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This is basically what you get when you have a girl who likes to draw, adores the Eevee line and has way too much free time to play Pokemon. Hopefully the outcome is amusing.


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Comment on Character bio - Espeon
Emiko Akimoto, 16 Nov 2010 12:45 am
Yes, she has a cape.
Because WHY NOT?

Okay, about yesterday. I said I'd have another bio up, but I never did it. Why? Because as time goes on I'm going to miss an update or two and be distracted, so I wanted to get you all used to disappointment so you wont be surprised with it in the future. But I also keep my word eventually, as you can tell.

So, what was I busy with? Aside from real life I've restarted Pokemon Platinum and gotten all my Eevees in my team, most of them evolved already [damn you Umbreon and Espeon WHY DON'T YOU LOVE ME YET?] and ready to get comics done. Of course, I'm going to finish bios first, but don't worry; I'd rather be ahead than behind. It'll help keep me from stressing out and keep the quality of what I post good. [Well, not as bad as it could be, I should say.]

Also, I'm going to ramble here a bit so that people who read the bios here and not just on the character page [where they're eventually going] will have some sort of slight reward for sloshing through.

This whole idea started with me deciding to cosplay Umbreon. I was too lazy to look up gijinka designs, so I made my own [yes, somehow a five second google search seemed like more work then getting out my sketch book and designing a character... I don't know either]. After that I just sort of... kept doodling and before I knew it I had a design for almost all of the Eeveeloutions [Leafeon wasn't figured out until a half hour or so before I did the bio art for her]. This may have been because I have a group of friends cosplaying them all with me [all we lack is a Leafeon] or maybe it was just because I love drawing and designing things, but either way I had a cast of characters now and nothing to do with them. See, I don't intend to show my designs to my friends, as then it'll come off as if I want them to cosplay my designs, and I really don't care if they do or not, and now there's no really good un-awkward way to bring them up so I'm just... not. [If any of you guys stumble across this comic then hi! Cosplay these if you want but I don't care so do whatever~]

Either way, what started out as figuring out my cosplay suddenly gave me a cast of characters my brain wouldn't just drop, and then then idea of making comics with them came to mind. That sounded swell, but I needed something to keep the ideas flowing, just in case, as I worry constantly. And thus I'm replaying Pokemon Platinum with them.

Hopefully that was even slightly interesting but... yeah, probably not. Too much tl;dr and all... sorry, I'll try to keep it shorter from here on out.
Comment on Character bio - Leafeon
Emiko Akimoto, 14 Nov 2010 12:25 am
Character bio - Leafeon
Okay, so, this doesn't count as a comic. I'll be posting all of them, along with bits of info, on the character page once I get them all done, but for now I thought putting them here might be nice. I'll try to do one a day, but no promises. @__@

Also, a note; the Japanese is only there since the Leafeon I have is Japanese. I was lazy and got a low leveled one off the GTS. xD This webcomic isn't going to be some weeaboo thing, rest assured~
Comment on 001 - the Miracle of Life
Emiko Akimoto, 13 Nov 2010 01:55 am
Breeders, especially those trying to get a shiny Pokemon [even via the Medusa Method], know my pain here. I'm at the point where I never want to breed another stupid Eevee again after breeding literally over 100 of the little buggers in the past.

So of course I realised I didn't have the Eevees I'd need for doing this comic, and ended up needing to breed a bunch more. [Clearly I am a genius who thinks things out.] Thankfully though it didn't take too long and I now have them all [though they still need to be evolved], so expect some story-line esq things in the future.

I mean, not that you shouldn't anyway, but you know what I mean.


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