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Now with more BUTT!

A love story between half-troll/half-elf Jin Jin and night elf Ashclaw.

Contains BL/yaoi/gayness, approach with caution.

Warcraft fancomic.

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Ahh, Hannibal Rising. Gascard Uliel was a beautiful Hannibal.

Then again, I'm just a weirdly psychopathic WoW player that can't get dates for a Saturday night to save my soul. -prances off-
I... I approve. Yeeeeeeee, WoW comics! -snugglelick- First page and I already 500% approve 'cause my two loves are combined in one.

Troll and Elf? Heck yes.
When is the next update. I'm dieing over here XD
No nyt näyttää hyvältä xD
damn and i thought my butt was white lol
LOL I hope that face eventually turns into "DO WANT."

I'm glad this comic is possibly back :D I missed.
Lol, yay this was a nice update! XD
What...? It's been almost six months and we still have followers? You deserve a butt.


Now then... Lots of things has happened during this hiatus and I'm not sure if Inna & Häris still want to do this anymore, but I know I want. I didn't forgot this or you guys.

I might explain what happened later, but now.. Enjoy some butt.

Ashclaw, supporting rape since 2012.
"He just kept talking in one long incredibly unbroken sentence"

".. moving from topic to topic, so that no one had a chance to interrupt, it was really quite hypnotic." <-- the Picard rap.

I don't know if you did that intentionally, but it made me LOL. I love Jean Luc!
Shows me the nudies

Awkward pause time! :D
Have I ever mentioned how cute I find this comic to be? I love it! :D
"Wha eye no see, heart no leap"
means that something terrible could happen
but if you don't see it, you are not frightened.


Ashclaw's willpower does him credit.
... Or he's just a moron.
Oh noes, I hope he eats soon :(
they stiped him?
*looks back*
Just in case, if someone has forgotten:
The chibi panal soo cute=3
Oh, poor Voiran.

From now on we're trying to give two pages per week.
I'm trying to organize things so,
that we can give you one page every day on December (like an Advent calendar),
but I have no idea how that will work out.
Häris made these pages long time ago (Probably back in February,
when I was finishing beginning of the chapter one for the first time
[Published thing you see is redrawn version]).

She's not very fond to her own artwork, but I just love it.
I also like how she handles Voiran's personality in this chapter
(Well, he's her character, so it's only natural that she knows him...)

I like working with Inna and Häris. Without them, this comic wouldn't exist,
with their help I have learned new tricks and my art has improved.
I have also learned a thing or two,
what it's like to be a comic artist (with all the planning, scripting, scheduling etc)
I cherish dearly our friendship.

If you want to start a comic and you have friends who also wanna make comic, team up!
It's not always easy (because they will kick your butt, if you don't honor your end of the bargain),
but it's totally worth it.
Heeeey, a new chapter begins. As you might have already realized, I'm taking a scheduled break.
This beatiful piece of work is from Häris. She's drawing beginning of this chapter among other things
(actually, she's already finished it, but about that later).

Here's her smackjeeves account:

And she can be found from DA:
You can find more of her lovely TPD-art from there.

This is her first time drawing this comic, so be nice to her like you have been nice to me.
I will stay on the background and keep throwing my "witty" comments.