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Black Sheep [comic]
Contains disturbing and/or violent images. I'm not held responsible for any repercussions you may get from reading this.

Black Sheep tells the story of a man delving into a hell personal to his own in his journey to unravel the secrets of Holm, a land of promised paradise and granted wishes.


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Comment on 0820
kuroi_hitsuji, 05 Sep 2015 02:06 pm
I've caught up <(ovo)/ yay

I went to check this comic out cuz
a.) similar titles of our comic
b.) I love psychological horror

Likin it so far, your art skill visibly improved. Noice job/
Comment on 0819
kuroi_hitsuji, 05 Sep 2015 02:05 pm
*Michael Jackson song plays*
Comment on 0809
kuroi_hitsuji, 05 Sep 2015 02:01 pm
......... *the irony of my previous post astounds me*
Comment on 0710
kuroi_hitsuji, 05 Sep 2015 01:56 pm
I love masks so its understandable that Smiley and Solemn are always cute to me
Comment on 0410
kuroi_hitsuji, 05 Sep 2015 01:41 pm
Sie Sind Das Essen Und Wir Sind Die Jager
*choir sings*
Comment on 0307
kuroi_hitsuji, 05 Sep 2015 01:35 pm
smiley's little tears make me smile
Comment on 0213
kuroi_hitsuji, 05 Sep 2015 01:32 pm
well that escalated quickly :))
Comment on 0820
Gadriann, 24 Jun 2015 05:05 pm
I like to think one of Dr Mango's pastimes is going to the Internet and try to learn new things regardless of what kind of junk he learned.
Ohyea and don't forget to check out the contest! 1st prize is USD100!
Comment on 0818
Gadriann, 17 May 2015 06:14 pm
@Flora Wolf: And they probably love you back too. :3
Comment on 0818
Gadriann, 09 May 2015 02:27 am
Sorry for late update. I think I have to shift the update day to weekends. ;u;


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