Conventional Wisdom

Conventional Wisdom

by Blitzkrieg1701
Ever wondered what goes on inside an anime convention, but are too afraid go anywhere near one yourself? Well, wonder no more! Conventional Wisdom is a comic that shows you what this strange, geeky world is really like, based ENTIRELY ON REAL LIFE! ...well, sort of.
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Conventional Wisdom

Ever wondered what goes on inside an anime convention, but are too afraid go anywhere near one yourself? Well, wonder no more! Conventional Wisdom is a comic that shows you what this strange, geeky world is really like, based ENTIRELY ON REAL LIFE! ...well, sort of.

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Oh. My. Glob.

I might really have to do that.
Really liking the background being from the con! It's so neat to see.
Are you sure someone didn't just switch your tie for another one while you were asleep?
The easiest and best way to make that sign is to make a sign saying "NOT INTERESTED IN YOUR THOUGHTS ON:" and have something like a large notebook & thick permanent marker to write in the ever-changing "Geek Rant of the week".
But that 1 word makes ALL the difference. If it was a mustard explosion over a hotdog, anywhere, then it wouldn't be unreasonable.
Yes, yes, this is basically the same joke as that one Animazement comic, but technically this one came out first. I was possessed to do it right after the FLCL 2 &3 trailer came out, for obvious reasons, but didn't want to interrupt the flow of the comics by posting it here while the rest of the actual con comics weren't up. Soooo I posted it on tumblr until the time was right to restore it to its rightful place.

I THINK there should be at least one more filler comic next week before Otakon crunch finally sets in. Don't count on it being as topical as this one, though. Paradoxically, this page perfectly depicts why I so rarely draw anything that's relevant to mainstream anime fandom.
Actually, seeing as how there was a hot dog stand right across from the convention center's statue, I'm probably only one word off from something that really DID happen at some point.
Well, Otakon's right around the corner, so I won't have to wait long before trying out new ways of doing things!
The solution is to get JUST ENOUGH ideas. Not so many that you're bogged down with them, and not so few that you have to make some up.

...unfortunately, that "midpoint" is probably where there's too few and you have to make some up while there's also so many that you're bogged down with ideas that you need to refine.
Actually, I guessed 1 as 2 was something I felt was completely reasonable and 3 was half-realistic. 1 was the only one that was actually far out there in terms of probability.
Actually, while I haven't been to many con's, (particularly not US con's due to living halfway around the world) I can actually understand you in this comic. It's not that you don't care, it's that this has happened so regularly that you stopped caring. It's hard to care about a problem that's constant and probably self-inflicted.
Dang, I'm getting slower. Eight hours after you posted... In my defense, Layton's Mystery Journey did come out today.
So... yeah... any hopes anyone might have had of me getting this Animazement update finished faster than the MAGFest ones... severely misplaced. I don't wanna go on another "HERE'S WHY EVERYTHING IS HAPPENING AND HOW I FEEL ABOUT IT" oversharing fit like I did over the whole Artist Alley thing, but I can say that this will probably the last Conventional Wisdom to exceed 20 pages for a while. I've gotten really bad about putting things on the Make Comics About list, not because I actually have a funny idea about it, but because it just seems like there's SUPPOSED to be a comic about that thing. Like, there's some Conventional Wisdom checklist somewhere that says each update should have X number of references to real people, cover Y number of panels, and so on. Knowing in advance what kind of stuff will make for good comics is great and all, but... well, the fact that it took so many weeks (and so many rewrites) to actually finish this thing suggest that I DON'T know that. At least, not enough to just write down a bunch of bullet points and assume I'll find something funny to say about it later.

So, long story short, expect the Otakon update to be significantly shorter than anything I've done over the past year or so. And for there to be a lot more of the types of gags I can actually come up with on the spot, that too.

...WHOA, WAIT A MINUTE! Did you think that meant we were DONE? That, even after all of these weeks, there weren't STILL MORE ANIMAZEMENT COMICS TO COME? But of course not! There's still one more batch of AZ 2017 comics to come on Patreon! If you donate ANYTHING, even just one dollar a month, you'll get to see 'em all as soon as I get 'em done! (which will HOPEFULLY be before Otakon) If you aren't donating already, feel free to check out the public Patreon Gallery to see the kind of stuff you've been missing out on!

