Conventional Wisdom

Conventional Wisdom

by Blitzkrieg1701
Ever wondered what goes on inside an anime convention, but are too afraid go anywhere near one yourself? Well, wonder no more! Conventional Wisdom is a comic that shows you what this strange, geeky world is really like, based ENTIRELY ON REAL LIFE! ...well, sort of.
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Conventional Wisdom

Ever wondered what goes on inside an anime convention, but are too afraid go anywhere near one yourself? Well, wonder no more! Conventional Wisdom is a comic that shows you what this strange, geeky world is really like, based ENTIRELY ON REAL LIFE! ...well, sort of.

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we're gonna have to get some.
I just finished rereading this entire comic and adding a few links to comic pages you referenced, but didn't have time to find. Including the challenge on page 12 of this update:
March 16th, 2017
An earlier comic did have blood:

I feel like there was one even earlier than that, but I couldn't find it.
Found it!

Also, the Gendo pose comic: ge-13/

And, as a bonus here's where Linkara did the Gendo pose after triggering fire alarms, but before eating anyone:

P.S. Noticed something interesting while on my archive binge.
Most of the kids first showed up here:

But the one in the Kyuubi cap actually showed up before:
Yoink says...
You ripped off Animazement 2014 this time: d-25th/

Though the text is easier to read this time!
March 16th, 2017
Yoink says...
You ripped off this pre-Animazement filler:

Even better, that one was also about Otakon being a huge looming event!
Here it is!
And it only took three years for someone to find the reference!
Fun fact: The number of months between this comic and the one it reference is less than the number of YEARS it took to correlate them.
Maybe they'll decide they like the look and cosplay Spirited Away next year?
February 12th, 2017
I'm just impressed that there was actually somebody there cosplaying as the bug boy from Point Me At The Sky! Who knew it was so popular?

(As stated on page 11, the hallmark of this comic is realism so I'm sure that actually happened) ;)
Oh yeah, it snowed on Saturday. It was far from the most wintery weather I've seen at the Gaylord, but you have to remember I'm from the South. Literally any snow period is enough to get me excited. And hey, pretty much the only reason I still bring my Ninja The Mission Force costume to cons is when it looks like it'll be cold! This was perfect!

Well, that wraps up the second batch of MAFGest 2017 comics, and yes, that DOES imply that there're still more on the way. Seriously, I'm starting to fear that I'll still be drawing MAGFest comics come Summer. It's getting crazy.

After all the delays this batch went through, I'm kind of hesitant to make predictions when the next ones will be ready. Basically, just keep an eye on my Twitter or the Conventional Wisdom Facebook and tumblr pages for updates once things become clearer.

HOWEVER, I can promise you that the next big, public update won't go up until AFTER the first batch of Patreon comics are finally finished. Yes, I'm breaking those up into separate parts too. One batch of five pages will go up there as soon as their done, and the rest will go up after the last of the public MAGFest comics are done... which I genuinely, sincerely hope won't take as long as this set did. Actually, I do already have all the Patreon comics fully penciled at this very moment, so that's SORT of promising, right? RIGHT?
When I first saw the Sopranos table, I was convinced it was somebody's unofficial, home-made joke table, but no! Apparently this was a real thing, with thousands of the things produced. So really, why NOT David Lynch pinball at that point?

This will probably be my favorite comic out of all the MAGFest comics this year, even if it is the most tangentially related to the actual event. I had WAAAAAAAY too much fun thinking up weird little references to Lost Highway, and only managed to end up using half of them (I wanted to have some kind of "Did we mention Henry Rollins is in this for, like, ten seconds? That's Weird, huh?" bonus)

