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Conventional Wisdom

Conventional Wisdom

by Blitzkrieg1701
Ever wondered what goes on inside an anime convention, but are too afraid go anywhere near one yourself? Well, wonder no more! Conventional Wisdom is a comic that shows you what this strange, geeky world is really like, based ENTIRELY ON REAL LIFE! ...well, sort of.
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Conventional Wisdom

Ever wondered what goes on inside an anime convention, but are too afraid go anywhere near one yourself? Well, wonder no more! Conventional Wisdom is a comic that shows you what this strange, geeky world is really like, based ENTIRELY ON REAL LIFE! ...well, sort of.

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That punchline felt a lot funnier BEFORE I was laid out for a week with a bad cold. I mean, I'm PRETTY sure that an unhealthy meal I ate last month isn't to blame, but when you've felt half-dead for several days, joking about being alive takes on a whole different meaning.

But yeah, one of the consequences of staying at a different hotel was that the whole "actually putting food in my body" thing took a bit of a hit. I'm usually not That Guy, but that's because I'm usually within walking distance of a minifridge full of real food. Even the other times I commute to a con, it's usually from home, so I can fill up a cooler with fresh food every morning. This was a unique logistical challenge, one that I don't think I especially passed.

Also, that Taco Bell was RIGHT across the street from the hotel. It's a legit miracle that this only happened once.
Huh, that's weird. Usually Facebook's pretty good about alerting me about comments, but I totally didn't see anything about that one. And that's kind of an important thing to hear about, too :(
Missing Link
I said it on Facebook a few days ago, but I'll say here as well: the post for this one on FB (and possibly other platforms) is missing the link. On FB, I had to go to a previous one and then jump to this via the list. Just a heads up!
My habit of being inordinately impressed by c olorful lights is well documented (heck, it's one of the reasons I like Christmas so much) but I think it deserves to be restated here. For one thing, it's kind of weird that they had the light show going on the BACK wall to begin with. Like, were they just there to entertain the bands? (Actually, I just assume they were in the concert hall as a temporary thing before moving them down to the arcade on Saturday, but whatever) But my misdirected attention was even more egregious than usual during the Bit Brigate set, since there was actually something genuinely exciting and unpredictable going on. In case the comic didn't make it clear, the Mega Man II footage wasn't some pre-recorded loop running behind the band, a guy was actually playing the game on stage while the band played the soundtrack in sync with the gameplay. It's a really interesting concept... that apparently didn't grab me anywhere near as much as abstract squiggly colors on a wall. Um, sorry guys?

Also, WOW it's hard to take a clear picture of a moving laser light show!

EDIT: Wow, that thumbnail image turned out to be really misleading, didn't it? I was just trying to cram as many eye-catching elements into a single image, but it ended up implying the literal opposite of the actual comic itself. That's some "Star Trek: Voyager commercials on UPN" levels of misleading marketing, right there. I apologize to everyone everywhere.
Yeah, but then my arms would get tired, and they'd already been stretched out at all manner of weird angles in order to take the stupid pictures from which the stupid Twitter stuff was derived. SOMETHING always ends up getting tired no matter what ya do.
Question! Could you have, you know, held your phone higher while you were posting stupid stuff on Twitter, so that you wouldn't crane your neck? Possibly while sitting with your back straight against the wall for posture assistance?

Because, if you could have, you'd have gotten the best of both worlds!
There were a lot more chairs set up on either side of Concerts this year, with the far end actually having several rows. That's an awesome set up and I fully endorse more seating in the future... assuming that those chair can maybe get set up BEFORE concerts start, rather than MANY shows deep into the first day. I mean, yeah, I get that there's a billion things that need to be set up in a ludicrously short amount of time, and amid all the stage gear and computer networks and one of the largest arcades in the country, a few rows of chairs are ABSOLUTELY one of the lowest priorities. Still, that doesn't change the beautifully kafkaesque absurdity of a whole crowd of people being inconvenienced to make room for the guy who's arrived to make things more convenient.

Actually, no. The best thing is, even after all those chairs were finally set up, I actually spent most of the time sitting on the floor anyway. At least on the right side, all the chairs were too far from the wall for my phone cord to reach any of the plugs. And really, what's more important here? Encouraging proper posture to stave off years of neck and back pain when I'm older, or charging my phone while I post stupid stuff on Twitter? That's so obvious, it hardly even requires a response.
I already feel kind of bad about spending most of the shows in the back just sitting on the floor as it is, and that's with me not doing anything worse than looking down at my phone a lot. But spending whole sets with my face buried in a stack of comic doodles? That just feels downright disrespectful. Still, while the sun was still up at least, there was enough light pouring in from the halls that someone actually could sit in the concert hall and still see well enough to draw something. And, well, if I had the opportunity to get a head start on something, I needed to take it. I mean, otherwise these comics might have ended up creeping out at a snails pace. We might actually have ended up at the end of the month with only five comics finished! Can you imagine? That's be RIDICULOUS! Sure glad I spent all evening working hard to stop THAT from happening, right?

