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Tails Revenge (Restart)

A restart of my old comic "Tails Revenge." This comic is going to be alot better than that.
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8 Years Ago

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Rule No. 1
Always keep the comic title at Tails Revenge (Restart) (Number) unless I change it
Rule No. 2
Never add yourself to the comic. (Aqua made that mistake but I'm okay with it)
Rule No. 3
Do not change the plot.
Rule No. 4
Do not change the setting.
Rule No. 5
(Rule Removed)

Note: There might not be any removal of any comics there are posted. So double check it twice before you post any.

Rule No. 6
Always make sure to post on the current chapter/season the comics on. (unless you have permissions by Josephk)
Rule No. 7
Never change the banner (unless you have permission by Josephk)
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A restart of my old comic "Tails Revenge." This comic is going to be alot better than that.

Recent Comments

I too miss this comic...
suddenly tails has got a gun
I miss this comic.
Some team I have -_-
Why are the other co-authors so lazy? Just update.
Can't believe she didn't see that coming
I'm sorry, I need to get STC finished. Come on other Co-Authors, update please.
I'm busy too so I can't update either
Someone update for me, I'm busy.
Co. Authors, read the alt text. It's something you all need to know.
Knuckles is just assuming that. I kind of wanted to make him seem arrogant in this issue. You will find out who wins next issue. :)
Weak? Not a chance.
Knuckles apparently doesn't know about anything that happened in the game Tails' Adventures. Tails could punch through rocks in that game, as well as spindash (No matter how little sense that makes, it is one of his abilities.), use a hammer like Amy's (Which returns in Sonic Advance 3), and summon bombs from nowhere.
Then there's the things he has in other games, his laser cannon, and that his tails are just as strong as him punching something.
Sorry about my delay. I'm testing new speech bubbles, hopefully this one is better.
Sorry I'm making the next issue right now.
I still don't know how to use PSN.
It was easy when I read it.
All of you can update you know.
Kinda hard to read but still nice.
.....But when I introduce my charas its a problem
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