Granted, this IS another page where I had to resort to copy/pasting pictures because the original hand-drawn elements weren't working, and that was another big waste of time. I'm a lot more pleased with the final results this time around, though. I don't think any artist could be asked to capture the genuine, stomach-turning creepiness of Robert Blake's face.
Seriously, conventions are just about the only time I ever actually look like a morning person. And even then, it's only because I have to. For one thing, I need to put out a fresh layer of comic flyers on all the flat surfaces before other people start standing around and sitting next to them and other things that might provoke unsolicited interpersonal interaction (If I was okay with talking to people I don't know, I wouldn't have sheets of paper to do the talking for me in the first place). But also, it's the only time of day all the pinball tables are actually open. Seriously, it can take HOURS to actually squeeze your way into a machine you actually WANT to play during peak hours. But at the crack of dawn? The whole game room is your playground.
There's two levels of annoying going on here. First, I was nowhere near as good about giving out bags of free stuff to people as I wanted to be. Part of the reason I do the whole "Go on Twitter and tell people to ask me for stuff" is because I NEVER remember to just offer free goodies to people who recognize me until they're already gone. The few times I DO think "Hey, I should offer this reader some free stuff to show my appreciation", I never have any of it on me.

Second, there were SUPPOSED to be cameos of several real people who said hi to me in the last panel... most of whom I didn't think to make any caricature doodles of when they were around to serve as a reference. When I finally got around to drawing this page, I didn't trust myself to get the likenesses right, and didn't feel good about doing really terrible drawings of people I knew for a fact would actually be reading the comic. Thus, I'm suddenly talking to a bunch of screen tone blobs. Drat.
If Triforce Quartet ever plays at MAGFest and I don't catch at least a LITTLE of it, something is seriously, seriously wrong and you need to send help.

Anyway, they brought a not insubstantial sound system along for their Gazebo Concert this year, but even that was no match for the big, noisy, light-and-music onslaught of the fountain show deciding to start RIGHT before the concert.
Hi Viga!

And before anybody accuses me of doing the old copy/paste maneuver to get this page done faster, HAHAHAHAHAnope. I TRIED to draw all the logos and screenshots by hand, it just sucked. Really bad. Like, beyond any recognition. I finally had to paste stuff over everything just to salvage the page, which required lost and lots and LOTS of editing and rescaling and moving things around, since the remaining art wasn't drawn to accommodate the size of these new elements. It's astonishing how often "shortcuts" end up taking longer than just gritting your teeth and doing things the old fashioned way would (...assuming you don't just plain mess thins up, that is)
...and not just because the air itself is at least 14% alcohol by Saturday.

My favorite part of this particular sight wasn't so much the weirdness of a couple of Muppet cosplayers on the Chipspace stage, as the fact that being up there WASN'T their own idea. They were just milling about in the hall, when one of the staffers asked them to go up on the stage so he could get a picture of it.

That's a pretty good summary of how MAGFest in general works, actually. (Dang it, why wasn't THAT the punchline for this comic?)
I should really be used to this by now, but it still weirds me out every time. For some reason, the far end of the big concert hall is just a wifi black hole. Granted, in a building as huge as the Gaylord, there's always going to be a few dead spots, but it's usually a matter of a whole room or floor. You know, someplace with walls or floors that your brain can assign the lack of signal to. There's just something REALLY disconcerting about walking a few feet across a completely open space and suddenly having the entirety of wireless communication disappear for no obvious reason.

...still better than the Hyatt Regency though.
As I write this, the picture in question has gotten 1,194 retweets and 2,135 likes, basically the most I've ever won at Twitter. Ironically, the runner up is ANOTHER cosplay picture from MAGFest... which I'm SURE I did a comic about at some point, but I can't for the life of me find it to post a link (I guess you'll just have to re-read the entire archive to figure out what I'm talking about. Oh well) Of course, the 15,598 notes that one Gendo picture easilly dwarf everything else.

Basically, what I'm getting at here is I am only capable of achieving success on social media when I luck into documenting OTHER PEOPLE'S creativity.
Hey look! An Uncle Yo cameo! ...which presented a bit of an artistic conundrum, as I had to debate whether or not to draw him with his iconic tie even though he wasn't wearing it at the time. Yes, to my great shock, there are actually people who DON'T dress as garish caricatures of themselves whenever they leave the house. Weirdos. As you can see, I eventually decided to go with his actual clothes, to be more true to the moment. Because if there's one thing this webcomic featuring anthropomorphic mascots of vague concepts and emotions values, it's REALISM.