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Chapter 2: Cover
So ends Chapter 1!
Check out for Chapter 2.
I think I missed last week.... sorry!
this is looking awesome~
Sorry, I missed Tuesday's update. Here it is. - For Chapter Two (and newer updates) for chapter two
Have a great weekend, homies!
Gooood morning!
Dudes. I just got the print copy of CH 1. and I'm dying because it's so cool to have a physical copy of my comic in my hand.
These sisters are so cute
I love this cover!
Sorry it's so late in the day. I always forget to update SJ. ;)

Happy Tuesday!
Just decided to upload this today because why not?
Read the most recent pages at
@The_mad_one: You're right. Thank you.
Tip: The correct way to write it is "Whose side am I on?"
February 26th, 2013
I hope you'r enjoying the rewritten version of Neau. More pages at
January 30th, 2013
Lovely cover very beautiful I will keep an eye out on this <3<3