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Pokemon Adobencha!

Pokemon Adobencha!

by MR.Zoet
Flower, being born and raised as a pokemon woke up one day as a human being.
A few years later she decided to go on a journey as a pokemon trainer.
After a few victories she came in touch with Team Rocket. Reconising her talent as a pokemon trainer they forced her into joining their team.
She has been a member of Team Rocket for a while now. But now it's finally time for her to break free and to continue her pokemon journey!
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Pokemon Adobencha!

Flower, being born and raised as a pokemon woke up one day as a human being.
A few years later she decided to go on a journey as a pokemon trainer.
After a few victories she came in touch with Team Rocket. Reconising her talent as a pokemon trainer they forced her into joining their team.
She has been a member of Team Rocket for a while now. But now it's finally time for her to break free and to continue her pokemon journey!


Recent Comments

And I was actually, looking forward to reading this, too. :(
Always wondered how this would end! I also kinof find it funny how all you comics exist in a shared universe.
Well hello there!
I’ve noticed that on rare occasions people still manage to find this comic and read it.
I have no plans on continuing this comic.
So I wanted to just give some closure to the people who are curious, and to myself, by telling you guys some important details of how the story would’ve went etc.

The original idea for the story that, together with another comic in the same universe, it would kinda be one giant puzzle to piece together what’s going on, and how and why Flower is a human and Team Rockets role in it. I’m now gonna tell everything in one go, which kinda ruins it but hey, it’s better than nothing ^^’

Anyway let’s start!

I’ll start by giving this link to my unfinished comics that take place in the same universe (don’t worry, they’re all very short) -->
They all take place in the same universe, but at a different time.
Neo Team Rocket at the beginning, TR recruit in the middle and pokémon Untitled at the end of the timeline. And pokémon Adobencha would’ve taken place somewhere in the middle.
(TR recruit taking time in the same world and being about TR, but not so much about the hybrid stuff, so it can be ignored)

So to explain Flowers origins, I’m gonna start where the first comic in the timeline, Neo Team Rocket, kinda starts.
It takes place right after the RBY protagonist has defeated Giovanni and he leaves Team Rocket shattered.
Only a few Rockets remain. They desperately try to revive Team Rocket, one of them being a smart scientist guy.
Scientist guy thinks he’s found a way to make TR relevant again. He managed to create a machine able to transform specific pokémon into humans, while keeping their pokémon powers!
With their human ratio and pokémon strength they would certainly benefit TR! There was only one downside. In order for the transformation to be a succes the original pokémon had to be shiny! (because something, something, DNA, something I can’t remember)
This is when he and a few of the remaining grunts start a hunt for shiny pokémon to take them to the hideout to transform, and then train and sorta brainwashing them to become vicious and think of TR as their home and life. (Persian girl in the Neo TR comic being the first one)

The fever dream Flower has at the beginning of chapter one is a vague memory of her getting captured by Team Rocket.

During her escape in chapter 1 Flower tries to also free her old pokémon. During a fight in which all her pokémon are restrained she accidentally thunderbolts everyone. Shocked by realizing she can still use her powers she tries using her attacks, this time on purpose, but it doesn’t work. Confused, she and her pokémon, barely manage to escape the base at the end of chapter 1 with the help of the random trainer with the dragonite. She tries to get her life back together and continue being a trainer.

In the following chapters she tries to just live her life, training her pokémon and also tries to train herself using her powers, but can’t seem to know how to in this body. She gets several run-ins with Rockets who’d try to force her back to the team with several close calls where she’d be taken into the base again. She would sometimes see other hybrids there, the first encounter being the most important.
The first encounter would’ve been with the Persian hybrid, who’d become the most serious threat to Flower. But they start out with a somewhat normal conversation.
In short: Persian asks Flower if she’s a new hybrid, with Flower reacting super shocked at seeing the Persian hybrid. There are others?! And they’re in Team Rocket too?! The Persian seems confused. Isn’t this common knowledge?
Flower flips at her; Why would a pokémon willingly be in TR? TR is horrible!
The Persian looks confused again, but then smirks; Oh I see, this little rodent needs to be taught a lesson. And proceeds to attack Flower realizing she’s against TR.
The Persian, like all other hybrids trained by team Rocket, controls her pokémon powers perfectly, and has no problem taking Flower down. It is just by chance that she managed to escape.
The Perisan girl was the first, and thus the most powerful, hybrid. In pokémon Adobencha she’s very intimidating, especially because she sees chasing Flower as just a fun, but deadly, cat and mouse chase.
Another hybrid that would also be sent to chase/capture her occasionally would be a male houndoom hybrid.