...oh crap, I actually do have to start getting ready for Otakon now, don't I?
In the interest of factual accuracy, I must confess that I don't actually know if Otaku Joe's actually had Venus Wars, Nadia, or Beautiful Dreamer for sale at their stand. I couldn't allow myself to look too closely at their stock for exactly this reason. I ABSOLUTELY would have walked away having spent even more money I couldn't spare on an outdated video format I can't play simply for the novelty value. Seriously, you have no idea how many vinyl records I own right now. I have no working record player. The same goes for VHS. I have a problem.

Now, let's all got watch that Strong Bad e-mail again!
No, seriously, this movie was a HUGE deal for me as a kid. While I'd been preconditioned by the likes of Superbook and the various stuff Nick Jr. used to show in the day to be into the style, that weekend when I first saw Robot Carnival on The SciFi Channel was my first knowing taste of Japanese Animation. And whooo boy have the effects been long lasting.

So, yeah, you'd better believe I spend thirty bucks I couldn't really spare on that DVD!
So, I think this is one case where the delay in getting these comics done actually helped. The original idea was to fill the middle panel up with exaggerated, strawman versions of the kind of congoer complains I really don't have much patience for. It's ground the comic has covered before... which is part of the problem. Also, it's really hard to come up with lines like that which are obvious enough to be recognizable yet exaggerated enough to actually be a joke. There's always SOMEBODY out there who'll make a complaint even sillier than whatever I came up with as a joke, but mean it with absolute sincerity. And on the off chance that person actually READS my joke, he'll think I'm deliberately making fun of him personally, and THAT'S no good. Buuuut that was the idea I had, so I was gonna go with it.

...but then weeks and weeks passed as I fiddled with other comics, and something wonderful happened. I'd drawn everything, and sat down to write out the text for that middle frame, and I couldn't remember ANY of the stuff that was supposed to go there! Somehow, I'd totally failed to write notes of whatever web-based whining had so annoyed me in the first place, just my reaction to it. And the more I looked at the page, the more I liked leaving that stuff to the reader's imagination, where I can't get in trouble for anything. And better yet, that meant the page was DONE now! Everybody wins!
I'll rant about this more later, but this is one of several comics that went through MANY altered forms before arriving at the one you see here. Originally, I was just going to depict an actual moment during Cosplay Chess where one of the pieces openly questioned if the move she had just been given was a good idea. Basically, the response was "No, probably not. We're not very good at chess." Which, in all honestly, hardly matters. Nobody comes to Cosplay Chess to see two grandmasters play a fundamentally sound game, that's just a foundation for some wacky improv skits.

Buuuuuuuuuuuut then I realized I'd forgotten to write down who actually said that, OR what the move in question was. Somehow, worrying about that bit of factual accuracy resulted in me completely ditching the actual event in question and doing this far more elaborate bit of... whatever this is. Rest assured, this took FAR longer than a few panels of talking heads ever would have. Yay for time management.

And it isn't even the first time I've failed to take proper notes during Cosplay Chess!
All I'm gonna add is that I've made this basic joke at LEAST a half-dozen times before this, and I don't think I've ever remembered the set-up the same way twice. Does that count as part of the joke now?
This really is one of the worst things about commuting to a con... or, at least, a con that you're really into. If all I had to worry about doing was staggering across the street to a hotel room, I could have easily gone another two or three hours. BUT NO, I still had to safely operate a motor vehicle back to my house, so being more blurry-eyed wasn't an option...

Wait, what am I saying? I would have just gone to bed early anyway so that i could wake up early enough to pack and drag my luggage out to the van before the hotel elevators got too crowded.

Either way, Japanese deathmatches are stupid things that no one should be able to doze off in the middle of.
Oh yes, there was more Awesomely bad cosplay than just mine. (That's Sendai Kamotsu in "Vacuuuuuum!!" by the way)

...and yes, we did briefly find ourselves without that one exact video after the panel started. That's just one of the unshakable realities of doing panels. No matter how much you prepare beforehand, something will break at the last minute, and in the scramble to fix it, some video will get lost or won't work or whatever. It's just a law of the universe.

Also, MAN was I glad to finally have this page over and done with. It's the main reason I went downtown again to take extra pictures (which was an ordeal in itself, as I had to take them all from a moving vehicle since Raleigh doesn't believe in free downtwown parking) yet I somehow forgot that the mad dash in question happened at NIGHT, not on a sunny afternoon. Cue layers and layers of extra shading and copy/paste night sky because GOD FORBID anyone think I was suggesting that Awesomely Bad took place during the day.