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Conventional Wisdom

Conventional Wisdom

by Blitzkrieg1701
Ever wondered what goes on inside an anime convention, but are too afraid go anywhere near one yourself? Well, wonder no more! Conventional Wisdom is a comic that shows you what this strange, geeky world is really like, based ENTIRELY ON REAL LIFE! ...well, sort of.
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Conventional Wisdom

Ever wondered what goes on inside an anime convention, but are too afraid go anywhere near one yourself? Well, wonder no more! Conventional Wisdom is a comic that shows you what this strange, geeky world is really like, based ENTIRELY ON REAL LIFE! ...well, sort of.

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Hair troubles aside, I was pretty proud of this little costume, simply because it was the first actual new costume I've done in YEARS. I think the last actually new cosplay project I've followed through on was all the way back at Otakon 2017. Since then, I've mostly just dressed up as Dr. F or... well, myself. Just being able to prove to myself that I CAN do a new costume is a bit of a triumph. Not to mention the moral victory of finding a professional wrestler costume that both includes a shirt AND isn't laughably beyond my own body type. Thank you, Huskis.

But seriously, it took me SOOOOO long to get my hair tied up in an even remotely acceptable form. Granted, part of the problem was that I was trying to approximate a look Bray achieves with dreads and the sides of his head shaved, and that's obviously going to behave a lot differently than the full mane I'm caring around. But really, I just don't have much experience with putting my hair up, at least not in a way that's meant to actually LOOK like anything. Normally I just wash it and let it do whatever it wants. There is no taming this beast.
...then again, the one that happens in Raleigh is subtitled "Oak City," and I only barely knew that "City of Oaks" is a thing anybody calls that town, allegedly. Wake Forest could turn out to be named "Land of the Eternal Spatula God" and I wouldn't have any idea.

But yeah, it's convention time again! And I mean an ACTUAL convention, not all that filler. It's been several years since I last made it out to NC Comicon, and I'm quite curious to see how things have changed. In case you missed me saying so earlier: I'm not on any panels or running any table or doing any whatever for this con, just hanging out and taking notes and most likely spending an inordinate amount of time in the theaters for the film festival. If you see me running around, don't be afraid to say hi, I just MIGHT have some free stuff to the first person who asks! ...emphasis on "might," I'm suddenly unsure if I actually still have any freebie goodie bags left. I probably should have checked before I wrote this. And I probably shouldn't actually post this before I go check. There's a lot of things I should and shouldn't do.
You know now the story behind 95% of the delays I've ever experienced.

But yeah, the ConCONcon 2019 comic experiment officially draw to a close! I hope you all got into this as much as I did, because I've had a LOT of fun playing around with this little fantasy pocket dimension and would love to do more with it in the future. That'll have to wait, though, because we've got another REAL convention comic up next weekend! As part of my aim to refocus more on local events that don't involve staying in hotels several states away, I'll be returning to North Carolina Comicon, which I haven't done a Conventional Wisdom update on since all the way back in 2014. No panels or table or anything like that, just me wandering around taking pictures and jotting down notes and looking for places to drop stacks of promotional flyers and all that. Follow all the social medias for pics and updates, and look for comics to start hitting this page within a week of the con wrapping up. After that, expect Conventional Wisdom to go on a bit of a break for whatever's left of 2019 as we all put ourselves together for the next year.

In the meantime, if you want something to help you avoid ConCONcon withdrawal, you an always surround yourself with ConCONcon merch, and even declare yourself a Staffer!
Oh look, I slipped a real anime in with all my fakey pretend ones. That's... really confusing, honestly, but there's no way I could depict myself being tempted by the Dealer's Room and NOT mention Digimon.

Also, as much as I hate drawing attention to this sort of thing, a comic bemoaning me being poor is a perfect time to beg for Patreon money more overtly. Of late, several longtime patrons have had Real Life take precedence over spending money on webcomics, and it's really starting to add up... or subtract down, I guess. The point is, if any of you out there who like this stuff I do can spare a buck or two a month, I'd really appreciate it, and it'd go a long way in helping cover future endeavors. Speaking of which, stay tuned for some news stuff next week!

