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A story about a man on a mission. A very well-to-do man, very well educated, and yet not very smart. His mission? To convince as many as possible that the globe is facing many man-caused catastrophes that can only be solved by everyone but Al cutting back on their life style. Dedicated to preserving the planet and his lifestyle, but with as little discomfort to himself as possible.

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It's always a relief
It's always a relief when someone with obvious exipstere answers. Thanks!
Just what the doctor
Just what the doctor orededr, thankity you!
Week off, unintended.
Sunday, June 30, I was unlucky to download what can only be described as the virus from hell. I worked all week to get my system back to operating correctly. But it seemed the harder I worked, the worse it got. Because of the July 4th holiday many of the items I had delivered were delivered late. The best I could do was get my system back to where it should be I needed a couple more things.
I won't be able to install them till Friday so I'll be limping along all week, doing my best. Hope to back to 100% by Monday. Thanks for your understanding.
wet - dry
@The_Hankerchief: Being on the lee side of the mountains can make a dramatic differenc.e
Well, it may rain on the coast and in the Willamette Valley every day, but not once you get east of the Cascades, it don't.
And suddenly I am feeling fine with local media attacking all parties, small and big ones, at the same time.
Of course it is ever-green in Oregon. It rains almost every day.
If Global Warming isn't stopped, polar bears will come into our houses and use our televisions 2 watch Glee.

A little too the left
Do you know a good place to stay in Iowa? We're driving there tonight from New York.
Forgive me
but I think this is my favorite.