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Colorful Life of an Art Major

by StoksComic
Follow Kyle, a recently graduated Fine Arts Major, throughout his life as he deals with the pressures of being an Art Major.

Updates sporadically
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6 Years Ago
Follow Kyle, a recently graduated Fine Arts Major, throughout his life as he deals with the pressures of being an Art Major.

Updates sporadically


Recent Comments

somedays i just like to remind myself that i can infact draw. today was one of those days lol
Yeah... my dentist isn't very delicate when it comes to cleaning...
Update, yay. Also, a girl got knocked out at my walmart with a printer by some guy. They were fighting over it and he won then immediately smashed her over the head with it. It was awful. Glad you lived to see Saturday.
Long time no see everyone!! Sorry for the prolonged hiatus these past two months- a lots been going on.

Quit my job at the pr0n shop, got one at bestbuy, been working on getting in shape, working on my professional career as an artist... quite a lot!

Thankfully, now that the dust has settled on a lot of those things, I have the time/energy to pick up where I left off and work on comics for you all again. God knows ive missed making them, and I have two months of material saved up so expect a lot more to be coming :D
@lil_shiro: well, i AM still alive, so I'll let you come to your own conclusions
@Rie: you know you love me *double pistols and wink*
......Did you win?
Like that time you introduced yourself to me. "Hi! My name's Kyle. I'm a little bit weird but I wanna be your friend."
"Little bit" was an understatement, for the record.
This is 100% truth. I got into a knife fight with a dapper shark. That's totally how i got the scar above my eye.

Worst part is, I've had people completely believe me before...
Well, I come for the funny. And you deliver. So if you really want to say thanks then just keep doing what you do. ;D
Ok sooooo... I made this comic at work and drew it all out by hand with pen and it started off being really sincere and stuff and then just devolved into random shit lol

It doesn't help that the best way to upload this to the net was to take crappy pics of the drawings with my cellphone camera in terrible lighting. I'll work on getting my scanner hooked back up to avoid this ever happening again XD
@lil_shiro: are you sure about that?
Well, at least it was a woman.
@lil_shiro: i WISH i could say it was oral... >_<
Oh my gosh! Like where did they use it? O_O Please tell me oral! Because anywhere else is just horrid.
@lil_shiro: it.... kinda did... we made the person buy it though, which was great cause it was a really expensive item. but the downside was having to witness that
Oh dear god! Please tell me this didn't happen!
Yeah, I'll admit it, i've been very lazy with making comics lately.. I'm trying to change that, so please bear with me haha

One reason is I'm just working so much these days, and I was debating if I was going to tell you all about my job at an adult bookstore, but as you can see that argument was finally won. So you can now expect all sorts of fun stories from work, as well as some ones about the art work I've been working on lately woo!!

In anycase, new comics are coming again! Wooooooo!
@Megan: You remember that night we went for Hibachi? Yeah, that was around a 3.5
... Let me just mention that most of the guys in high school robotics teams are sexy as hell and smarter than everyone.