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Written by Jocelyn Samara DiDomenick (aka LittleLynn84)

Rain is a slice-of-life/comedy/drama that follows the life of a teenage transgender girl named Rain, as she attempts to go through her senior year in high school identifying only as a woman. Along the way, she makes friends with an eclectic bunch of people of varying orientations and gender identities. See their stories filled with silly humor, teenage angst, occasional adult angst, copious amounts of love triangles, mockery of product names, complex relationships, tons and tons of dialogue, and sometimes a cute, little bunny. How can you go wrong, right?

I hope you all like it!

This story contains roughly PG-13 content.
- Occasionally strong language
- Sexual themes and situations (but no nudity)
- Gay, lesbian, bi and transgender characters (among countless others)
- Lousy or non-existent backgrounds
- Occasionally triggering scenes


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Comment on And Then...
Luvbster, 06 Jul 2015 02:44 pm
@Lenn: Yeah, can't really see that happening. Don't think it would do a whole lot of good either, outside of schadenfreude. I don't get the feeling that Kellen's going on a haircutting rampage anytime soon. Not a great use of the prison system.

I was thinking of it more in terms of an excuse Aiken could use. "You want me to take your side? You literally assaulted Rain! I mean, you are LITERALLY a criminal!"

Personally, it would do a lot to sway ME if I wasn't 100% sure who's side to take.

(I am 100% sure who's side to take)
Comment on And Then...
Lenn, 06 Jul 2015 02:07 pm
@Luvbster: Yeah--Assault and Battery with a Deadly weapon, since she'd have had to use a blade of some sort to do it. Even scissors would count, I think. I was thinking about the same thing just now.

I wouldn't mind seeing Kellen behind bars, but Rain seems to be after her family's acceptance, so I doubt she'll go that route (even though I really want her to.)
Comment on And Then...
Luvbster, 06 Jul 2015 01:15 pm
So I had a random thought (I've been thinking about the previous page a LOT) and did a google search.

Turns out, cutting someone's hair without consent is considered battery. As in, ASSAULT and battery.

If Rain wished, she could press charges against Kellen, possibly even resulting in jail time, especially with Em as a witness.

Now I highly doubt that Rain would ever do that, (especially considering how her gender would almost certainly come up at trial) but some people in her position would at least take Kellen to civil court and sue for emotional distress.

TL:DR - More than doer of bad things, Kellen is LITERALLY a criminal.

Citation: guy who stole women's hair: https://www.google.com/search?q=trimet+barber
Comment on Regarding the latest page...
Mitani, 06 Jul 2015 01:05 pm
Wow... However much I got peeved at what a character did...

It was at the character, not the author. I'm surprised people have asked for the page to be removed... Putting trigger warnings up kinda ruins the impact of scenes like this for those that aren't affected - but I guess it does for people that don't see it coming.

What did people honestly expect with a story that covers the highs and lows of a situation.

I mean goddamn, one of the characters I have has one hell of a rough ride. Have I rewritten it because I think I should for the sake of other people... Hell no. I may change the handling of it for the sake of narrative and story flow n all that, but not because some people find it objectional.

It's all about how such an event is handled.

THAT is what people get irked about the most. I mean GoT has a lot of backlash because it treats terrible things like another walk in the park.

Trust your gut, stick with what you have planned,remain strong and tell the story the way that YOU wish to tell it.

Comment on And Then...
ZeDingo, 06 Jul 2015 12:41 pm
Rain's two most supportive adults coming to her? Fara you done good.
Comment on Regarding the latest page...
Avid Reader (Guest), 06 Jul 2015 11:29 am
I'd say that for me personally, I cannot be angry that the previous actions were included. I can be mad at the characters, but I cannot be mad that it was part of the story. I was both sad and angry when I saw it, but this is the kind of reaction I love to have when reading.
Comment on And Then...
Don Edwards (Guest), 06 Jul 2015 10:48 am
Father was in Rain's dream. Kellen wouldn't be aware of that.
Comment on And Then...
cathyfan (Guest), 06 Jul 2015 05:15 am
i'm wondering
why it seems kellen feels she would be carrying out her father's wishes and why she would be willing to do so.
Comment on And Then...
cathyfan (Guest), 06 Jul 2015 05:03 am
i second aussie bloke's suggestion
even better than my fara & emily give kellen a very close trim suggestion.
Comment on And Then...
The Aussie Bloke (Guest), 06 Jul 2015 04:12 am
@comicgirl: I say shave Kellen bald and use the hair to make a nice wig for Rain.


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