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Video Game Diaries : Unreal World

by darknoon
A diary of a harsh, graphical rogue-like wilderness, with grevous wounds in the depths of winter...and cranberries!

Find unreal world here (this comic is a fan creation)
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7 Years Ago
A diary of a harsh, graphical rogue-like wilderness, with grevous wounds in the depths of winter...and cranberries!

Find unreal world here (this comic is a fan creation)


Recent Comments

Taking a bit of a creative break at the moment, after the climax of the Njerpez camp attack! The time your character spends eating, healing and practicing his whittling skill in a small room near a fire actually goes for a few weeks before he's fully healed!
Transcript: Okay, tactical retreat time! And for some reason both my hirelings have no trouble extracting themselves from the fray! If I may break the fourth wall for a moment, this is exactly the opposite of most games, where the main character is the least in danger and can exit combat in a leasurely manner! Here my hirelings get these uber powers rather than me!

I need to heal!
Transcript: Okay...OWWW! As I'm withdrawing a few arrows strike me and suddenly I'm at -27% injury! Making my total mobility 20%. This isn't how you want to fight!

As usual, the Njerpez home in on me while my hirelings and dogs seem to dance around, largely ignored. One of them is even at the top of the cliff, leaning over the edge bopping them on the head and they don't seem too bothered by that!
This is hot
Transcript: Okay, two javalins latter and the bow wielder is down on the ground? But what are they, breeding or something? There's even more of the red shirted villains now! One manages to hit me in the foot with an arrow for another -4% penalty to me! While another GRINS as he readies a short bow??

I'm thinking of stepping back, letting my dogs dance with them for awhile...I may be Thunder, but I'm not sure I've nailed down my assault technique yet!
Transcript: Well, he doesn't do much with the javalin before I pass him another one, which makes him fall to the ground!

My dogs have found their way around the cliff, but as I step forward two more red wearing Njerpez appear! One shoots an arrow, hitting me in my hand and making me drop my battle axe! Someone else wants a javalin! Here, catch it with your teeth!
Transcript: Heh, oops, okay! The mighty Thunder has not really noticed he's standing at the top of a small cliff, so the Njerpez can't get to him!

Ha! I throw a javalin, hitting him in the shoulder! He drops his club! Ha! He pulls the javalin out of himself! And readies to throw it! Uh-oh...
Transcript: Okay, I release all of my dogs and what do they do along with one of my hirelings? All run off in random directions. So I'm left with the woodsman in front of me.

If the Njerpez calls his friends here, I really have nothing to cause a distraction to his attacks! Fortunately I've regained steath!
Dialog: Ah, I was casing a Njerpez camp, climbed that small incline just south of me and there was one of them on the other side. He saw me, my guys and my dogs saw him but I'm still at -11% injury, so maybe I this wont go well?
Dialog: Nah, no one here has the steel in their heart to ride with the Thunder!

But as a side bonus, it seems I left 19 cuts of meat to smoke here awhile ago, so I'll grab that and be on my way!
Hi, Bliss, thanks for your comment!

Well it's one of those games where you have to find food for yourself and it takes days to heal wounds. You can't just fight all the time in it - the characters recovering from a battle just a few panels back in time.
Dialog: Well, I seemed to have hired all the angry people I can from the other village and I already destroyed the Njerpez war over there! So I'll head over this way and hire from this village, since I'll take vengence on this second Njerpez camp near them!
This is like Seinfeld gone fishing. The randomizations are quite funny.
Dialog: Okay, now back to the Thunder cave! You can see alot of the stuff I've gathered or looted. If my hireling wasn't standing on top of it.

I'm going to grab some smoked meat and burn of a couple of weeks lazying around in a nearby town, taking up one of their beds and healing.

Or I could go to a cleric and get heal light wounds - wait, that doesn't exist here...
Dialog: Bah, I set a bunch of fires and it didn't seem to do anything at all!

Oh well, maybe I should keep the place so I can build a fireplace in it and smoke meat here?
Dialog: Yes, the fish is still good - also a birch bark necklace was there.

And now to set a fire against one of the building! To purge the Njerpez influence from here! And also to cook my fish!
After chasing my dog for some time (damn lively creature!), I tread into the Njerpez village. I see no one, just three more piles of loot ahead where more of them fell in battle (with my dogs).

Further in, finally buildings and a tent come into view. One of them even seems to be a shop with goods inside. Do I see a fish there? Is it spoiled or still good?
It can happen so suddenly...
Ah man! I thought hirelings would be more efficient and I shouldn't have been so concerned about leaving them to their fate. They certainly don't care!

Dialog: I have 60% skill in knives, I keep hitting them in the head, but they wont drop! They just keep coming! I've dropped my bow and my previous knife from the force of their attacks, so I pulled a new one but I'm on the ground now!

Meanwhile my hirelings are still formed in a can can line, doing the kicks, in front of a single unconcious Njerpez. Way to prioritise, guys!
I think I channeled a bit of Burn Notice in the first couple of lines, somehow! ;)

Dialog: Okay, guys! GUYS! We knocked down three Njerpez over there, but now I've got another two on me and I'm hurt!

That guy on the ground there does NOT need three of you standing around kicking him, you need to come over and help me deal with the ones running at me!!!!