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September 17th, 2017
Will they have have weed
@Extremmefan: thats rude leave this pag,e alone
April 20th, 2015

Seriously, Mine's better, even though it hasn't updated in FRIGGIN' SIX MONTHS!
@Cy-Ty: YOU'RE THE TROLL HERE! He's simply giving nice advice! Look at my comic, and you'll see even the very first pages have good grammar and orthography, and can be funny, AND has speech bubbles.
Two stars instead of one because McDonalds advertisement.
@xXIMMORTALchaosXx: Also, please get better at grammar, and orthography... because you CAN make good jokes with good knowledge of language.
@xXIMMORTALchaosXx: Uh... *quotes some comics from Ultimate Yoshi, Gigi, Djoing, DHK...and even G.B.A.*
June 23rd, 2014
is thiscomic still living
How revolting...
Now, I am extraordinarily open minded when it comes to ones spiritual ignorance and use of alcohol, or marijuana. I understand many are too blinded by their own idiocy to accept The Lord's words as true, and I understand that some people simply do not mind poisoning their brains and becoming intelligible drunkards, or having the very vigor sapped from their bodies by such a odorous herb.

But this!? This is disrespectful! This is Holy Day celebrating the return of Jesus Christ, the Lord's only begotten son, and you decide to recognize the date of some children act of "rebellion" and "self definition" through debauchery?

I get home from morning service, decide to wish Shadowfan a happy Ester, and then I happen to see THIS? I'd expose more, but you are too far gone. I'm sorry but you are not worth my time and effort, I must be with my family.
You know what this needs? More Koffing. And more Waluigi, possibly Omega. Definately moar Scourge. Oh, and Link, this totally needs Link.
But what is happening next?
oh good youre actually back
wait a minute this is the same as #3
why did the comic stop
@Cy-Ty: hows he a troll for giving advice?
how does immortalCHAOS come up with this? i wish he would upload it himself though
why is sonic a genesis sprite but knuckles is from sonic advance
Troll comic is trololol