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An awesome jumble of various short-story comics by various artists and writers.

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Looking forward to you guys' new pages. ^_^
PPFFFFAAAHHH The Artwork Is even WorSt that It Was BeFor >;( Thsi Is TerrIble Why HaVe thet Awesome Art from the pRevious page And then stiCk with the crappy MS Paint arty
Thanks Gaiadarkstar! Glad you like it!!

B.Cor, no worries man. Was fun stepping in, considering, last time, my partner didnt even send me a story, lol.

And nah, we just work different. Im sure you would have blown me away in your comic approach :D
On this page, the guy who was on the rock, with the walrus hood, turns into a walrus and dives into the water. And the guy on the ship falls in after.

Kinda hard to depict. The storm got him!
Yeah.... It gets a little fuzzy even for me, lol.

Enjoy the pretty picture?
Not really sure what happened.
ooh I love the colors and the soft impressionistic style. Really awesome.
Originally, Sarah, B.Cor and I were a trio. B.Cor had some real-life stuff to take care of, so Seage stepped up. I hope you enjoy this snippet of Sarah's fantastic faerie tale and Seage's painted style.
I know, I was joking
May 12th, 2011
Thats why it says, "like"

She meant the comic before this one,
May 11th, 2011
one other person posted a comic...
Artist's Roulette - Arcanum
In case you couldn't tell, that is a generic website advertising a generic game, promptly crashing the generic laptop as a generic avatar (me) clicks said ad and is presented with a generic crash screen whilst I curse a generic operating system.
Also, I have generic cat ears.
And this art is generically terrible. I warned you all.
And my name is generically hidden somewhere in the comic. Not my real name, mind you.

Japanese Revolver - flickr
South Park (don't like the series- parodied meme is funny however)
NOT the loading screen... computers don't load that way
A website that I'm sure all of you have been to
February 13th, 2011
and we're done
This comic represented a what if question someone asked me,
Friend:"What if this zombie craze just kinda got to someone at the wrong time?"
Me:"You mean like, Halloween?"
thus=short story comic.

Got to tell you right now, Sbdrag is a blast to work with, she definatly got the humor, constantly kept me up to date with how the comic was going, and linked me to her stream for me to see the comic in process, while at the same time was looking for me to critique it. In other words, I would like to work with her again in this Roulette soon. (also she'll most likely hate me for this but she's downright adorable)
February 12th, 2011
xD Nice!
Yey, for the first piece of Artist's Roulette. You two, rock! <3
February 11th, 2011
page two. sorry i'm not very good at actiony scenes... like running up and down stairs...

art by: me
story by: Skweeman
February 11th, 2011
it's finished! well, Skweeman had no complaints, so it should be finished...

art by: me
story by: Skweeman