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A webcomic about life, love and epic quests.


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May 27th, 2013
Wewt! How exciting!
May 27th, 2013
New Comic!
Okay, so I'm away from my computer right now and I've been doing my best to shine up a website from the iPad and that is why the picture here is ugly. [EDIT: Shined and lovely]

Luckily, this site looks a lot lot better:

<img src="">

There will also be an official site paid for by donations from the lovely Surfersquid, which can be accessed at
Reach for the stars, heroes of Avanarnia!
Hey, you see those self-critisism and perfectionist punks over there? You do? KILL THEM AND THROW THEIR CORPSES OUT OF YOUR MIND! Your drawing is awesome like possum in a bossom eating a blossom (And I'll say the simplistic Totally KOTOR drawings were the best! XD)!

I hope I've filed my encouragment quota for today. So.... About that Totally Dragon Age strip....
*applauds* Very well done! I'm excited for more Runt and Candy and I sincerely hope that you'll find a way to manage the comic that satisfies you but doesn't tax your energy. You can do it!

Also, you'll never believe this but I actually happened to be on SJ's front page and saw Dust White on the "Recently Updated" list--I didn't even realize it was yours at first, I just got curious and clicked on it.

I'll advertise it on my own Pokemon comic!
And that's the end
Thank you all for joining me. Thus ends three years of intermittent work on this project. I'd like to thank you all for your support and encouragement.

So, yes, starting next Monday, Runt and Candy return! More details next week. In the meantime, I'm afraid I've got a Mandarin exam to prioritise, which is why they're two weeks later than I promised! Sorry!

I'm feeling quite emotionally fragile with regards to my art at the moment, so giving you more Runt and Candy is a choice I don't make lightly. But I want to tell the story of their next adventure, and so I'm going to try to put my perfectionism aside and hope that I can push to keep drawing. Any encouragement you can give me will be greatly appreciated.

In the meantime, a new comic starts today: just for funsies, I'm making a Wild West Pokemon comic:

<img src="">

This isn't the first time I've tried a Pokemon comic, but last time I was making it on someone else's terms - long episodic strips don't suit me very well. This time I'm going back to my roots to create a three-panel comic that'll update twice a week.

Can I just say, super huge awesome thanks to Surfersquid for finding it in under 24 hours without my having advertised it anywhere? You rock!

Anyways, This is it for Special least for now. I've got ideas for future adventures, but I'm taking a break for a while because three comics is a bit too much to handle. So in true webcomic form, let's not call this an ending: this is an indefinite hiatus.

Until next time, adieu.
Farewell, heroes of Nar- Avalon!
As a matter of fact, events and other people does change us, but is true that they seldom do it inmedeately, like they do in fantasy tales.
That's why in the Chronicles of Narnia books, the narrator says there is "something in the air" (probably magical residue and wizard radiation waste) that made anyone who entered on Narnia become more energic and resolved during their stay.
Also, we should not forg- "You're too busy making out with an elf."? Is he talking to Apple or Gwen?
I've really enjoyed your auto biographical comic, and look forward to more Runt and Candy, as well as your long anticipated "Totally Dragon Age"!
You are awesome!
Bah, I can completely understand when and english-er is supporting their own politicians, so let's make a deal:
I'll keep my rudeness and grumpyness to myself outside of face-to-face interactions. Sounds good? :)
Almost there
There will be a second epilogue next week, but yeah. That's the story.

The whole point of the story is that sometimes things don't go as you'd expect. Sometimes love doesn't triumph, sometimes saving the day is all you can hope for and afterwards you return to your ordinary life, sans greatness.

Basically the message is this: events don't change you. You change you. So if Winston's too cowardly or Allen's too quiet, if April's too pushy and Larry can't get the girl...they're not going to shine just because they got given an opportunity. It takes a lot of courage and inner strength to reach out and grab your destiny and become queen of Avalon, as Apple did, and in her case that strength was a part of her long before she got involved with a magical adventure.

This hasn't been the perfect story. I've failed in a lot of ways, but hopefully you enjoyed those elements that I got right.