But yeah, sorry again, Steel Samurai!
Yeah, I just can't deal with that scramble anymore. I mean, if I CAN score a room right there, that's awesome. It's waaaay more convenient to be staying on-site (especially for a 24 event like MAGFest) but the uncertainty of looking is just too exhausting.
Ugh, the hotel hunt was a pain in the neck. I was lucky enough to score a room at the Residence Inn.

Seriously, I was on constant alert for rooms. I even heard there were last-minute cancellations from nearby hotels, as well as the Gaylord.
If you read my pledge to stop going to cons that'd require me to get a hotel room, you can probably imagine how well my attempts to find a place to stay anyplace in National Harbor went. If you didn't... I didn't, I had to stay at a place in Alexandria and drive back and forth each day. And I don't actually mind that, if I just know from the start it's what I'll be doing. But spending months getting buffeted around other people's plans as they try and fail to secure a room amid the rampaging hordes swarming across the unprepared National Harbor? That's downright exhausting, and probably not even worth the trouble if you CAN find one. But I digress.

The real point here is just how many old fashioned tourist-trap-y roadside motels are apparently still around Alexandria. I thought the national chains were squeezing most of those out of business, but apparently a lot of those locally owned, pre-Interstate places have been hanging on south of DC. You know, the sketchy-looking places with weird, gimmicky designs and the owner's house sprouting out behind the front office and a sign out front that still things cable TV is a thing to brag about? Yeah, we drove past a BUNCH of those to and from MAG.

In the interest of honesty and transparency, though, I should confess that that The Starlite Motel (and Pawn Shop) isn't actually in Alexandria, it's right down here in North Carolina. I should also confess that I had to cobble together a picture Google'd images because SCREW YOU IF YOU THINK I'M GETTING CLOSE ENOUGH TO THAT PLACE TO TAKE PICTURES OF MY OWN.

EDIT: Oh, and I forgot to mention that I'm totally not making up that bit about the garbage. Four straight days of a roadkilled bag of trash splattered all over the nearest intersection, and it was STILL there when we checked out. Clearly, this was the classy side of town.
Six points for Attitude Era "scratchy" WWF logo
Ten points for vintage metallic blocky WWF logo
Twenty points for that parody of the Wildlife Fund logo where one panda is hitting another with a chair
Oh gosh, I didn't even think of that.

I should really start actually making new Incentives to give people a reason to keep voting!
January 11th, 2019
What about vintage "WWF"?
Or will the World Wildlife Fund sue me for copyright infringement too?
(Because there was a huge danger that people would confuse the two organizations, of course)
January 11th, 2019
*Insert blatant plug for TWC votes here*
At least people will get a chance to vote on TWC each day when a new strip goes up, rather than just one vote for the whole bunch, right?
I've been cracking jokes about this since at LEAST last year's MAGFest, so it was high time I actually wrote it down someplace.

And before somebody complains, let me explain that the point values are all about RARITY, not QUALITY. Bullet Club merch is worth less because Bullet Club merch is frickin' EVERYPLACE. Higher/lower point values aren't me trying to say that something is better or worse than something else ...well, except for the ironic/unironic WWE bit. If you've been around any of these geek gatherings long enough, you know how to spot the edgelord trolls wearing stuff they don't actually like in hopes of provoking a reaction. Screw those people. (And yes, that goes double for the CM Punk penalty)

Also, I should point out that the WCW bonus only applies to actual vintage WCW merchandise, not WWE stuff with former WCW guys on it... though I freely admit to having no idea how you'd judge whether or not an NWO shirt is classic or not, or if any of the various NWO factions should be worth more than the others (Gee, it's almost as if this is all just an elaborate joke and not an actual game to be played in real life)

Oh, and if you think this is already too much wrestling humor... I apologize in advance for the next half-dozen pages (you'll see why it was unavoidable).
Aww. *Mopes* :D

*Gets over it* Oh well. At least take care of yourself, your real life is more important than making funny cartoons for us. :)
Naw, there's no chance I'll EVER get around to responding to this comment :)
So you mean that we might actually get to comment on individual pages of Conventional Wisdom while having an actual possibility of them being read & responded to? Neat.
Yup! It's already begun! ...and Lord knows how long it'll be before it ends, because I am still EXHAUSTED. Like, I was still exhausted from December before I even GOT to MAGFest, so you can imagine what I feel like AFTER those four days. But anyway, in flagrant opposition of my natural inclination to curl up in a hole with whatever I'm tinkering with and not let anyone see until it's done, I will be posting these pages one at a time as I finish them. There's no set schedule for this. Sometimes it may be a few days between pages, other times I might manage to get two or three posted in a single day. Just keep an eye on all the social media outlets for alerts when a new page is out!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I've also got a new Far Out There page that somehow needs to be done by tomorrow morning. Looks like one of Grumbles' predictions is already coming true...