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Far Out There

A manga-esque Sci-Fi Comedy. Far Out There is the webcomic where things happen... IN SPACE!!!

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@ Ed8: I said "seen" for a reason. Tabitha's the type to romanticise and personalise the history of anyone she focuses on, to the point where she would outright ignore Stillez destroying a star-ship right in front of her for kicks because, "Obviously the star-ship did something stupid to annoy her", or "Dad did worse damage while trying to tighten some bolts last week, and you don't hear horror stories about him".

For Tabitha to consider Stillez literally effortlessly destroying fully armed and ready military stations as anything different from these kids fighting while devouring food, Stillez needs to do something that impacts Tabitha. Which means, at least, Stillez needs to hurt a child or Layla in front of Tabitha. If Stillez hurts one of Tabitha's kids, Tabitha will immediately do a 180 and use every bit of knowledge she has about Stillez to trick her into a black hole, which she will then put into a temporal hole, which she will form a second black hole around.
@Blitz & DD - I'm quite certain that, given her interest in said subject, Tabitha is well aware of Stilez's ability to be incredibly dangerous. I wouldn't be surprised if she's the galaxy's 2nd greatest collector of Stilez/Tax-related information after Ichabod. (Although it's still smaller than her collection of Avatar fan gear) What I think she's implying here is that the commonly accepted theory that Stilez is just universally dangerous to everyone in her vicinity all the time, like a Supernova, is incorrect, and that as long as Stilez likes you she's relatively harmless (she wouldn't hurt you on purpose, although by carelessness is another matter). Ironically, the only person on board who is still terrified of her (Ichabod) is probably the 2nd least likely person in the Universe that she would allow to come to harm. So her verdict is: Stilez, safe for friends, only dangerous to threatening enemies.
On the other hand, as she observes, a pack of rabid spoiled ultrarich teenage boys probably is dangerous to anyone around them, and given these particular kids propensity to cause havoc on a galactic scale, they are probably significantly MORE dangerous to their friends than to their enemies, this food fight probably being the least dangerous thing these kids have done all week.
Actually, now that I think about it, that same statement could probably be made about Ichabod, albeit not in exactly the same way. And we'll just not even address what similar statements could be made about Tabitha, while the Galaxy continues to recover from the damage her ship caused getting there. Actually, is there anyone on that ship who's not dangerous?
DD: That IS a good point there, Tabitha has definitely gotten a very skewed sampling of Stilez behavior since she arrived.

CptNerd: You would not BELIEVE how close I came to not noticing the opportunity before it was too late.
I see what you did with the page title there...
@ Tabitha: You obviously haven't seen Stillez "having fun" destroying things, let alone when she's angry. Seriously, this little food fight pales in comparison, and only threatens to match in emotional intensity. There's also a lot less collateral damage.
...wait, what? Really? REALLY?


Well, time for everyone to grab their supplies and get to the nearest disaster shelter, because clearly the end is nigh.

Obviously, half the reason this got done in a timely fashion is because TWC Voting Incentives are still on hold while I simultaneously work on another batch of Conventional Wisdom comics and, well, the next TWC series. Incidentally, just as a little teaser/present for everyone, expect a big ol' batch of older TWC Bonus Incentives to be added to the Patreon & Incentive Gallery before too long. I didn't realize just how many of those just went up over there for a few weeks without ever being mirrored on SmackJeeves. Man, I've really gotten spoiled by the way the regular Incentives go live on their own. Truly, modern convenience will be the death of us all...
Not "Too Much Mad Science", "Less Influenced by Mad Science"
@ Ed8 on No Such Thing As Too Much Mad Science: I said that there's no need for it to be OVERLY influenced by Mad Science Style Development.

Obviously the basis of the design was made by Mad Scientists, but has been taken by the Reverse Engineers that are FOT's "Scientists" and stripped of the dangerous, outright stupid and/or just plain uncomfortable things the Mad Scientists put in there over generations of redevelopment by "Normal Scientists and Technology Designers".

Like most of the more commonplace, non-cosmetic, Technology we see in FOT. Like Vending Machines, Space Ships, and Blip.
Even More Nitpicking
your Conventional Wisdom link in your author comments doesn't actually work (it has an extra %20 in it)
No Such Thing As Too Much Mad Science
What?! Don't be silly, there's ALWAYS a need for EVERYTHING to be influenced by Mad Science Style Development!
(But don't tell Avatar I said that)
@ Ed8: The Cap'n's "eyes" work in one of two ways. The first is that the face cover takes impressions of the attitude he is displaying, and makes the eyes on the screen display his current attitude in order to keep facial expressions and reactions natural and comforting to others.