I honestly don't know what to do next. This is a big period of transition for me in a number of ways: my university degree's nearly done and so I've started job-hunting. To be honest, I have less time than ever for drawing comics, but more potential projects in my mind than I know what to do with. More Special Level, Runt and Candy, a Pokemon Wild West story based on Taken, the charming feel-good story of a girl and her six-year-old clone, Kung Fu adventure comedy... I don't really know what to focus on next.

I know I promised more Runt and Candy starting this week. I'm just not sure if I need a bit of a break first. If maybe there are other projects I need to work on. I've made a few Runt and Candy pages ready to go, but the time involved in making them is more than I can spare on a biweekly basis - I think I'm the victim of my own perfectionism and I've made the art so complicated that I just won't be able to find the time to make them regularly enough.

I think I'm a bit burnt out.

Watch this space, perhaps I'll make an announcement soon.
Sith Inquisitor, I didn't know you were from Argentina! Awesome!

Don't worry, there's no love lost between me and the late Mrs Thatcher. It's just a pun, nothing more: I don't think it's right to put my own political opinions forward in comic form. I'm certainly not trying to present Thatcher as some kind of hero. The Falkland war just seemed like the best event to hang this joke on.

So we can still be friends :)
Winston (and his closest friends) strike a burn once again!
As for the murder comic, that's got to be the youngest priest I've ever seen!
I'm from Argentina.....
..... And a fan of your comics since you were still doing totally KOTOR, so, uh, well, this is akward.
Hey, I love the adventures of Mitch, needs more crazy adventure and joking, though.
Aww poor Larry :( Love the Murder comic By the way,
If I had any idea how to use tumblr I would follow you:)
I'm sorry this page is a week late - actually, though, looking at it, I think it's far better for my having pondered it for a little longer. Good to know.

Originally they were going to reappear in the middle of their living room, but then I remembered - I'd drawn a house for them, well over a year ago, for the purpose of another comic I'd scrapped, which I'd never shown off. So I figured, when am I ever going to use this again?

It's based off my house from my second year of university - I say based off, our house didn't have a nice garden or a tree, it was just one of a long row of terraces. So I decided to make this one look slightly nicer.

I drew another Tumblr comic. If you're not following me yet, you should be:

<img src=" SgAo1rphxw2o1_500.png">
Whoo, thanks for the shoutout! :D And I'm super excited for the return of Runt and Candy! I love their new looks.
Apologies for the lack of Special Level comic: I have a Mandarin exam in a few hours. Please instead accept this preview strip for my new Runt and Candy comic, which will begin on the 16th of May - that's less than a month away! Woo!

So, decision-time for Special Level. The story will wrap up around the same time that Runt and Candy's comic starts, so I'm switching over to make that my priority. I'm not going to say that Special Level is finished - I have plenty more ideas for stories with these characters, but it's not the right time right now. I have too much else going on, too many other ideas I want to explore. So after the end of the current story, Special Level will go on hiatus. BUT, I'm going to do something similar to the end of Totally Crossover and post a unique story in its own universe after things wrap up. This time it's going to be my university Intro to Comic Arts 16-page story Drop Dead Gorgeous.

So, to recap: Special Level finishes soon, new comic story afterwards, Runt and Candy back in May. Whoop whoop.

Now, a couple of shout outs: first, fan art from Surfersquid:

<img src=" _chan-d61u3f4.png" width="500">

Surfersquid is awesome. You can read her comic by clicking the banner below:

<img src=" quot;>

And, finally, my Tumblr! I'm posting regular exclusive comics on it again! Follow me!

<img src=" hkdd1rphxw2o1_1280.png">
April 16th, 2013
I'm back on Tumblr! New account now:

Follow me for exclusive comics!
April 15th, 2013
Hey everyone! I wanted to draw your attention to a fun comic I found a few weeks ago. The story changes according to reader input, so go over there and suggest what should happen next!

<img src="">

Anyone else who'd like me to pimp their comic out, send me a private message.
April 10th, 2013
Bwahaha poor Allen. His dreams have been fulfilled and crushed all in one comic.
Hang in there, Winston! XD
Poor guards. Besides, one would think they would still be mindless thralls to the wizard, but whatever.
And praise be to the squid that surfs!!!!