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A Sequel to 300 Days Of Syao my Previous Comic, a Random comic Diary of events that happen in my life.

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September 25th, 2011
I don't get it lol
New Series!
Alright the time is finally here! and this starving artist REALLY needs you're Help! Within the next few days I'll be taking commission orders, ORDERS you do not send your money yet you just tell me what you'd like Preferably in a note or PM and we'll talk Price.


Please know that Certain things however will Cost more because they either offend me and or others or i don't think i can draw them well PLEASE BE PREPARED FOR THAT. That is because my computer is shared and i take risk in drawing certain things

There will be a 5$ minimum (So you Will at least pay 5 dollars no matter what but you're picture might be more depending on quality,content,etc.

When you send you're request Please State The following.

-What you'd like (Ref Preferred)
-How you'd like it
-Quality similar too (ref might be needed)
-how much you'd like to pay (MUST BE AT LEAST 5$ if it's something weird or hard i will make a deal with you)

I am Really Happy to be Opening these up again and i Really Hope You guys will too! I've improved a lot since i last did them so I'm sure They'll be Amazing!
Page like 9
Wow a comic that gets better as i go along amazing :\
*best page ever drawn
Late page like 7
Always so hostile..

Late Update Sorry i barely had time to do the roundit page but i didn't wanna be behind on this comic, so Two updates this week!
March 18th, 2011
oh what a smile on the girl's face in the last panel
March 4th, 2011
lol nice
Like Page 4
Comic Needs Direction with some form of lesson
February 25th, 2011
page like, 3
Sorry to say some, Rather uneventful stuff has come up and it'll take up alot of my time. I also need to start looking into a job and school. While most of this is emotional some is also just life. So Both comics Once The Stock pages i drew prior to it's being posted Run out They might be on a small hiatus. I'm Very sorry and i will try to continue to draw things when i get the chance.

I'm Fine, Don't worry. I'll get them out As soon as possible.
The Like, Cover.
Welcome to BANANA HOPWAH~!

Now with the Cover i'll leave a Small FAQ for you all~!

Q: Is this a continuation of 300 days of syao?
A: no it's a sequel, the series has had actually many continuations and sequels with the same "Syao" but a new cast.

Q: Banana.. hopwah?
A: yes. i can't explain the title any simpler. i like bananas and Hopwah is my favorite made up word.

Q: whats hopwah mean?

Q: Will Any 300 days of syao characters appear?
A: maybe, we'll see. i plan to have characters from all the series with syao here at some point.

Q: Will this update Daily?
A: no.

If you have anymore Questions i'll add them here so check back! also, The comic Premiers soon! Along side with "Roundit" Check it out here!