Voting Incentive. Yeah.

...I'm gonna go lie down.

5/8/18 EDIT: aaaaaaand the new page is running even later, enough to justify a "we're running late" message here. I'll probably end up posting a half-finished version later today, just to make up a BIT of time, but even that won't be until well into the afternoon. There IS a fresh Voting Incentive up at this point, so you can at least go see that.
...Somehow I bet the poor Captain is going to successfully boot Stilez from his ship. And it's poor Captain for how everyone else will react to him pulling that off.
He isn't TRYING to be a brat... he just doesn't have to try.

So, there's a new Voting Incentive, obviously, but there's also some other additional content going on to talk about. For one, I finally remembered that TWC still has that Bonus Incentive extra voting thing on their website and threw some stuff back on there. It's the start of a new month, so if you wanna see what all is up there in a short amount of time, it should be a few days before most TWC users remember to reactivate their incentives. I was able to vote my way through the whole available selection in, like, ten minutes last night. Remember, every extra vote helps with promoting the comic!

Also regarding bonus incentives: I'm toying with the idea of drawing some extra art this month specifically to post there exclusively (well, for a few weeks, at least). Since the normal Incentives are kind of locked into a continuous theme for a while, that seems like it'd be a good way to stay in practice drawing other characters who aren't turning up in anything right now... because I'm apparently incapable of just drawing things for fun, it has to be part of a project to be shown somewhere.

Speaking of which, if you aren't already following my various tumblr blogs already, you might want to keep an eye on Conventional Wisdom's for the rest of May, because I've been tinkering with a little daily comic project that's finally going live this month. Just in case you were wondering why I've been moaning so much about being busy and not getting enough sleep lately.