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Conventional Wisdom

Conventional Wisdom

by Blitzkrieg1701
Ever wondered what goes on inside an anime convention, but are too afraid go anywhere near one yourself? Well, wonder no more! Conventional Wisdom is a comic that shows you what this strange, geeky world is really like, based ENTIRELY ON REAL LIFE! ...well, sort of.
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Conventional Wisdom

Ever wondered what goes on inside an anime convention, but are too afraid go anywhere near one yourself? Well, wonder no more! Conventional Wisdom is a comic that shows you what this strange, geeky world is really like, based ENTIRELY ON REAL LIFE! ...well, sort of.

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Oh, the lobby was crowded, but at least you could SORT OF move. This was literal, actual gridlock since they could only check one or two bags at a time.
Reminds me of the Charles Street lobby back at the Baltimore Convention Center.
@alt-text: I'm suddenly very tempted to try to start a trend of saying "Akatsuki confirmed!" for any picture with a cloud in it… Especially since there is a real group calling themselves Akatsuki and dressing like them going around doing good deeds in Indonesia. The world is a strange place.
...and now, mere DAYS after the last of the Otakon comics went up, it's AWA time! Whee! This isn't the least bit tiring!

Okay, I'm not in any panels or photoshoots or anything this weekend, so I can't go plugging any thing like that here, but I DO have a request of anyone seeing this during the convention: IF YOU SEE ME AT ANY POINT, ASK ME HOW MANY COMICS I'VE DRAWN. I asked everybody to stay on me about that during Otakon, and it worked wonders! I got so much stuff drawn during the con, I'd have gotten the whole update online in a week or two if I hadn't caught the flu when I did. If you wanna see these AWA comics soon, keep badgering me about getting them done on site, and it'll happen!

Oh, and of course, if you REALLY like these comics, maybe consider donating a few bucks on Patreon? Not only is there an additional batch of Otakon comics coming for everyone who's donating anything, even just $1 a month, there'll be a exclusive set of AWA comics after the public ones JUST for you special people who actually give me money!
Nothing as dramatic as this, unfortunately. I think the most theatrical one was somebody sneaking up behind me and whispering in my ear.

Actually, what am I saying? This was at an ANIME CONVENTION. Everyone was in gaudy, elaborate costumes. EVERY conversation I had was theatrical!
This makes me really curious to know the most unexpected way someone bugged you about getting comics done.
Oh yeah, even with the plague, this was still the fastest, smoothest update I've done in AGES. The biggest complaint I have is nitpicking which comics I did/didn't hold back for Patreon, and that's pretty darn minor.
I suspect that this was still faster than you normally do them, to a significant factor, though. Also, this one has less complaints about forgetting to take a picture or otherwise managing to forget to remember a joke. In that there were none of those comics.
Yep, it happened again. I'm one hundred percent blaming the fact that I had to post this update in chunks on how sick I got in the middle of editing. Granted, it didn't happen RIGHT after I got back, that'd be too simple. No, I had to focus on a lot of Far Out There and Patreon stuff first before I could dig deep into getting the Otakon comics done, and those germs were nice enough to wait until RIGHT when I finally had time to focus to... make sure I didn't have time to focus anymore. Still, I suppose it's kind of encouraging to know that, when I really try hard to get stuff done on time, fate has to REALLY intervene to mess it up.

But, of course, this isn't REALLY the end of the comics! There's still one more batch of Otakon 2018 comics coming to Patreon, so if you feel like there wasn't enough actual anime-related content this time around, donate a dollar or two and see what I was holding back in a few weeks. And if that wasn't enough, ANIME WEEKEND ATLANTA IS COMING! That's right, I'm only BARELY squeezing this update out before starting preparations for the NEXT convention trip! AWA will be Conventional Wisdom's last con of 2018, so let's make it interesting!
It seems like I always end up editing the comics about me being really worn out and sleepy WHEN I'm most worn out and sleepy. It's almost like I edit these in chronological order or something. In any case, we were SUPPOSED to see a view out the window next to me, if only so I could squeeze this really surreal sign ...but that would have taken a lot of time and energy, and... well, I was looking like THIS at the time.

But seriously, I'm really gonna ask people to get on me about this at every con from now on. I got SOOOOO MUCH STUFF DRAWN during the convention, and I would have had the whole update done in, like, a week or two if... well...
I mean, this is hardly a new thing in this world of skimpy, skimpy cosplay, but usually you don't have the staggered elevation of an escalator to line things up in ways they don't normally line up. Seriously, it was RIGHT in my face. Like, exact precision line-of-sight.