In an emotional moment where she meets Daisy again ( the woman who “found” and raised her), it is revealed that Daisy was an ex-team rocket member and didn’t just find her unconscious on some route, but actually took her away from the hideout before the brainwashing thing occurred.
She decided to raise her, AKA teach her how to be human, because she felt bad for her previous actions as a TR worker.

Before this, Flower wasn’t aware of the brainwashing thing and just assumed all the other hybrids she had seen before were just massive douchebags. It is strange for her realizing there were other hybrids, and that she, like them could’ve been this brainwashed into living as basically a slave to Team Rocket. She vows to put an end to this and let the others know they have a choice in how they want to live.

So there’s gonna be this moment where’s she’s trapped for a while with the Houndoom guy and they have an interesting conversation. (Houndoom guy actually saved Flower’s life one time because he felt pity for her when the Persian hybrid was beating her up. And he really dislikes the feline hybrid, so he disrupted her plan) The conversation doesn’t immediately turn into a friendship, but more a mutual understanding.
The story would’ve build upon that and eventually he would’ve become the first hybrid to join Flower in her cause and also become her looooove interest. He’s also the first one to teach her how to properly summon and use her pokémon powers in this body as they train together to help the rest of the hybrids.

The rest of the comic basically would’ve been them fighting off TR and trying to get more hybrids on their side. And EVENTUALLY also the Persian hybrid decides she is powerful enough to do what she wants, and wants to at least TRY living a regular life and maybe train herself some pokémon.
Which is where pokémon Untitled starts which means I CAN STOP WRITING NOW WOOOO

Okay, this was longer than I expected. I have no idea if people will actually read this or be interested in this, but now at least I kinda feel somewhat relieved that I put the story out there in one way or another.
@danv.2: Unfortunately, it is discontinued.
hey is there any more? I wanna know how she tured human.
January 11th, 2015
@Lady Darkrina: Haha, pikachu's are so cute <3
Aww what a cute pikachu xD
The worst comic page in the history of COMIC PAGEEEEEESSSS!!!

I'm sorry
Because honestly

This page has been sitting in my computer for like
A really long time
Of course I understand, just do what's best and take your time~ After all, you are the author of your own comic and no one has the right to be demanding things from you.
Um, hi!
I know I haven't touched this comic in about two years, and I'm not happy about that.
I still like the comic and I do want to continue it.
Since I have some more time this summer I might update a new page in a few weeks, but I'm not promising anything! D: ( I don't wanna disappoint anyone if I faaail )

Updates will probably remain very scarce..
I'm sorry if this comic looks so dead, I really am.
I wish I had more time to work on stuff like this.

When I started this comic I was still in high school, and I had super much spare time, now I have a study and a job, so I just have less time to work on this.

Anyway, just a heads up so people understand I haven't given up on this yet! c:

I hope you all understand :<
when are you continuing? I really miss this comic.
Please continue. It's not often I actually find an author with an original idea for their work. The art is well done as well.
November 21st, 2012
its a fuzzy quilava! :3
November 21st, 2012
yays a pichu :3
November 21st, 2012
*gasp* it cracked D:
November 21st, 2012
:o on noooooes its rolling!
A raichu! :o *gasp! omg one of meh fav pokemon! why dident i see this comic earlier?
YEEEESSSSS! You must not abandon your comic! Those who abandon comics have betrayed all of their fans. And I love you comic! Keep it up! (Artwork is fab!)
Wow, first time reading this thing and already I love it. Can't wait for the next update XD