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on the world of mobius

so, what if, your characters, were like... apart of the sonic universe!? thats what this comic is about. join us!

author welcome!
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9 Years Ago

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anyone can join that is sonic styled!
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so, what if, your characters, were like... apart of the sonic universe!? thats what this comic is about. join us!

author welcome!

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April 2nd, 2011
This is my real account. You've never heard of Yamataro?
Okay, but he's all right for now, this is basically all I need for now.
just let me finish him first
Sweet. You don't mind if I use Chris for my tourney on my comic, do you?
almost done! yeah!!!! :D oh and if your wandering why there a chris heads there i was playing around with his heads you (editing the his emotions) so yeah

Luxbot edited the head
It's no problem at all.
thanks that makes me feel better! :D
Anyone can sprite as long as it doesn't look crappy. I have about 2 sonic recolors. And that's not true. Anyone can sprite, well, everyone but Shadowfan09X4, he can't sprite for anything, and recolors are accepted here I guess.
well there's these one guy who said and i quote "your only a spriter if you don't recolour" and thank you
There's nothing wrong with recolors you know. It's pretty cool. And nice intro.

I'm glad someone posted something though. I'll post something maybe today or tomorrow.
4th panel should say "I hate that guy!"

also i'm sorry for the recolour of Sonic! I really am! don't worry i'll edit his look later on. I promise!!!

bidnicks ripped by: SkyLights
March 29th, 2011
So, if this was a sock puppet account, then what's your real account?

I'm not angry about the whole thing. Yeah, it was pretty fun, but still, it was nice when it lasted. I'll still stick around though, so, what do you do?
Tarah Mayaz
March 29th, 2011
I guess it's time to come clean...
Alright, so... I'm not who I said I was. This was a sock puppet account I made, in an attempt to 'relive the glory days.' Unfortunately, that didn't happen too well... Mainly due to schedules and the like. I wanna say sorry, if anyone feel angered, I wasn't trying to anger anyone. Anyway, I leave this comic in your guys's hands, and I want to say sorry. It was great for the short time it was, but yeah... I'm sure all of you have successful careers as spriters ahead. :3 Wish you all luck and love, Yama.
...Whut? XD. It has to do with Sonic's universe. Thanks for the idea though.
Well, does anyone have ideas for another chapter? I'm out of ideas since all my energy is currently being directed to my Fan-Fiction at the moment.
Call me a 4th wall breaker, whatever. Notice that he said "Metal Sonic's Base", yet its hidden from Eggman himself. Heres twist #2. They would have to meet Sonic before they knew it was Metal Sonic. #3, They havent even gotten to mobious technically, so how would they know anyone?
Not really much, but read along the bottom.

What Mikee says is a joke. XD
Wow, I feel sort of honored. I'll do my best!
i'm grounded for two weeks i think
then i'll come back and we'll have awesome adventures i promise!