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This is my new project, P.E.T, a tutorial comic where I teach you how to make Photoshop Effects.


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I receive a login error message when I'm trying to connect on the website. What should I do?
Photoshop Errors
I am trying to install Photoshop but getting some errors. What should I do to resolve this issue?
Photoshop Error 16
I just went through entire Blog of yours, it was quite good to know about Starburst Effect, I hope you will elaborate it more on your next Blog. If still anyone want more information about it then i suggest to follow this link:
June 24th, 2012
@Mist the Moonhunter: Good suggestion.
Needs more gaussian blur. The white part looks too solid.

Other than that, cool beans.
should use the smudge tool to improve it.
June 24th, 2012
Make sure you don't have IIMMGG blocked!
Hope you guys enjoy, request some more tutorials down below!

Upcoming tutorials:
Tornado Attack/Effect
Colored Speed Lines
Water Attack
Aurora Effect
Fire effect

Hey, a quick head's up, I fucked up the text at the bottom, freakin photoshop changing it even after I deselected it. Really sorry. I'm also thinking I might host my images on Photobucket from now on. -_- IIMMGG isn't working too well it seems. Alright sorry, hope you still enjoy.
how do you create an attack?
*cough*I got mine free*Cough*

Thx for the tut as far as I'm concerned can do most of the same effects as Photoshop, you just need to learn how to do it. Play around with and see if you can get the same results.
@Gen, I mean... "Chris", Yes, Photoshop is worth monetary value. I got mine from doing a summer job for my uncle who needs products and such photoshop'd for the website, and I kept it ever since.
You CAN download a free trial from the Adobe website, but for a 30 day use only, so it won't be your primary workstation.
You can also download a torrent of Photoshop for free or somehow hack it, but I don't hack so I have no idea how to do it. I did get it for free, but that's only because I used it for work for my uncle.
Do you have to buy photoshop?
I don't have Fireworks. Still, I did work with it once, but I forgot. :\
oh, well no, I expect you to teach how to use fireworks in a comic called photoshop effects tutorials/ sarcasm.
LOL sorry, but I only work with Photoshop, that's why this comic is called Photoshop Effects Tutorials
I don't understand. D:< update tutorials for this program I don't even use!

yeah. don't know why I faved since I don't use PS.
Please read comment.
Yeah, so I know this is really basic, but hey, it's something.
starting now this comic is under minimal updating. Meaning it could be up to a month before I update a long with Nutshell (That will change very soon.) and Leo's Sprites. The reason being is because I have Not a Hero, Zoom, Haunted House: Survivors. Also a new comic coming very soon.
Sorry for that, but I need to focus on the key comics of my spriting career. Thanks for understanding!
Cause of you don't, I'll kill you.

I'm not kidding.

Upcoming tutorials:
Lazer Sword
Tornado Attack/Effect
Colored Speed Lines
Water Attack
Aurora Effect
Fire effect
I want an effect for the glow when charging a blast please :3
This doesn't look very icy to me.
But still, its a cool effect.
You could probably use for shields and stuff too.
You can send in a tut. :)