...oh, and if you're not the crowdfunding sort, maybe just buy some ConCONcon merch?
Life imitates Art?
This isekai coffee shop based WN is currently in the monthly top 10 on, which means there is a non-trivial chance that it will eventually be made into an anime. And you know what that means: Actual RL lewd coffee body pillows!
I disagree, it's too short term and has the potential to be decent, if only relative to other con's at the same time (says the person who has only ever been to a single con, and it wasn't a 24 hr one). If it's a time and place, I suspect it would be a back alley where homeless people squat, in a country where it snows, at either early winter, or in the middle of winter, depending on the severity of the depression.
Hey wow, a comic that isn't built around plugging one of my non-existent imaginary anime. One would be forgiven in thinking I didn't even remember how to DO those anymore.

...and maybe I really don't, because after finishing and posting the above comic, I started to write out a joke here in the comments that compared the overall mood of late night conventions to movies depicting 70's-era New York City at it's most sleazy and decayed. You're not gonna see that joke here, though, because the more I tinkered with it, the more I realized it was actually a LOT funnier than the actual comic! So I'm saving that whole idea for later! After all, the whole point of ConCONcon is that it's supposed to be universally applicable to all convention environments, right? (Well, all 24-hour cons, in this case)
@ Ed8: The show would still need to be green lit by the Japanese National Coffee Council... or, rather, the All Japan Coffee Association, because that's apparently an actually real thing that exists to promote Japanese People drinking coffee. And without a plot, the story's watched for a single episode or two before being dropped.

That said, if the Anime was bankrolled by the All Japan Coffee Association, then the meme associated with Blitz's body pillow changes drastically. Rather than the MC asking for something that's not coffee and knocking over his own cup, someone maliciously knocked over his coffee because he didn't enter their store, making the MC despair. Making the two sides of the pillow are "Love & Despair".
@Darius - there wouldn't need to be sufficient plot for the mangers to green light the project - the entire thing is funded by the Japanese National Coffee Council. There was no requirement for plot at all. If you get any plot, it's an extra unexpected bonus. The only requirement was enough prominent placement of coffee and it's importance in each episode. They just didn't realize ahead of time that it would increase the sales of lewd coffee-related body pillows more than the sales of actual coffee.
@ Blitz: Lewd/Lewder Formula: I completely understand, but don't know how that would become a meme, cup. Two alternatives for it would be the "Lewd" side would be an empty Coffee Cup and your full Coffee Cup as the "Lewder" side", or you have your full coffee cup as the "Lewd" side, and make the "Lewder" side a cup with coffee overflowing/a pot of coffee instead of a cup.

Also, unless all the Coffee Shops are Owner's the Sole Employee (which is possible, but boring), it's unlikely that they're the one interacting with the MC, particularly if you want a harem of girls following the MC as he tries to leave the Dungeon. Instead, each race has it's own franchise, and, hearing that there's a Human Potential Customer, sends girls with a few Free Samples to try to make him into their brand's repeat customer. They keep following him because they weren't told to stop, and it means they get to travel around the different stores. That way you can also have a subtheme plot of the MC trying to avoid the harem of girls who are following him around trying to make him solely spend the money he makes on their brand, giving each episode a bit of tension and theoretical character growth among the focus on coffee facts, trivia and tastings. This also means that the MC actually has to discover new ways to make money regularly, because the girls quickly learn his money making tricks and search for him attempting to exploit them.
I cringe a bit having to say this out loud (write this out loud?) but I was trying to capture the spirit of the "lewd on this side/LEWDER on the flipside" formula that most of these body pillows seem to follow.

Also, I'd sort of imagined that the various monster girls in the show were the proprietors of the various coffee shops, and as the main character would of course be one of the few humans down in the depths of the dungeon, they'd all be flocking to him harem style, except they'd REALLY want him to become a dedicated patron of their particular establishment. And I guess I sort of figured he'd be living off of free samples, as the girls would be too desperate to one-up the competition to actually get around to charging him for anything.

...though now that I actually write that out, I guess that wouldn't really support more than a few chapters/episodes, even WITH the extra focus on coffee facts and trivia.
@ Blitz: There would still need to be sufficient plot for the Managers to Green Light the project. And it doesn't explain why the backside of the pillow is a spilled cup of coffee. That said, if we combine our two ideas, we get sufficient story with a notable difference between episode.

