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A comic about sonic and the gang getting into trouble (Big surprise there) on new adventures!


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When is the next one out
@Matt the Fox: I know, right? BTW got a new computer for Christmas, IT'S AWESOME.
So that finishes off the Seven Days of Christmas, meaning that Christmas is tomorrow! Happy Holidays to the people who still read this comic, possibly a Christmas and/or New Year special coming up...POSSIBLY being the key word. Again, Happy Holidays, and thanks for reading.
And here's today's comic, on time. The last one of the Seven Days of Christmas is tomorrow.
Sorry that this one is a day late, but as consolation, you'll get two for today.
@.:AuraX:.: I feel the same way when a giant one is hurtling at my face.
@Matt the Fox: Okie Dokie Loki! <img src=" uot; />

...don't know why it's not get the point.
@Matt the Fox: I heard. And thank you for spotting the one in the comic. The problem with the How To video was that we had to download the font from online, so when we typed it in, it was incredibly small, so you couldn't see much of what you were typing, and when you see it in the presentation, the font itself is hard to read.
@Da J Man: Oh yeah, speaking of typos, there were several in your How To video in school.
@Matt the Fox:


Typo, it says od in the first panel instead of of.
In case the picture is too small, here are the pictures on each of the shirts (Mouse over to see which is which):

<img src=" who_tardis_talking_cookie_jar_closed.jpg" title="Top left" />

Top right: It's just a sprite of Rainbow Dash.

<img src=" g" title="Bottom left" height="500" width="300" />

<img src=" _Large_1313854582918_A.jpg" height="300" width="300" title="Bottom right" />
@Matt the Fox: ...Point taken.
@Da J Man: You're forcing Sonic to do this. Consider it revenge.