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Junk someone named ClareSilver47 made

Now with 8999% more cheese and 300% more laziness

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I'm going to start drawing again, and I'm going to go back to R0llage

I've decided to pool my efforts into one comic that is sure to hold my interest somewhat
November 26th, 2013
I've been pretty busy with school as of late, especially since I'm taking a painting class. I've been busy trying to do the paintings for the past two months and now I have finals coming up. Don't expect me to do any work on my sprite comics for a long time

In fact I'm considering looking for an artist who can do Sonic style. I have a few story ideas that I've been itching to pitch
I was looking through some old webcomics that are now dead and the authors who left SJ. Well Quite a number of people are leaving now, but I just had a thought. If everyone good leaves, then who will stick around to foster the next generation of spriters? So I've decided that I should stick around and try to make that possible with making my own comics. Since the only really big spriters to influence my generation left are Shard and Zman (and maybe Snurple, Djoing and a handful of others) are mostly people who excel at custom sprites, characters, and story lines, exception being Snurple who is excellent at effects, I decided I should get my ass around to making webcomics again.
I was nice of people like Ultimate, Mist, and others to (pretend) to help me, so now I should get my ass to making some great webcomics with the best effects I can offer and try to see if I can size up to MageFX and Leo, some of the greatest effect spriters we have ever seen
Hey, Hey, remember that the last comic I took seriously was when I was still part of Haunted House: Survivors like two years ago?
Well since I'm working on that Shard the 'Mecha' Sonic sheet, I decided I should make a comic where I can use it. And well, since the sheet isn't done, I decided to go ahead with another idea of mine. The only problem is that since I've been out of the loop for so long, I lost most of my background sprites, so I need help finding some of Shopping Districts, Back Alleys, Offices, Buildings, Forests, so forth. Basically anything that I can't find in Sonic games

Oh, also, today is the 12th anniversary 9/11
Remember the lives of the innocents, firemen, and police officers in the collapse of the World Trade Centers
@Shard: Shard is a 'Mecha' Sonic from the Archie comic books series, but I'm sure you deduced that much from the little reference picture XD
August 21st, 2013
but this looks nothing like me
Ok, I started a custom Shard sprite a long time ago, but it's been so long I'm sure there are some sprites for him already, but I amused myself by trying to make a sprite as close as possible to him as possible. The picture in the corner is what I used for reference while making this sprite, but I'll have to get to the arms another day. If you ask me, I did a pretty damn good job
Gee, I got 1 new sprite after a year

I've actually decided to do something, hence the slow updates of my sprites (I did that sprite in 10 minutes cuz I had to get the sprites again and that hair is hard to do :P)

This means that I will now create a new sheet for a new Kirby FC I have planned who will both compliment and act as a foil for Mercy
I decided to start a sprite project. I'm working on creating a sprite for Shard the Metal Sonic, at the moment I'm using a custom Neo Sonic Sprite for the base so I can get the design first.
My sleep deprived state must have something to do with this.
I'm doing this school, what am I thinking?
I think it's been over a year since I've last done a sprite project, i dunno, I was up til 3 doing an English Project
Whoa, it's been over 3 months since I updated here. That's a quarter of a year! SO I threw something together to prove that I am still alive and well.

I am currently not spriting because I really don't care for it at the moment. Since I gotta keep this alive (though I'm fairly active in [Cement]) I'll update every now and then with sketches and pictures
So Clare.... Like wus goin' on gurl, you alive o' wut?
A waterdrop I made on photoshop, I use an actualy picture of a waterdrop for reference, hence the leanse flare
weeeee, I may be a Sonic and Kirby Spriter, but doesn't mean I can't draw Pokemon!
Another re-imagined version of Pikachus, where they're even smaller than in my previous picture.

I've been toying with shading and such and I'm pretty happy with this picture
Yes I did a slight redesign, since it's been over a year that I did anything to Clare herself. I'll get around to finishing the redesigns for my other 'characters' that really sort of sucked. Then I'll make like 5 more and then I'll never make sprites for them until 5 years later.

And also, since can't color or paint, I used pencil shading with smudging. Yayz
It's been a while since I've updated my sprites, so I've added a few new ones

I really need to add more poses in
March 28th, 2012
I figured out how to give my text an outline
Rather explanatory
yeah, I was thinking of doing something like that. I think I'll base the stuff on real life animals
Try making humans feed upon Magikarp and Miltank, and some big predators (Seviper, Skarmory, Fearow) eating stuff like Rattatas, Raticates and maybe Metapods and Kakunas.