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Conventional Wisdom

Conventional Wisdom

by Blitzkrieg1701
Ever wondered what goes on inside an anime convention, but are too afraid go anywhere near one yourself? Well, wonder no more! Conventional Wisdom is a comic that shows you what this strange, geeky world is really like, based ENTIRELY ON REAL LIFE! ...well, sort of.
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Conventional Wisdom

Ever wondered what goes on inside an anime convention, but are too afraid go anywhere near one yourself? Well, wonder no more! Conventional Wisdom is a comic that shows you what this strange, geeky world is really like, based ENTIRELY ON REAL LIFE! ...well, sort of.

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@ Blitz: I thought you would have remembered a feeling akin to this from when you lived in the same town as one of the major conventions.

Admittedly, that was a large town, and the con lasts 3+ days, but you still had the ability to sleep in your own bed after a meal that you might have on a reasonable weekday.
You know, there was a time when I would lie awake late Saturday night/early Sunday morning and feel depressed that there was only one more day of convention left. These days... well, there it is. That's not so much a jab at the state of conventions today as a jab at me personally, but I really do get waaaaay more excited at the thought of going back home and taking off whatever ridiculous costume I was wearing than I ever did back in my younger days.

But yeah, that's all for Wake Forest Mini Comic Con! Except, of course, not really. There's still a couple more pages that'll be going up on Patreon later, though I still have to finish up the rest of the Patreon-exclusive Animazement pages before that. In the meantime, if you want more Conventional Wisdom, fear not! Starting next week, we return to that little-known local event called ConCONcon!

...oh, and there's also the Digimon stuff. I've been flooding literally every social media outlet Conventional Wisdom has with Digimon material all month, and that'll keep going for another week and a half. So if you aren't already, keep an eye out for that!
@ Blitz: Well, your hover over text says "near you", not "in your area", so if it's aired within a state or two of where you live, it could be argued that it's on Public Access Near You. I, however, live on the other side of the world, and thus am nowhere near that broadcast... unless you're measuring it on a cosmic scale, like with Lightyears. But since the entire Earth is within a few Light Seconds, that's everywhere on the planet.
Supposedly the segment will be posted online after it airs... which would be the only way I'd ever get to see the finish product myself, since apparently we don't actually get that channel where I live either.
@ Blitz: The Hover Over Text lies! I live in Australia, and there's absolutely no way that the recording's going to be on TV near me. The most likely way I'd have a chance to see it is on a random Youtube, and I don't expect I would look at a random TV thing of someone drawing, unless I knew it was someone who's work I enjoy (and I likely wouldn't know that).
No, seriously, once the main con stuff was over, I did an interview for a local TV thing and drew the central part of this page on camera. And let me tell ya, as a person who doesn't even like the existence of pens because you can't erase a mistake, I did NOT enjoy having every fumbling step of my artistic process documented for all to see. So don't hold your breath for Blitz the Livestreaming Guy is what I'm saying.

Also, the bit hasn't aired yet, so just watch the station burn down or television itself go out of business because I jinxed it.
I know, right? I totally remember that was the literal definition of what a "new" comic was... and now it's all collecting dust in the discount bins, being glanced at by kids who weren't even BORN when they were printed. Time is a cruel mistress.
Valiant and Image comics are “old”? *sob* Guess I’ll just shuffle off to the old folk’s home with my Silver Age DC and Marvels from the 60’s and 70’s...
Oh yes, this required more than one page to properly express. I got a legit sore back from all the hunching over I did to root through all those boxes of old comics. And the funny thing is, I'm the guy who proudly professes to have bought, like, one thing in the Dealer's Room per YEAR, and I'll make deliberate plans to look for it before I even enter. Most of all, I never EVER do the whole "haggling for discounts right before closing" thing, since that would require actually TALKING to people. Basically, blindly rummaging through whole tables in search of deals is NOT me. I'm not sure what happened. Maybe the musty smell of all that old paper gave be flashbacks to those teenage days when I was on a serious vinyl collecting kick and could spend an entire day picking through every inch of an antique store's record collection. Or maybe I'm so used to fifty dollar box sets that the thought of getting ANYTHING for fifty cents is just too good to resist, even if it's purely for the meme value.

...but seriously, I skipped out on going home and eating a ral actual meal because I just HAD to flip through one more box of old Valiant and Image comics JUUUUUUUUUST in case there was some stray issues of Brute Force I hadn't stumbled upon yet. (I never did find any)
It didn't hit me until afterwards that this was the first cosplay contest/masquerade/show/whatever I'd actually watched in AGES. Normally I can't be bothered to wait in line that long, and I usually prefer getting pictures of the weirder, just-for-fun costumes than the "professional" stuff anyway. Also, the last masquerade I sat through was 90% dance routines. Yeah, no.

But seriously, these pictures turned out CRAP. My phone did not like ANYTHING about the lighting or where I was standing or life in general... which makes it really ironic that I had to deliberately blurify that picture in the comic. Oh, I took plenty that turned out like that, but then I immediately deleted them all. The thought didn't hit me that I could actually use one of them in a comic until long after they'd been blasted from existence (Look, my phone's memory is nine-tenths taken up by massive iTunes playlists, I need to conserve as much space as possible)
Some context: this was one of those LITTLE events where pretty much the entire thing was in a single room, in this case a sort of meeting hall with a stage at the far end. There were some tables and chairs at the other end of the room, but nothing but the stage itself on it's particular side, so of course anyone who needed a quick sitdown while on that side of the room camped out right there, and soon there were kid running all over and jumping off things and all that fun, liability-threatening stuff. Before long, these "stay of the stage, ya dumb kids" signs magically appeared... which people spent the rest of the day brazenly sitting right next to. Because this is AMERICA and we sit where we feel like sitting!