Oh, and look! The "LOGO" Shirt still exists!
Hey wow! A page in this anime convention comic that's actually ANIME RELATED! So, as I mentioned before, this year's Digimon photoshoot was rather poorly promoted, what with the whole "most of the people who normally take part didn't know it was happening this year" thing. But there was still a pretty decent turnout, with an impressive array of the franchise as a whole represented (we actually had a cosplayer from Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters!)

And, most importantly, nobody threw any of the plushies this year.
Yes, I rode the Metro all the way out to Virginia just to drop off my luggage because I don't trust bag check (Servo's had too many bad experiences when other people handle him). Actually, the main thing is that I just hate getting stuck in that "elevator full of suitcases during check out" purgatory. I'll take one long ride I KNOW is coming over a long wait that's made up of a long string of unhappy surprises every time the elevator door opens. ...even if I DID over-do it a bit on the early rising this year.

Also, that's some of by better atmospheric lighting, right there.
Yeah, I wear this costume a lot. I make no apologies. ...thought I WILL point out that, at this point, every single individual part of the costume has been swapped out after the original got worn out. So, is it "really" the same costume anymore? Cosplay is deep, man.

Also,more faux-old-fashioned fancy words. Again, this is the sort of thing where I probably would have bumped one of these pages back to Patreon if I hadn't been in too much of a hurry to stop and worry about pacing.
It's like when you spend an hour scrolling through Netflix and never actually watch anything. Hundreds of choices, except the one you actually want.

I feel like I need to explain the Digimon fan character big, because that was SUPPOSED to be a call-back to a page I ended up cutting. See, this was the first Otakon in... EVER, maybe, where I didn't take part in the Digimon photoshoot. Because, well, I didn't realize there was gonna be one this year. The usual group organizers had a lot of Real Life happen and never reserved a spot on the photoshoot schedule, so we all just assumed nothing was happening and made other plans. But then it turned out that someone ELSE had reserved a spot at the usual time... when I didn't discover until after I'd finished packing. Yes, it happened again. So, since I didn't have any "real" Digimon costume with me, I started joking that I'd just dress up as my old Digimon Fan Character, who basically looked like me anyway (which I've joked about before, so I could still take part in stuff this year. Like I said, there was SUPPOSED to be a whole page establishing all that... but then I cut that page and forgot I'd need to re-write this one until WAAAAY late. Whoops. (Again, this is what happens when I don't take my precious time on these)

...actually, there's TWO ConCONcon references in this page!
No, seriously, you people were relentless all weekend, and it was a HUGE help. I'm totally gonna start asking people to bug me about this at every con from now on.
For those of you still longing for the old Baltimore location, Otakon was nice enough to give us a nice, nostalgic crisis of traffic flow in the connecting passage between a Marriott hotel and the convention center! Just like old times, right?

But yeah, this time the problem was less a case of severe overcrowding (this time, the bottlekneck wasn't in the MIDDLE of the convention) and more the bag check stations backing up. From what I hear, the main entrance up front was even MORE backed up than this side one.

And to think, everyone was worried about Otakon's attendance dropping last year.

EDIT: Wait, no! It's actually nostalgia for that one Katsucon where they went back to the Crystal City Hyatt!
...admittedly, if you want to recapture MY Saturday mornings, that laptop would need to be streaming The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh and The Bugs Bunny & Tweety Show.

Incidentally, it hit me LATE in the editing process that, under normal circumstances, this page would probably have been held back for Patreon, especially since one of the comics I DID hold back for Patreon is all about that big DragonBall pavilion in the Dealers Room. It just seems odd that there's been more pro-wrestling comics than anime comic in this comic about anime conventions. I suppose that's one good side to when these updates take months and months to come out: I have a lot more time to work out the pacing than when I'm just frantically drawing the first thing that comes to mind.
Oh yeah, Awesomely Bad J-Music Videos always knows how to bring in a good crowd... a few seats excepted. I mean, I get it. It's REALLY hard to see that corner from the entrance in the back, and nobody wants to walk that far through a panel that's in progress if they're not sure there's a seat available. But still, NOBODY WANTED TO SIT WITH US!

Also, WOW I slipped a lot of Far Out There cameos into this page.
No, seriously, there will NEVER be a point in my life at which meeting someone who actually reads my stuff won't be the BEST. THING. EVER. This is why I always try to have a few bags of free stuff to give away at cons, it's the least I can do to replay the sheer awesomeness that is learning that someone out there actually enjoys what I do!

...although this does remind me that I felt bad for not bringing any Cheerwine with me on this trip.

Okay, so that's MOST CERTAINLY NOT ALL OF THE OTAKON COMICS, but it is all the ones I have finished. There's still one more batch of comics, probably ten-ish, that are still in the works. So keep an eye on the Facebook page or tumblr pages (or my Twitter) for updates, and I'll HOPEFULLY have the rest online before Anime Weekends Atlanta. See you soon!