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When two worlds are threaten and all hope seems lost, one hero will stand. Sadly, that's the best They're going to get.

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Alright I'm back . . . For real this time!
Man, I was really busy. Anyway new episodes will start on the 20th!
On a bit of a Hiatus
I'll be back making episodes sometime next month.
Cool One-Hundred Episodes! YES, YES, YES, YES!
Starting back up
New episodes of STA will begin next Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. That will be the plan that I'll try to keep up with.
I've been busy
New comics will be around Thursday or Friday. (I changed all the episodes to gif. So if there's anything wrong with the ordering of the comics let me know.)
All done!
That's it all my episodes are redone. New episodes will start Thursday or Friday, I haven't decided yet.
...An echidna is some kind of groundhog/mole isn't it?
P.S.: Hope you feel better.
My fault for the wait.
I'm suffering from a bad cold, sorry it took so long.
New episode on Friday
There will be a new episode on Friday; unless I find some time then it will be earlier.

Update: I'm going to do a new episode around Sunday night to Monday Morning. I decided to start my other sprite comic back up so I have to divide my attention again.
There will be more
I'm kind of busy at the moment but there will be more episodes by the end of the week.
Thanks for your comment. I'll make sure to apply it after the next episode. I'll have to play around with the program to see what you're talking about.
Good comic, but the resizing on the sprites is just terrible. Make sure that the settings are not on bi-cubic but instead on nearest neighbor when you resize.
Not bad. I'll fave for now...
A New Episode
There will be a new episode of STA Wednesday evening or Thursday morning so keep your eyes opened
Sorry got caught up
Okay, okay, I know I said I'll make a episode two or three times a week but I got caught up with some other business. expect an episode by the end of THIS week. and then onward.
I'm Back
I'm back. I know I said I'll post up three episodes the next time but I want to stretch the last couple of episodes of this arc out. I'll try to post two episodes a week, three if I have the time. For now, thank you for reading.
Under The Weather
I'm pretty sure I won't be able to make any new episodes for at least a week, seeing that I'm sick and all. But next time I post it will be at least three new episodes. Until then, thank you for reading
November 29th, 2010
Captain useless character strikes again
Let's just pray Knuckles doesn't mess this one up.
Behind the rule
Want to know where Sonic got the idea from?

Here's the link: