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Westbury Detectives
After his ex-girlfriend's accident, young Manhattan investigator Jack Arthur is transferred to an independent detective agency in Nassau County. At the same time, up-and-coming mob boss Pinhead Miyamoto is determined to avenge the murder of his adopted father.

As the violent attacks on detectives and civilians increase, Jack is thrown into a violent rivalry with Miyamoto, finding he may be the only man able to keep the village from falling apart...

Updated unevenly. Warnings for violence and mild sexual situations.


Latest Comments

Comment on 05
AKHTS (Guest), 02 Dec 2014 04:16 pm
I definitely love Rachel's expression on the "smooth and seamless" panel though. That damn satisfied smile. XD Too bad for them it didn't last long.
Comment on 01
Fauna, 01 Nov 2013 01:23 am
And we're back! I'm so sorry for the delay; I work full time while taking four university courses. I promise to update frequently now!
Comment on 16
Anna (Guest), 23 Dec 2012 08:40 pm
Enjoyed catching up on your comic. Find it engaging and interesting reading!!!
Comment on 14
Guest, 01 Dec 2012 03:01 pm
I like this curious twist in the plot.
Comment on 12
Guest, 17 Nov 2012 05:37 am
Gotta love those facial expressions1
Comment on 06
AKHTS (Guest), 07 Oct 2012 06:50 pm
Ha, nice Rick cameo there. XD
Comment on 02
Fauna, 16 Sep 2012 01:35 am
Meet Jason. He's about to walk into a Pinhead-coated beartrap. This could have been prevented if he had a sassy gay friend. (Still Pinhead.)
Comment on 16
Uncle Fester, 05 Aug 2012 05:25 am
We can always use a few police officers like Jack.
Comment on 15
Uncle Fester, 04 Aug 2012 05:21 am
Very touching opening scene.
Comment on Summer Break
Fauna, 03 Aug 2012 02:53 pm
Yeah, my hair's much shorter now! I look like a girl most of the time, though, but it's really cute.


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