In all fairness, the signs were more about not running around on the stage so it'd be free for the cosplay contest, not sitting on the edge. But still, there was something hilarious about such a casual, petty form of civil disobedience.
Oh yes, I now own that mess. This was technically the most items I've bought at any convention in YEARS, and every single purchase was driven by internet jokes.

But don't worry, that sign on the box isn't a lie. In a room full of rare, historic $100 collectables with verified signatures in thick plastic cases, everything I bought was a quarter a piece.
No, seriously, it is literally not possible to leave my house from any direction without having to pass through SOME kind of road work. It's downright silly.

Wake Forest has turned up on a few Best Places to Live lists, and every time that happens people here are all "No! Don't tell everybody, you'll ruin it!" Part of me suspects that the town specifically commissioned all these construction projects at once just to scare off any outsiders thinking about moving here. I mean, it literally prevents people from getting into the town.

Also, I started to write something else about bringing food with me, but I think that anecdote would actually spoil a future page. Teaser?
@ Blitz: Humans are creatures of habit. Since you were already going to Otakon every year, not going required a change of habit, and this little local con was never significant enough to pressure you to change. Not like financial pressures now have.
I've mentioned this elsewhere, but it bears repeating because of how dang absurd it is: This little one-day con has been happening in my town for a while now, but I never managed to go before because I was either already at another con or just got back from one and was working on comics for THAT set of comics instead. Again, I'm doing a webcomic all about conventions, there a convention happening LITERAL WALKING DISTANCE FROM MY HOUSE, and I'd repeatedly skipped it in favor of other events several states away. This was a very, very stupid way to do things. I mean, yeah, I'm sure a lot more stuff happened at Otakon than happened here, but the average Otakon excursion cost me several hundred dollars. I think I wound up spending seven bucks on this "trip." That is much, MUCH better accommodating of a webcomic's profit margin.

And speaking of filthy, disgusting stuff like profits, go support me on Patreon if you aren't already! The extra, exclusive set of Animazement 2019 comics just started going up over there, and even just $1 a month is enough to read them as soon as they come out! (As opposed to waiting and reading them when they get added to the public Patreon gallery like some kind of CHUMP)
See? SEE? Didn't I TELL you there's still be comics even without an Otakon trip this year? Granted, this is going to be a very different experience than the usual big anime cons, both in terms of going AND comics. I'll just tell you right now, don't expect anywhere NEAR as many pages from this one than I did for Animazement... but seeing as how the Animazement update cycle dragged out for weeks and weeks longer than it should have, maybe that's for the best?

An, or course, don't forget there's still MORE Animazement comics coming to Patreon, so please consider dropping some support there if you like what you see here!
Don't feel bad. I skipped last year because I had JUST had the baby and was still recovering from pushing a 7-pound human out of my body.

I was going to go this year, but she barely tolerated the drive to Ichibancon and Hero's Con. A 5-hour drive didn't seem like an entirely bright idea. Plus, if she just wasn't having it, I could easily come home from a local-ish con. Not so much with a convention two states away from home.
I remember this!
My sis and I were laughing so hard as we saw ppl get up and stand at the wall. I might have a pic of it.
I've you've been following me on any of the various social medias, or reading the Patreon blog posts, you've already heard about this, but the time has finally come to make it official. After a full decade of attending, Conventional Wisdom is finally skipping the con at which it was born. I really do hate to bail on something that's such a big deal to so many people, but the cost and logistics of traveling out of state for conventions is just too much of an obstacle to work around right now, ESPECIALLY if said convention is right in the heart of Washington DC. I was trying to find a way to pull off the trip without having to actually chip in on a room, but the more complications piled up and other people dropped out of going and I took long hard looks at whether or not I actually WANTED any of this mess, the more it just wasn't worth it. It's gonna feel VERY weird seeing all the tweets and pictures from Otakon and not being there, but sometimes that's just how things work out.

So... just what the heck is going on with Conventional Wisdom, then? Well, there's still more Animazement comics for Patreon, obviously. Also, even if I'm not hitting the road for cons, there's still a few more local events I'll be covering. Between those and another round of ConCONcon comics, there's still gonna be a steady stream on Conventional Wisdom material coming out for the rest of the year. And before anyone asks: Yes, I AM still gonna try to go to MAGFest. As long as I save my money the rest of this year, I THINK I can justify one big splurge come January. And there IS a way you can help make sure that happens *coughPatreoncough*

Oh, and if you couldn't care less about these dumb webcomics but are worried that that this means there won't be any Awesomely Bad Japanese Music Videos, I at least have some good news for you!
Yeeeeaaaah... that big dramatic opening didn't really lead to much, did it? That's one of the reasons I resisted posting comics in anything other than complete groups for so long. If I'd KNOWN I'd be laid out with con crud for a week, I wouldn't have kicked things off with an opening salvo like that. At the very least, I would have tacked this onto the end of that page rather than making a page of its own.

Oh, and you know the best part? Not only did I BEGIN this update under the weather, but it's how I'm ENDING it too! Well, sort of. I'm not sick, but I've been hunched over my computer desk so much over the past few weeks that now my back is killing me. Art is hazardous to your health.

But yes, this is the final Animazement 2019 comic, at least for the general public. Patrons still have another set of comics coming over on Patreon, so start donating a few bucks if you aren't already. In the meantime, what's up next for Conventional Wisdom? Um... come back this weekend for more on that...