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Fruit Machine

"I'm in love, and I'm revelling in it!"

Fruit Machine is a story about love, youth, art education, and the pitfalls that go along with these things.

In the blink of an eye Jason Fellows falls in love for the first time. And with this revelation comes many tricky new questions. But Jason has never been a wallflower and, naive though he is in matters of the heart, he becomes determined to win the affections, or at the very least the attentions, of his beloved: Sheridan.

However, determined not to be the object of Jason's fantasy, Sheri rises to meet Jason's onslaught of charm blow for blow. And so begins a clash of wills: with Jason struggling to understand the truth about his feelings, and Sheri striving to bring them to a head. With their friends and classmates looking on, the two begin a social orbit of each another, one that can only result in collision.

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not finished and even hasn't begin bl. So saad...
November 23rd, 2016
super nice!
November 23rd, 2016
November 23rd, 2016
whaaat whaaat
This seems to update very erratically now. I'm hoping to buy the books at some time....
Oh Hey! it updated. I hope you come back to this comic later, i try to keep tabs on it to see if anything has happened.
Well now... WHAT'S THIS?!

It's WASP week! That means its time for this old webcomic to get a makeover, courtesy of the manga tour de force that is Chie Kutsuwada (eeek!).

It's so exciting to have Chie drawing my characters, she's an amazing creator. You can find her work here:

And be sure to keep an eye on the other comics coming up on the WASP roster:
The "cya next time" at the top kills me a bit inside. Pretty please tell us whats hAPPENING TO YOU!
November 20th, 2015
Gorgeous page
I love this page! Such a good one to make so beautiful. I remember so many times sitting around drinking to vinyls. *feels*
"fresh air"
OH I'm in LOVE with that last PANEL!!
I really love this comic like crazy- I got all the books and just keep checking for updateeeesssss ;w; I hope it will continue sometime! /waits for years to come/
I just need to know what happens with these two!
I love this comic, and hope it updates soon <3
Love this, I love yow it ties n with the current chapter, andnjst how mh I can relate to it!! This is so true to london hahaha! XD it was amazing to see these characters I terporated by Paula too, just as expressive as your art ahhhhh :'D amazing!!!
*sigh* FM is making me feel nostalgic for London now~
I read this last week and it was like...omg the second to last panel...SO FUNNY I was laughing so hard! XDD
AMAZING divider, aaah all the recognizable buildings~
@Helena Rose HEY! I scripted these two pages and (as it says at the top of the page in big capital letters :D) they were drawn by Paula Albaneze. Have a look at her comic HMS croc Doctor! Link's in the description.

@Earthfield I LOVE what Paula's done ^^ Very chuffed
Looks really good, and also funny =)
Page 2 of Paula Albaneze's special guest feature. GO READ HER COMIC:

Cya next time matey ;D