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The adventures of Blackjack Whipsnake and Bill Wendell.

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Hello, good resourse! thank you
Helloooo.... h are u?
OMG loser. I had the sense to go back and erase Wendell's clothes in the first few frames, only to forget about that last one. Oh well, this is just the rough draft, yes? :P Feel free to throw tomatoes/rocks/missiles in my general direction.
Funny..the picture didn't look so darned smudgy before I scanned it.

...Oh, yeah, that's because I drew on the back. Errr...
Huzzah for another incoherent page! I'm pleased with the general look of it, though.

(And another one bites the dust.)
Gasp, wholly unrecognizable cameos! I hope I spelled that right. Yay for extras. And no, random guy in 2nd to last frame isn't Henry. :P
Yeah, I got my wisdom teeth out two days ago. But the real reason for the absence of an actual page is: I've been lazy. Booo.
Wendell's a chick magnet. Can you tell? ('Cause I really can't.)

I would've posted this sooner, but my scanner has been feeling rebellious these past few days. -_-
Trying to update on a regular basis.

So...Alouette's maybe a little psycho?
Sorry for the delay- the last few weeks have been pretty busy.

In the interest of time, color is off the menu. :P (Howeverrrr, if Percy and I ever publish, I'm going to revise every page to perfection. But that won't be for quite awhile. O_O)
Hmm...I think I'll convince Percy to ease up on the slave driving so I can stop coloring. It's certainly not worth the effort (hasty though the color may be).

*sleepy* Wellll...going to DC tomorrow. Byeee. :D
January 11th, 2007
Look! It's an uber-hasty filler sketch! Because I'm gonna be gone til next Saturday, comic posting. O_O

I know, I know, how WILL you survive the next few days? :P
I think I'll start doing the drawing bit on paper again. Hmmm.

OH EMM JEEE!!! I just know I'm going to be drawn and quartered for the glaring anachronisms. However, this IS an "alternate reality," so HAH. XD
Thanks. :D
Color's fun. I haven't yet been able to figure out whether that makes it easier to be lazy or not...I hope so. >_>
Lulz XDD I like her. IT's so in-color, too!
Thanks! XD
Well, by decree of Colonel Percy, we've switched to color!

Happy New Year's!

This comic is very great, you HAVE to read it.
Happy New Years Eve, everyone. :D

Sort-of introducing Selly. You'll be seeing a lot more of her pretty soon. Speaking of which, I'm way more excited about this chapter than I have any right to be. XD