20 Times Kirby!

20 kirbies, considered different from all the others by Kirby, go on a journey to find out their past... At least that's what Kirby wants, since he can't stand the fact of knowing nothing about them all. The answers come slowly, the suspense builds, and the question is, are they going to find out everything?

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He didn't say all that in the first place because the audience needs a recap. Duh.
Rubber swords? It's like the person who made the switch wasn't even trying to cover it up!

Also, just a recommendation, I think the sound effect, *Bop* would be more appropriate fore rubber on whatever-kirbies-are-made-of.

I haven't changed anything on those pages yet, but that's what I plan on working next. Those are extremely outdated and the Extras page badly needs to be formatted better. Hopefully now that I know more HTML, CSS and JavaScript than I knew back when I originally created those pages, I can make them look a lot better (and I'm thinking of formatting the Characters page better in the future too, but that's not priority right now).
@Gigi19972010: I'm not sure which small things you changed, but when looking around the site to see if I could notice anything off, I did see that a lot of images are broken or outdated on the Links and Extras pages.
idk this page was funnier in my head

I changed again some small things on the site. If you see that I broke it for you, let me know how and I'll try my best to fix it.
im percy's squint tbh same
@Elemental Kirby:

Nah, that's indeed a typo, whoops... I'll go ahead and fix that. Thanks for noticing and telling me.
the kanata is the most important artifact of the franchise.
Panel 3:You technically just did, Kirby

Did Kirby mishear Katana? Or was it a speeling mistake? Sorry if it was an inconvenience me pointing this out, just like to know the facts.*sweat drop*
@TheJGamer: Nah, Kirby was just finding is heart beat.
...why is everything happening at once?! Kirbies with books, missing katanas, disappearing XXI's...
Panel 3: awkward.
Kirby, you literally interrupted them to ask if you could interrupt them.
Inb4 all the alt kirbies disappeared.
Yeah, that's just a small detail you mentioned, Yan.

hello remember that Q&A blog I made? I like answering questions, please send more questions, thanks http://ask20timeskirby.tumblr.com/
Yes Percy! I love yo-yos!
What could have possibly happened? And who will win the race?
yes kirby you got sidetracked go back to what you were doing

Maybe you've already noticed by now, but I finally after years updated the image for the Author's Comments with Gigi's new design. I also changed some few small things on the site layout, but they are so minor that maybe you won't even notice. There are still some things I want to change or remake in the site so, whenever I do that, I'll let you guys know.
I feel you, Natty. That seems to happen a lot, not just with Birdons.