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Final Fantasy High

by kingv
Every story has a beginning and Final Fantasy is no exception. Join some of your favorite characters as they go through one of lifes' toughest adventures...high school!
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10 Years Ago
Every story has a beginning and Final Fantasy is no exception. Join some of your favorite characters as they go through one of lifes' toughest adventures...high school!


Recent Comments

January 16th, 2014
I hope everything turned out okay in your world. Love the comic and I hope you can return to it one day
January 16th, 2014
Don't hold back tell us how you really feel Seph
So much love for this page!! I've seen it before and I've always wondered who drew it!
August 15th, 2013
Aaaaaaaaand I find another dead comic! Great.
OMG ITS A SEPHYTAR! lol. but, hes a smexii man, even if hes a half man half horse. i think its called a unitar. yuer drawings & comic r ossum!
i would be scared if Sephiroth did that to me...poor Cloud....hes so scared. but, i dont support boy *stuff* because i think its my opinion anyway. hey. kingy? Sephy is kool. i think im a fan. ^^ AWSOME WORK! i love ff series in high school form! they look adorable~! please dont treat this as a spam. i just like seeing my fave characters. esspecially in comics! ^w^
Kitty (Guest)
October 22nd, 2009
I demand more!! I like the way you drew Rinoa a few pages ago.
September 27th, 2009
Oh my your drawings have really improved from the first few pages :O this is a definite fav!
September 24th, 2009
I remember faving this comic AGES ago. I look on the Smackjeeves homepage, and see Final Fantasy High. It made my evening.

Man, all the bad stuff happens to you. Your Internet broke for a month, your house flooded, your house burned down. But you carry on making these comics.

You win an internets.

Damn, I just lost the game!
September 24th, 2009 recently there has been alot of rain in my area which caused my house to flood. There's no major damage but the sketchbook with all my FFH page sketches was ruined beyond repair. This was the only finished page that i had scanned in weeks before. I was really excited about having alot of updates back to back but that's gone now. Hopefully redoing all of them will make things go more quickly this time.
March 10th, 2009
I like this, though I've never played any of the FF games.
March 8th, 2009
i like the page i love Iveane ^ ^ (<--- didi i spell it right?)
age 16
March 7th, 2009
Been quite a while since i made a new page. If you couldn't tell this comic as well as my other one Hikari were on hiatus. I wasn't motivated very much to make new pages but i promised myself that i'd try to get back in the comic making groove in '09. Last year was pretty hectic with holding down a full time job as well as working on some big freelance projects. When i had down time it was mostly spent sleeping.

But I think the little break i took helped to revitalize my creative juices. Just comparing this page to the last one i can see the improvements. This comic isn't dead or anything like that. Updates may be very slow at times but i'm still working on it. If you haven't heard from me in a few months and none of my other comics/art galleries have updated then you can worry.^_^

Thanks for hanging in there guys.
Vincent-san Yuffie-kun were are you.D:

I love the comic so far. :D
ladyofsand (Guest)
December 7th, 2008
hey I was wondering if vincent is going to be in the comic.
October 16th, 2008
Aside from the style of drawing (which is ace, by the way) he really reminds me of Captain Jack Sparrow. There, I said it.
October 4th, 2008
gooooooood byyyyyyye!
ok thats it im out!!!

its a shame how you can get a new fan and lose it that quick!!!
October 4th, 2008
ok now im starting to lose intrest

and i had just got done faving you to now thats sad
October 4th, 2008
just in case you havent noticed this yet you messed up on the grammer a little
(new guy) ^_^
hmm looks like you dont have alot of posts yet well thats good for me cuz i hate reading

makes you wonder why i come to this web site in the frist place