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Conventional Wisdom

Conventional Wisdom

by Blitzkrieg1701
Ever wondered what goes on inside an anime convention, but are too afraid go anywhere near one yourself? Well, wonder no more! Conventional Wisdom is a comic that shows you what this strange, geeky world is really like, based ENTIRELY ON REAL LIFE! ...well, sort of.
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Conventional Wisdom

Ever wondered what goes on inside an anime convention, but are too afraid go anywhere near one yourself? Well, wonder no more! Conventional Wisdom is a comic that shows you what this strange, geeky world is really like, based ENTIRELY ON REAL LIFE! ...well, sort of.

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Ah, people blocking the escalators...I'm once again going to suggest issuing the Staff with Viking helmets...
You could put a couple of those circle velcro sticker things on the sign so you can hotswap bits of card (which have the other side of the velcro circle sticker thing stuck on them) with various Geek Rants written on them. Either that or some kind of thing you can slot the cards into like those nametags on some doors.

Either way you can easily swap it out for whatever it is you were just asked.
(Either that or use that blackboard paint on the bottom of the sign, and write it on with chalk)
And so, we kick off Otakon's first year in Our Nation's Capitol... with a background that's not physically possible.

Anyway, after eight straight years of doing Otakon comics in Baltimore, I can't wait to see how the new environment shakes things up... or disastrously upends things in a hilarious fashion. Either way, you just KNOW I'm gonna have a surplus of material to work with this year. Also, since Anime USA's off my schedule for 2017, that also means that Otakon's gonna be where I get in my yearly quota of "HEY, did I mention I used to live in DC?" jokes. So brace yourself for that. Either way, I'm gonna try really, really, INCREDIBLY hard to get this batch of comics out faster than the past few cons. As in, not mere days before the NEXT con. Wish me luck!

ALSO, if you're one of those eager beavers who checks the site DURING the con, be sure to come see me at the Digimon Tri panel on Friday, or Awesomely Bad Japanese Music Videos on Saturday. OH! And the Digimon photoshoot on Sunday! You can always find me at that, too! I juuuuuust miiiiight have a few free things left to give away if you ask nicely!

AAAAAND be sure to keep an eye on the Conventional Wisdom tumblr and Facebook page or my Twitter for an unending torrent of con pictures and random observation!
August 3rd, 2017
The key to Success is setting Achievable Goals.
CW drawn version of yourself is right: this was a good use of your time - you got a vote incentive and then a filler strip out of the vote incentive - TWO-FOR-ONE. That's "efficiency"! A+

Mention it over on FoT, and it's also "advertising" - THREE-FOR-ONE! Bonus Achieved!
Good luck!
At least you're getting your panic in now, so you'll be able to focus on preparations instead of panic after you procrastinate for another week :)
That's my style anyway.
Oh. My. Glob.

I might really have to do that.
Really liking the background being from the con! It's so neat to see.
Are you sure someone didn't just switch your tie for another one while you were asleep?
The easiest and best way to make that sign is to make a sign saying "NOT INTERESTED IN YOUR THOUGHTS ON:" and have something like a large notebook & thick permanent marker to write in the ever-changing "Geek Rant of the week".
But that 1 word makes ALL the difference. If it was a mustard explosion over a hotdog, anywhere, then it wouldn't be unreasonable.
Yes, yes, this is basically the same joke as that one Animazement comic, but technically this one came out first. I was possessed to do it right after the FLCL 2 &3 trailer came out, for obvious reasons, but didn't want to interrupt the flow of the comics by posting it here while the rest of the actual con comics weren't up. Soooo I posted it on tumblr until the time was right to restore it to its rightful place.

I THINK there should be at least one more filler comic next week before Otakon crunch finally sets in. Don't count on it being as topical as this one, though. Paradoxically, this page perfectly depicts why I so rarely draw anything that's relevant to mainstream anime fandom.
Actually, seeing as how there was a hot dog stand right across from the convention center's statue, I'm probably only one word off from something that really DID happen at some point.
Well, Otakon's right around the corner, so I won't have to wait long before trying out new ways of doing things!
The solution is to get JUST ENOUGH ideas. Not so many that you're bogged down with them, and not so few that you have to make some up.

...unfortunately, that "midpoint" is probably where there's too few and you have to make some up while there's also so many that you're bogged down with ideas that you need to refine.
Actually, I guessed 1 as 2 was something I felt was completely reasonable and 3 was half-realistic. 1 was the only one that was actually far out there in terms of probability.
Actually, while I haven't been to many con's, (particularly not US con's due to living halfway around the world) I can actually understand you in this comic. It's not that you don't care, it's that this has happened so regularly that you stopped caring. It's hard to care about a problem that's constant and probably self-inflicted.
Dang, I'm getting slower. Eight hours after you posted... In my defense, Layton's Mystery Journey did come out today.