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Maverick Daze

A Mega Man X based sprite comic. Set in the year 22XX as the Hunters must face their most challenging threat yet!

Recent Comments

Mega Fan
September 28th, 2019
hey dude how are you
Turtle (Guest)
September 17th, 2018
This dude won't beat X. Especially not with Zero close behind. My guess is that they fight for a little bit, Zero shows up, dude reassesses the situation and runs like someone smart would do.
ZX (Guest)
August 8th, 2018
Ah great job.... The 4th wall's everywhere... Wahwee clean up your mess!
ZX (Guest)
August 8th, 2018
I forgot how much I enjoyed these comics. I do hope some of the comedy stays in this strip's remaster. It gives me a laugh.
Nice to see an update here, MasterTalon!
Makes sense that X would accept it, he spent most of his life seeing allies turning into enemies, and one of his greatest allies became his archfoe. X might deep down believe that one day, he too, will turn Maverick and need put down.
@MasterTalon: Good to have you back Talon!
I honestly do believe that X will accept being hunted. If the world changed it's view on him, doesn't mean he wouldn't fight, but he would accept it. Heck, in the Zero series, we see some acceptance in his passive ways in the series, letting things go for the longest time until Zero came back.

Also, for those that don't know, this month, the X series will be released in a two part legacy collection for the current gen gaming consoles. So make sure to grab them and support the series! :D Maybe it'll help Capcom make Mega Man X9.
Good luck, man.
Welcome Back, Talon!
So after a year of nothing, I have returned. I am so sorry for the total lack of updates. The past year has been really bad. Lots of bad issues I've had to deal with. But I always intended to continue to keep the story going. And thus, today I have returned to this story.

As to the comic, I had to change up the background from the previous comics because I lost the previous background, so yeah. Whoops. Guess I forgot to save that one. But this is just a quick talkie to get back into the flow of things. So enjoy, and I hope to have another update soon.
@random fan: i didn't drink bleach. Sadly life got in the way big time. And I'm working on bringing it back. Just had a lot of really heavy things to deal with.
February 7th, 2018
Interesting how you basically predicted Super Saiyan Blue.
Did the auth drink bleach aain?
April 3rd, 2017
has nobody seen the crotch shot yet?!?
@SaberMoh: my thoughts exactly...
March 27th, 2017
to answer you, master-talon, i would've shot her face off.
*rape face*
March 27th, 2017