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Conventional Wisdom

Conventional Wisdom

by Blitzkrieg1701
Ever wondered what goes on inside an anime convention, but are too afraid go anywhere near one yourself? Well, wonder no more! Conventional Wisdom is a comic that shows you what this strange, geeky world is really like, based ENTIRELY ON REAL LIFE! ...well, sort of.
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Conventional Wisdom

Ever wondered what goes on inside an anime convention, but are too afraid go anywhere near one yourself? Well, wonder no more! Conventional Wisdom is a comic that shows you what this strange, geeky world is really like, based ENTIRELY ON REAL LIFE! ...well, sort of.

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I wasn't even going to do a filler comic this week, if only so the plug for the new t-shirt would be up front for a while longer... but you don't understand. You CAN'T understand. Not until we actually debut some of this stuff in a panel. Some things cannot be described, only experienced... or turned into a really pretentious webcomic.

But seriously, this just might be the fastest inspiration to comic posting turnover in about a year. That's how important it was to start building up people's expectations. Now watch Friday's Far Out There page be horrifically late...

...and why are you still debating whether or not to buy a ConCONcon shirt? Come on! I really wanna see these things getting worn around conventions bereft of any explanation!
I found this post from the MAGFest 2018 post of Powerglove.

Yeah, two powerhouses back-to-back makes that one of the best MAGFest moments of 2013. And Powerglove's cover of "Power Rangers" where everyone who performed got on stage (plus a Red Ranger cameo) was the best way to end it!
No, seriously, it's a real thing! Heck, it's a bunch of real things! I slapped this logo on pretty much every shirt/jacket/whatever they had! Go get one!

I won't try to guilt ya'll with the whole "I need your support to keep going" malarkey because, come on, even with a ridiculous markup nobody ever makes a serious profit off this kind of thing (unless they sell, like, a hundred thousand). I save that kind for pressuring for Patreon, which is way more economical for everyone anyway. No, I just wanna see ConCONcon shirts out in the wild, devoid of all context.

Seriously, just think how awesome it'd be if this actually because a thing at conventions. A weird, obtuse reference that 99% of people wouldn't even know is a joke. Just imagine if some randos came up and honestly asked you what/when/where "ConCONcon" is. You could make up anything you wanted, they wouldn't know! If fact, that is now your mission: wear a ConCONcon Staff shirt to something and make up the most outlandish lies you can think of as to what this "convention" is and what your job as a staffer was. The more insane and dangerous and potentially illegal, the better! Screw with people's heads on my behalf! SCREW WITH PEOPLE'S HEADS!
Very true. What I meant is still true though, I've never worried about your fragile sanity before. Creative insanity is different from overworked breakdown insanity after all. Or I'm just a horrible person and don't care about your sanity unless it screws up your comic production…
Dude, come on. I regularly get into arguments with tiny cartoon animals that embody vague emotional states and narative tropes. My sanity was ALWAYS fragile.
The surrealness I expected from the last set of ConCONcon comics, the worries about your fragile sanity are new though…

This sort of thing is inevitable, really. The whole reason I had to get rid of my first hat was because it wouldn't stop singing Uriah Heep in the wee hours of the morning.

Oh, and why am I wearing a ConCONcon Staff shirt, you ask? Simple, I went and bought myself one. Yep! Those things are totally for sale! Now YOU can go you YOUR next convention proudly announcing that you are TOTALLY on staff at a TOTALLY REAL convention that TOTALLY ACTUALLY HAPPENED! C'mon, you know you want one!
Wow, a Flintstones reference AND a Bravest Warriors reference. This comic is 50 years in the making.

Also, just for the record, I totally do have that hat.
Actually, the overwhelming majority of hotel rooms I can remember don't have ANY space under the beds. At least, none that wasn't blocked off behind some kind of barrier. I'm sure it makes cleaning the rooms a lot easier... and Lord knows most hotels need all the help they can get in that department.
Do you have ANY idea how large a group of cosplayers all wearing historically-accurate Ric Flair robes could get without repeating a costume? The mind boggles.

Also, I'm not gonna lie, if I could afford that many sequins and feathers, I'd actually take part in this kind of thing in real life... GAH, I MEAN I TOTALLY DID BECAUSE THIS TOTALLY HAPPENED IN REAL LIFE THIS IS ABSOLUTELY A REAL CONVENTION AND NOT AN APRIL FOOL'S DAY JOKE.
See, it's funny because we all know if I ACTUALLY had a complete mental breakdown, I wouldn't do anything as noisy as burning all my bridges by yelling at my own fanbase. No, I'd just quietly retreat into my own head, let my flow of content slow to a trickle, decrease my online presence until it's virtually nonexistent, and whimperingly implode into irrelevance as my audience dwindles out of sheer boredom... you know, IF I were to ever have a complete breakdown or anything.
I realized after this comic was finished that pretty of all the "90s companies" I had in mind while drawing this ACTUALLY didn't go defunct until well after 2000.

Because that's the only part of this comic that doesn't make sense.
One could argue that an MS Paint-recolored version of a recognizable character should be MORE recognizable than any of the Far Out There costumes I drag out every so often... but Far Out There is still online and active. My old Digimon fansite went down with Geocities, so aside from a few bits of art, the only place that stuff still exists is in a folder in my computer. That wins the obscurity race by default (even if, to be honest, my menagerie of Fan Digi-Characters got way more fanart made of them than any of my "real" comics ever will)
I know, I know, two tumblr slams right after one another. These pages weren't back to back originally, otherwise I probably would have changed it to a TWITTER slam. Because either one is good, really. ANY social media platform is deserving of withering scorn.

Also, look! An obscure Monkees reference!
I know it's not really fair that I automatically assume any congoer complaining about a staffer must have had it coming... it's juts that IT'S ALMOST ALWAYS TRUE.
Hey, better a towering humanoid than an endless, House of Leaves-style labyrinth.
In case you forgot (and couldn't gather from the rather obvious dialog), I did a set of ConCONcon comics back in 2016, but had to abstain in 2017 due to how dragged out the 2017 MAGFest comics ended up being.

Also, it'd take someone who actually KEEPS UP with the convention scene rather than just going to the things & taking notes to know which of those two groups Intervention properly belongs in, so I just left it out of the joke entirely.
Boy, it sure is a good thing I got all those MAGFest comics done when I did, otherwise I never would have had time to do this full series of comics about this totally real convention that I totally went to and absolutely happened on this day that is in no way a significant date in any fashion!

...because, yeah, if you're just tuning in, I actually did a couple of filler pages in the midst of all those MAGFest comics. I only posted them on tumblr at the time to avoid cluttering up the page count while the con comics were still going up... but now that THAT'S out of the way...

...also, gee, I wonder what that "thing for next month" could mean.