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20 Times Kirby!

20 kirbies, considered different from all the others by Kirby, go on a journey to find out their past... At least that's what Kirby wants, since he can't stand the fact of knowing nothing about them all. The answers come slowly, the suspense builds, and the question is, are they going to find out everything?

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Not related, but...
How come the ask blog hasin,t updated in a while
also Kirby in the second to last panel : ooooooohhhhhhh sssshhhhyyyyyyiiiiiaaaatttt.
I read all your comics In this week I am addicted

thats some timing

i think zero is coming back
I wonder how good their phone service is over there.
Oh hey, Ribbon. There might be an answer somewhere.
...Looks like we know what's being used for that thing now.
Star Allies looks cool, but I am hyped for Smash 5 I can't contain myself. WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOIOIIOIIIIIOOIOOOOOOOO.
These Ribbon sprites were on the same sheet as Adeleine's, so that's why they look so similar. Anyway, yeah, that's her, interrupting for something important.
20 Fake Kirby's, each with a copy ability that is vulnerable to one of the XXI's
i have a switch toooooooooooooooooooo
@Gigi19972010: whats your code / name on the switch

i have zelda and splatoon im getting dragon ball xenoverse 2 next
(smash bros is coming on the switch)
Kirby does have a point there. Who are they fighting and why specific abilities? Who is that threatening to the whole planet if not the universe?
or rather
Ominous crescendo

Also, sorry but happy belated 21st birthday! And yes, the Direct was amazing!
Well Kirby, if you'd just wait like five more minutes interrupt, you would find out.
It's going to be a big boss?
I'm going to take a wild guess and say that Miracle Matter, or an entity of the same sort, will be around. That's why the specific Copy-Abilities are needed.
dun dun dun

Also the direct on my birthday was amazing and I'm super hyped for Star Allies I wonder if I can get it soon ahhhh
Happy Birthday!
Honestly I know who you are talking about and it is definitely going to make things really interesting for the Kirby universe. Which is why I love it so much, it's like each game is a story arc of an even bigger adventure, with new mechanics and character development!