20 Times Kirby!

20 kirbies, considered different from all the others by Kirby, go on a journey to find out their past... At least that's what Kirby wants, since he can't stand the fact of knowing nothing about them all. The answers come slowly, the suspense builds, and the question is, are they going to find out everything?

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Oh, thanks! I had thought that, for some part, I had not done a very good job with them here.


I'm not really sure if I'd do another comic, although I've already thought before of doing some mini side stories expanding a bit the story of some Kirby games. Planet Robobot's has a lot of potential to be expanded, so maybe, in the future, I could do something, but really, only time will tell.
Gigi, it would be cool if you did a comic dealing with Kirby: Planet Robobot. Although, I suppose you would have to go through the other games.

Hey there, and thanks!
It's me, from r/kirby...
Great job so far! This is a good read!
Wait... What does the painting have to do with it?

Also, great expression work, Gigi!

I celebrated it by actually getting a NNID and getting Team Kirby Clash Deluxe!
Magic always makes things make more sense honestly.

Also the Kattana was stolen, witch was probably Xiaolin as well.
I celebrated it by slaying Tougher: Ice Dragon
I like making things too obvious, right, right

Also, happy early birthday to Kirby!
Ooh secrets! Ooh stories! Ooh Claire is awesome!
Oh good, this.
More like miniature walls of text split into three panels that en up puzzling Anny.
Isa didn't say exactly WHO it was though, so it may be the person who stole that book.
@TheJGamer: Yes, yes it is. And Clare.
Interesting... I wonder if, if someone happens to be standing in front of a door, that means someone else can't go through it...
It's really ONLY A MATTER OF TIME (I love bad puns <3) 'til we find out what Kirsy's planning.

The next group will break this pattern, spoilers~


Even after her redesign? They still look similar but they're more different now.

Yeah, I've been playing the game when I have some time. It's pretty fun.


Thanks! This was just so cute I couldn't resist making an avatar of it.