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Zirra's Return

Based on the Legend of Spyro trilogy.
This story explains all about the mysteries of Cynder's evil side.

(in my own veiws, of course)

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Hold on,
How Often, is this supposed to update? I know it takes a lot of work for each page, but its been what? 4 months since the last update? Is this comic still alive?
My Theories P2
I have other ideas like Flame, Ember, or Hunter. But, it could be all of them. My guess Spyro (50%), Hunter (30%), Ember (10%), and Flame (10%).
My Theories P1
Since the hermit is always watching, maybe he got his hands on Spyro way before any of them realized it. XD. Cynder is out as he would already know Zirra was alive though.
Oh my the feels!!!DX that's so deep and sad! Anyway Imma miss this! To be honest with y'all I sit here everyday hoping that a page will turn up and it's happened all throughout this chapter and I never thought that I would still be here but I'm glad I stuck with you!!! I hope you continue to work on this! I love you and your comics!!! Long live seeraphine lol ;)
OHMYGOSH we got to the end of the chapter! :D
Thank you everyone for sticking with it this far. It's been quite a journey XD But I'm excited for the plans I have for it and am excited to continue on with the story :)

I made a video featuring the fanart made for ZR to celebrate the end of the chapter. I think I'll do that as a tradition at the end of every chapter :)
Check out the video here: (And watch until the end to see a sneek peek at chapter 5 :D)

Thank you guys again. :)

ZR Wiki-
ZR on Deviantart-
Since the purple dragon and adalisk appears in pairs. Does that mean Cynder is also one?
Mul! Dont you dare be a coward with your family too.
Wait...mull u a coward?! And zirra, don't be hard on yourself. Listen to cynder because I am not good at pep talks! Great job on this chapter!! It was really mysterious and exciting! Can't wait for the next one!
Oh no here come tears
la la la.... la la

The next page will be the last of the chapter.
I knew it!!! Ya Illuzo!told u! All u tell me I was right!...ok don't hurt the kid tho...:/
huh, kinda forgot how big she was
Zirra just do's what she do's.
Connected bonds
Poor kid!!What does illuzio and mullison have to do with zirra? Is that comic called"CONNECTED BONDS" for a reason? And why does senarius look so guilty?so many questions!!!XD

Now I gotta go back and read everything uwu
Wow I'm glad this is back! I missed it so much!
Remembering something there, Zirs?
I absolutely love this. Idk If you are going to finish this but I believe you should. This work is absolutely incredible
Nice!! Question? How often will u be posting the pages? Ps luv u and this comic!!!