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Sprites of the Clockwork

Just some sprites of character I got.

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The new an improved Clockwork, along with an improved bio:
March 11th, 2011
Funny thing about that, after MJ's death, I decided to model Chris after him. Well, just the hat and the way he moves.
Ooo genie!

I want my wishes!

edit:wait he is a genie?aww now it's not funny anymore.
looks like a dancer
March 11th, 2011
Alex Maple. Chris's younger brother, and is a wolf genie. Alex has his own backstory on how became a wolf genie, but he keeps that to himself since it involves a love interest and a deal with a dark genie. Alex tends to talk in a sarcastic manner, usually at his older brother, and usually tries to keep Chris under control. Deep down, he's a nice guy. He also has a son named Latro, who is currently with Clockwork at this point. While Alex is a genie, he only uses his powers in an emergency or if the person requesting the wishes isn't a total jerk.

March 11th, 2011
Chris Maple's sheet. Not much to say, so when I get the chance I'll add a bio.

Which is now. Chris is a Psychic Detective who, along with his brother Alex, were orphaned at a young age, neither one knowing their parents. While Chris looks calm most of the time, usually just make slight jokes, pranks, and usually going into a small ramble where he babbles nonsense and quotes people, he tends to go into his dark side when he's either pushed to the limit or fighting someone he really hates, usually following a Joker version of Dark Comedy and his own twisted dark side of Tragedy.

When fighting, this makes Chris unpredictable and very dangerous, only because no one knows what Chris has planned.

He has also developed a psychic mind, usually being able to control the psychic aura he has in him and use it for fights.
Ohey I remember him
Universe is the eldest child in Clockwork's family, and is also the dumbest. Universe was orginally suppose to be the new ULTIMATE LIFEFORM, but a glitch in the system created the logic breaking creature that has a brain like a brick.

Of course, living to his name, Universe tends to break logic and use his shape shifting powers to confuse his opponents.
Glacia is the youngest daughter in Clockwork's family and the only cyborg in the family. True to her name, she's an ice user, but she's not cold hearted. She does, however, had some issues with anthros and organics, calling them "techno lackers". She's like the tomboy and/or rebel girl of the family and can pack quite a punch, and she's only 15 years old.

She also works as a part time secret merc due to her powers and skill in fighting, and currently works for G.U.N under the code name "Glace". When she doing work for G.U.N, she wears her battle suit with her mask. When she's just herself, she is seen without her mask. She can change her battle suit any time she wishes.
January 16th, 2011
Latro is Alex Maple's son, and Clockwork's "nephew". His name mean's "Hunter", since his father is a well known hunter and is known for his restruant McAlex's. Latro tends to try to act like his father, attempting to hunt anything that moves. Also, since his father is a wolf, Latro tends to go into his canine instincts and act like a puppy.
January 16th, 2011
Clockwork is known as the robot with personality. After being created by his creator Chris Maple, Clockwork left on his own terms to start his own life. During this time, Clockwork has become a scientist and inventor, creating his son Universe, his cyborg daughter Glacia, and his robotic butler D.O.U.G.

To this day, even though it is known who created Clockwork, Clockwork's age is still a mystery.
January 16th, 2011
D.O.U.G is the Data Overiding Universal Globe, and is Clockwork's personal butler. Although he's only two years old, he is as mature as Clockwork. He is also outfitted with a laser blaster for self defense. This is also Clockwork's attempt to make a robot with personality, and with this, D.O.U.G tends to show annoyance to some organics and show loyality to Clockwork.