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Conventional Wisdom

Conventional Wisdom

by Blitzkrieg1701
Ever wondered what goes on inside an anime convention, but are too afraid go anywhere near one yourself? Well, wonder no more! Conventional Wisdom is a comic that shows you what this strange, geeky world is really like, based ENTIRELY ON REAL LIFE! ...well, sort of.
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Conventional Wisdom

Ever wondered what goes on inside an anime convention, but are too afraid go anywhere near one yourself? Well, wonder no more! Conventional Wisdom is a comic that shows you what this strange, geeky world is really like, based ENTIRELY ON REAL LIFE! ...well, sort of.

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While it is indeed a typo, I'm just amazed that there doesn't seem to be a Digimon with that name.
If this were literally *anywhere* else, I'd have thought "Protomon" was a typo, but since it's MAGFest... is it really a typo, or is there such a wonderful thing as a Pokemon-themed, Protomen-honoring cover band?
See, this is what I was saying earlier: I really, really LIKE cold weather when I'm adequately prepared for it. Like, say, when I'm wrapped up in a sweltering layer of thick denim. The crazy thing, though, is how the REASON for this costume's rattines is because the jacket was recycled from an even older costume... one I made to wear in the sweltering sweatiness of Otakon. I've made stupid decisions in my life.

But, of course, the REAL benefit to bringing a Far Out There costume with me is because it give me an excuse to squeeze an extra Far Out There link into the comments.

Anyway, that's two-thirds of the MAGFest comics down, and the final batch are actually not that far from completion already! The goal is to get the whole thing finished and online before mid-March, because in April... well, you'll just have to wait and see, won't you?

(Oh, and be sure to keep an eye on the tumblr for extra filler comics and Patreon for any number of extra stuff!)
Yeah, I'm still going on about the cold, though at least I had actual sleeves instead of trying to wrap myself up in a cape like this poor dude.

Also, I feel like I might be the first convention attendee in the WORLD to consider that loudly blurting out the first thing to enter my head might NOT be totally hilarious to everyone around me. I'm an innovative trailblazer.
That's the great conundrum about a situation like this: no matter how badly need extra layers to get around outside, you're still stuck with those layers once you get inside for the rest of the day.

As an aside, it kind of amazed me how many people were just FLABBERGASTED that there wasn't an official MAGFest coat check for exactly this kind of situation. Since, you know, an event like MAGFest CLEARLY has enough surplus staffers and volunteers that several can be spared to babysit a room full of attendees' stuff (without losing any of it). Absolutely a reasonable allocation of manpower, that.
That's right, small child! Always wave and happily greet any stranger you see in full camouflage and a mask. Especially if you see him in a crowded public area. That won't EVER be a bad idea!
That's the thing about all these near vintage arcade machines (ESPECIALLY the pinball stuff): they keep finding new ways to break. I've seen pinball games rendered unplayable because the ball got wedged up between some pieces, I've seen the ball bounce on top of a bumper and get stuck between it and the glass, I've seen the balls disapear somewhere in the internal mechanisms, but this was the first time I've ever seen a ball just stop like that right in the middle of everything and perch there. It was the kind of thing prop players could try to do as a trick for YEARS and never pull off, only I didn't do it on purpose so it wasn't impressive.

And no, I didn't try to shimmy the ball loose. These things are already falling apart bad enough without some goober deliberately hitting them.
I hear a lot of conventions claim that the hotel staff actually really likes having them around, and it usually sounds a bit dubious (I actually heard Katsucon staffers say that about the Omni Shoreham once, with a straight face) But if it's true that the Gaylord employees wearing MAGfest shirts under their Lumpin III green uniforms is, in fact, something they do of their own volition, then there MIGHT actually be some truth to it for once.

Either way, I totally did see some in-uniform, on-duty workers goofing off in the game room, victory dance included.
This is one of those comics where I basically just wrote "put something funny here later" in the rough draft, then profoundly regretted it weeks later when I finished the art and remembered I didn't have any text to paste onto the top half yet.

But yeah, an actual direct quote was "We're Vic Viper. We play all of the right notes and none of the wrong ones." I can respect that kind of conceptual purity.

And before you say anything, I've got nothing AGAINST really high-concept bands (I mean, I've seen The Protomon HOW many times?) it was just a little weird seeing so few artists without an extra layer of gimmick on the main stage this year. Perhaps if I hadn't been too lazy to get up and wander to other parts of the con...
It's frustrating, but it's better than the last time I was in that chamber

cold pizza
I have seen Cowabunga Pizza Time play about 5 times now and that is just a thing during the set. The funny thing about the pizza is if your remember the Turtles would always put interesting toppings on the pizza so they do the same. I had one with marshmallows and animal crackers. Banana and chocolate syrup. Just anything that can fit on a pizza really.
So i don't know when you entered the room but if you did come in way early before Opening Ceremonies started I was the staffer on Stage before Big Adam arrived. So MAGFest has always tried to be different from other events. As for the quotes it was not a Mug full of hot ramen it was a pitcher full of hot ramen.
I was dressed as Anime's Frank and carrying around Tom Servo in preparation for my Personal History of Mystery Anime Theater 3000 panel at Setsucon, and multiple people didn't recognize the little guy.
Awww shucks, thanks!
Naw, I was actually over in the corner when it happened. Distances in comic may be greater than they appear.
But did you taste the awesome crowd surfing pizza?
it's actually pretty nice to chill in the back and just enjoy the concert if you're not big on being up front and center. We're just getting too old for that.
But you know you've REALLY succeeded when the staffers have to draw straws to determine who's forced to sit through the panel.
Sent a little something your way for all the laughs you provide! It definitely sucks to get those sudden extra costs during a con, especially when it wasn't your fault they happened in the first place.
I wondered if there might have been an MST3K reference in Rick & Morty, (Tom Servo and a couple friends are in the background of episode one) so I looked it up. In a strange twist, the creators of Rick & Morty are going to be guest writers for the new MST3K: mpsons-ernie-cline