The second is that it works the same way Ichabod's Glasses change shape depending on Ichabod's irritation or other emotions.

This is, after all, a protective suit worn near constantly by a major character. No need for it to be overly influenced by Mad Science Style Development.

Also, Mariska's ship may not be as safe as she thinks, as it appears she's having time loops having time loops in her speech bubble.

@Darius - How do the Cap'n's Eyes even work? Does his suit measure his biological degree of exasperation and then project appropriate eye expressions onto his screen?
@ Cap'n's Eyes: Given that look, I feel like Avatar NEEDS to go to the Cap'n and give him a hug. He appears to be desperate for the comfort Layla's getting from his disdain.
Another laaaaate page and another update without a new Voting Incentive... but it's ALSO another instance where I can't feel to guilty about it. Frustrated? Sure. But not guilty. You know why? Because this is the third comic page I've put online in the past 24 hours. Like, not an incentive doodle, but full on, actually COMICS. The next batch of Conventional Wisdom comics are now underway, not to mention the the bonus Patreon comics from the PREVIOUS round of Conventional Wisdom stuff. All that in a single 24 hour stretch. Yeah, I'm to busy being proud that I'm still conscious to beat myself up that I couldn't grind out at TWC Incentive as well.

THAT SAID, I actually am working on a new Incentive series, and this one is an actual series of real comic pages rather than just doodles. It's an idea I've wanted to do for a while now, and there's really no way to fit it into the regular narrative, so a side story is really the only chance to get it out there. Unfortunately... well, see the previous paragraph. I'm hoping to get a small backlog of pages edited up and finished before I actually start posting any of them, so that they'll be able to keep going up automatically the NEXT time I get bogged down on Conventional Wisdom or whatever else on the To Do List (I'll need to start working on Christmas comics again before any of us realize it)
@ Blitz: "Far Out There: Where Things Happen... In Space! The Cute Is Deadly, The Horror May be Horrifying, and Some Snacks Look Monstrous".

Does that sound fine? The last bit, "Some Snacks Look Monstrous" might need replacing with something else, since only the first introduced, and most prolific, snack actually looks monstrous. But I felt it needed more than simply "The Cute", and didn't feel like only adding "The Horror" conveyed this comic well enough on it's own.
"The Cute Is Deadly" may need to become a secondary tagline for Far Out There in general.
...of COURSE FOT has living Plushies that are treated like animals and experimented on by equally cute "humans". Let me guess, a single major use of Plushies is for Cute Television, using them as trained animals while remaining "Cute".

...Also, horror-comedy, where the singular joke is "The Cute Is Deadly".
Dang it dang it dang it dang it and one further dang it just to remove any ambiguity on the matter. This is another one of those instances where I started work on one page, realized something stupid, then had to push it all to the side and start over with something entirely different. In this case, the page I STARTED working on jumped straight to Mariska touching base with Ichabod, but it hit me that the previous page, while reintroducing Mariska, didn't actually feature her two younger sidekicks. They're gonna factor into future events as much as she will, so they need a little refresher "Hey, we exist!" moment too... which I couldn't figure out how to cram into the planned page. So now the page that WOULD have been up today is next Tuesday's page, and I had to whip this one up from scratch... and fell asleep in the middle of it because I started over LAAAAATE.

The really frustrating thing about this is that I don't even have a new TWC Voting Incentive to show you guys. I've pretty much exhausted my preview art (heck, at least one of the things being previewed is already happening right now!), so I was gonna take a brief break before the next set of Incentives start. And by "break" I mean "draw a bunch of Conventional Wisdom stuff for a local con this weekend." But yeah, if I wasn't gonna have any extra stuff to show, I would have REALLY liked to at least stick the landing on the main comic. Oh well.
Callback Opportunity
Well, obviously. They had to test the Masogentes Genocide Pies on someone first. You don't want to release a weapon like that untested, it could have been dangerous!
@ Ed8: And yet, 80% of their particular genome of Humanity become Testers of highly dangerous or problematic weaponry, ships, both, Unknown Mad Scientist Inventions or other such items. The only people who don't use them is Mad Scientists, because Mad Scientists know what they intend to do, how they intend to do it, and don't want to pay the fees required for something as minor as a "minion" dying.
Their planet has an adorably violent history....
Bizarre?!? There's nothing bizarre about those perfectly cromulent names! Now you have hurt Capt. Fuzzywumpus's feelings! That name was passed down to him from his Great-Grandfather Fuzzywumpus, Hero of the Great Snugglefluff War, and one of the few survivors of the Terrible Hugfuzzle Massacre of '06. Any soldier worth their sugardoodles would be proud to have the Fuzzywumpus name!