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Zirra's Return

Based on the Legend of Spyro trilogy.
This story explains all about the mysteries of Cynder's evil side.

(in my own veiws, of course)

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@Shadow Scryer: why would you think that, in nature the males can be hostile to each other, especially for a female. I know I sometimes caught myself being very hostile to my best freinds over the smallest disputes, same way back around
This comic is my new favorite is awesome I love it so much
Yay your not dead! i was getting worried. Live the new page BTW.
"We gotta get outta here, now!"

"I can't leave her behind! I've got to save her!"

"What? Save the beast that's been trying to kill us?"

"That wasn't her fault, she was being used by--"

Seems like things come full circle eventually.
@Fiora Aroura: I do believe I've heard that before somwhere and it was just as funny :D
@killie: you and me both brother!
we're in deap shit now
@DragonKin2243: sounds a lot like my intuition so glad i have that at least.
@DragonKin2243: The Ilumanadtti are all human she is part of the Celestialatti.
i spy
Do I see crossed tails? oh-ho! I think i know where THAT is going.
fyi the glow
If i told you i would be spoiling the story so I'll just say its important :D
big fan
I've read all your comics so far and i can tell you when i first read this i did NOT, see it coming. It started a lot of question.
I have not play TLoS DoTD for a while ,I am really wish to play this game again
@Thunder the shinx: I...think it's that creepy hooded cheetah from Dawn of the Dragon that we had to get the key from him.
I'm a firein my lazars
When you get beat by a hacker
This is some serious nightmare fuel
The wind posses remind me of the imperial symbol in
Now I'm going to look stupid for asking this but, who is that? The controller?
Dood you a gosh dang creep X(