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We are a legion of awesomeness, bro! >:{C
Welcome to Cement!
A boredom webcomic to discuss/review ideas, movies, fanfiction, and other stuff/shit.

We also have:
- A sprite showcase,
- Some tutorials,
- Dreams that make sense,
- Debates that make no sense,
- Lotsa shitty shit bullshit,
- Crack,
- Heli-kun~ :3
- Anus
- Hentai
- Steak
- Swagga
- What Pumpkin
- Overall Trash

And much more...
Feel free to apply as author if you'd like! (no wait, don't)

Gooby plz.

I'm touching the description! Hurrdurr! :B

Heil Helitler. Calm down Stalin'
*shoots helitler in da face* :D

Now go back to the top and re-read the description. HoNk hOnK :o)

Trying to make a Homestuck reference in the description? You know nothing, Jon Snow.

Play with the description they said.
It will be fun they said. And it was.

Posers. I was messing with the description before it became cool! >:I

So there was this Dj who was like kicking off.
I dont know what he was doing.
But it was sick man.
Hands in the air.
Like penis out.
There were people dancing
I think
Or maybe they were cops
I think they might have been cops

Latest Comments

Comment on I'M BACK (FOR NOW)
Rush as a guest (Guest), 30 Dec 2014 09:18 pm
gr8 b8 m8. Idk if I should come back.
Comment on I'M BACK (FOR NOW)
Zoroark, 20 Nov 2014 06:53 am
Why is she dressed as iori yagami?
Comment on I'M BACK (FOR NOW)
Bruce the Hedgehound, 19 Nov 2014 11:06 pm
@Heligate: Dat Monstercat avatar doe.
Comment on I'M BACK (FOR NOW)
Heligate, 18 Nov 2014 07:54 pm
@ClareSilver47: It's similar. I guess.
Comment on I'M BACK (FOR NOW)
ClareSilver47, 18 Nov 2014 06:58 pm
I never left ;/
I just never update
Comment on I'M BACK (FOR NOW)
Royle McCulloch, 18 Nov 2014 05:49 pm
@Heligate: Be nice to the costumers.
Comment on I'M BACK (FOR NOW)
Heligate, 18 Nov 2014 05:04 pm
@The_Project: The most underrated motherfucker on this site. It's really not a shock you don't know who I am I mean fuck.
Comment on I'M BACK (FOR NOW)
The_Project, 18 Nov 2014 03:32 pm
@Heligate: *scratches head* who are you?
Comment on Where is the love?
DelSoul, 18 Nov 2014 08:32 am
She may be hot but I prefer to live then tap that. ^^;
Comment on I'M BACK (FOR NOW)
Royle McCulloch, 18 Nov 2014 05:38 am
oh my fucking god an

(besides me)


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