Also, I'm the type of person who comes up with ideas like that, and then spends more time writing the post to explain it than I did thinking about it. In this case my thought process was "How did the MC get trapped in a Dungeon? Isekai and Ignorance. Done. Why is there a Dungeon filled with nothing but coffee shops? Weird World Quirk. Done. What does the MC for money, given that he needs to buy food (and coffee)? Use OP Powers in weird ways to make money? Use OP Powers in weird ways to make money. Done. Now to explain an imaginary meme."
Ed8: That pillow is actually a lot less horrifying than I was bracing myself for. I'm both relieved and horrified at myself over this.

DD: I like that you put a lot more thought into the plot of this anime than the summary I wound up not including. In my treatment, the "actual" plot was just glossed over to get to explaining the meme: that the author of the original manga was clearly WAY more interested in talking about coffee than writing a fantasy adventure. Like, there'd be page-long descriptions of different types of coffee beans, the art depicting the coffee related stuff would be WAAAAAAAAY more detailed than any of the characters or settings, and the only real merchandising tie-ins would be coffee-related. Thus, the joke would be spread around that, despite the series being full of cute monster girls, the REAL fanservice was the coffee. Internet artists would then run with the joke, drawing "lewd" art of coffee and claiming it was fanart. And thus, we get the coffee body pillow.

Also, I do like the idea of a Genie Made From Coffee. That should be a thing.
More knowledge you can never un-know
I guess some people like coffee, and some people really like coffee.
The Manga was great, but the Web Novel version was even better - having a slow motion fight scene described verbally over the span of a dozen chapters released sporadically over the period of a month really brings out the tension! Although you really have to read it in Japanese to get the full effect, or so I hear.
@ Dungeon Coffee Shop: It's a story about a teenage boy who reincarnated into another world with a cheat power, expecting to enter a dungeon and become the most powerful person ever in the world! Thing is, the world's unexpectedly used to people reincarnating with cheats into their world, and all the dungeons are actually just commercial traps. The MC, not knowing this, entered a dungeon specializing in Coffee Shops, was (as what happens in Dungeons in this world) immediately teleported via a trap into the middle of the Dungeon, and needs to escape while using his cheats in unexpected ways so to earn enough money to have meals while searching for an exit.

@ Meme: MC had a hissy fit about there being nothing to drink apart from Coffee in the Coffee Shops, including their adamant refusal to sell water, milk, or tea. When a "free cup of coffee" was given to him to persuade him to stop making a ruckus, he knocked it over and tried to start a fight. He was immediately sedated via dart from the guards.

@ Coffee Themed Body Pillow (making things up, but pretty sure these would exist): Sure, which one do you want? The one with a picture of a hot guy/girl bringing you hot coffee? How about the one with a Hot Genie made from Coffee?

@ Also: Could you give some of those details down in the comment section? I'm curious as to how close/far I am from your initial concept.
These days, memes are about the only way I even hear about new shows anymore, and it can be a pretty disorienting experience sometimes. Especially since this is ANIME we're talking about, so it's not like it can't be confusing and weird even when you KNOW what's going on.

So, this is actually the second draft of this comic. The first take involved more characters and a lot of exposition about what on earth this dungeon coffee shop thing is supposed to be about and why anyone would be inspired to make a coffee cup body pillow... but thankfully I didn't make it too far into the penciling process before realizing I was missing the point of my own joke. You all need to be left in the dark, at the mercy of your own morbid imaginations, to conjure up an explanation that disturbs you the most. Have fun!

And speaking of morbid and disturbing, I'm pretty much certain that SOMEBODY out there is already been compelled to make and sell a coffee-themed body pillow, but I'm too afraid look and find out.
...and then there'd be the original manga it's based off of that turns out to be ten times better (and longer running) than the animated adaptation.
and if it does well, expect a dozen more like it.
@Blitz - Well, yeah, sure, if they were to do it *well*. But how often is that actually a concern? Just animate 60 seconds of flowing slow motion overcoat moves, swap them up in various different orders with various different backgrounds, and you've got a good 13 whole episodes! 14 if you count the OVA where the same characters do the same moves, but in bikinis!