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Just something random I might draw. There isn't really a theme since I suck at drawing xD;;
I rather write but if i feel in the mood, I'll draw random situations.
Everything is based on a game or anything else or a real-life experience. Of course all the names are changed so nobody can get mad because of something I drew ^^
This is a 4koma people! So don't expect too much!

warning: Irregular updates, sometimes a plot that doesn't make any sense


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October 18th, 2016
cuz smackjeeves said so
@RedJac: lol
I can't stop looking at the pout! XD
okay, I can't keep promises when it comes to this ><;;
So I'm just going to draw whenever I feel like or when I have time
Even at the beach, Damian tries to get her attention~
Is it working? Well quite the opposite it seems.
For those who missed the news post:
I was really suprised when I noticed I suddenly had 34 fans. Seems the plot did have some good influence after all. So I didn't want to make you wait for the plot to continue. So here, the next page!
Since summer has started I'll try to draw a page once in a while and with a bit of luck, it will be updated weekly. I'm still not sure what my plans are during Summer so....

Well either way thanks and enjoy!~
@Pyroxenite-The-Demonhog: The video or the comic? ^^;;
Glad your back
@Andrea C.Castro: My art always changes since I really can't draw xD;; Besides that, Joka is simple, weird... and lotsa more! If only I had more time again ><
I really love your main character it feels that she is alive thats very dificult to do I don't know if I have put life on my characters but this an amazing job uhm keep working n.n!
I will fav this!
If one day you wanna read my comic your very much welcome n.n!
waa she so cute n.n!
April 17th, 2012
Just very busy. In the meantime, something to look at
February 17th, 2012
@mrxnacho: I only did the chibi
Seth made the cool artsy on the left
he's a realy good artist
@mrxnacho: D'aw cute
@JokaNeko: You made this? That is amazing.
I Hart this comic. ^-^
My cooler broke down so I couldn't post the artsy before
made by my other nee!
It's Jokan with long hair and cute clothes
I feel bad that im going to enjoy this.

I wonder if she wants to hart him?

And whats he planig to do with her?