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Zirra's Return

Based on the Legend of Spyro trilogy.
This story explains all about the mysteries of Cynder's evil side.

(in my own veiws, of course)

Recent Comments

I knew it!!! Ya Illuzo!told u! All u tell me I was right!...ok don't hurt the kid tho...:/
huh, kinda forgot how big she was
Zirra just do's what she do's.
Connected bonds
Poor kid!!What does illuzio and mullison have to do with zirra? Is that comic called"CONNECTED BONDS" for a reason? And why does senarius look so guilty?so many questions!!!XD

Now I gotta go back and read everything uwu
Wow I'm glad this is back! I missed it so much!
Remembering something there, Zirs?
I absolutely love this. Idk If you are going to finish this but I believe you should. This work is absolutely incredible
Nice!! Question? How often will u be posting the pages? Ps luv u and this comic!!!
Poor Zirra
That Poor dragoness just saw her only acuall family die. 😭 poor Zirra. Love the comic looking foward to seeing more.
Deja vu
Did zirra just do the sart thing cynder did in the first game after you save terrador
Just got caught up with the entire story, which took me nearly a month! Wanted to say that this is some phenomenal work. Here is to your story continuing to go strong.
Tis but another great page
She exited the volcano the same way she did last time ......83

And Spyro's here, finally XD
Looks like the Hermit got his way after all.
Either choice could very well doom the other.

Which would you choose?
What do you think? Is it really Phonorius, or is he still playing a trick?

I've been so excited for this new Spyro game to come out and I started drawing up ZR comics :D... eheh..

I want to give out a HUGE thank you to my good friend Dragonoficeandfire here. He lined the sketches for me after I drew them and made the page so much easier to make and get done, and I'm extremely grateful for his help! ^_^ Please give him a big thank you and appreciation for his generosity!