Southern Cross

This a webcomic about a bunch of hopefully amusing people known as the eight state capital cities of Australia. Southern Cross is a moe anthropomorphization comic - in the vein of Hetalia, Afganisu-tan and the OS-tans to name a few - featuring Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Hobart, Darwin, Adelaide and Perth. It's about their relationships, their rivalries, their teamwork, their personal tragedies, and the fact that they're all, at heart...a little dysfunctional. Primarily a comedy (or at least trying to be), you don't have to know anything about Australia for this. Hell, you don't even have to care about Australia either. And maybe you'll learn a thing or two...but don't worry. It's not that kind of educational.

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omgomg i ship it
Ahh, this really made me smile. Tsundere love stories warm my heart, and sending fancy gifts anonymously especially.
At least Mel didn't leave it on the porch and ring the bell and run away as someone who's definitely not me might have done to someone once xp
Also, I enjoy Bri's commentary. Especially the "garish cushion" bit.
Im willing to bet that Adelaide is jealous of Melbournes trams because some time around the 70s or 80s, Adelaide scrapped most of her tram lines because "cars were the future". Seriously, we have sooo many silly decisions made here >_>.
I read that once, new zealand was originally controlled by Sydney when the colonies were young. Would sydney have met the leading city at the time like he met hobart? what would he/she look like?
@Shale: Sorry, due to all of todays coverage of love, its just a little uncommon to come across a love arc or story between adults that does not immediately default to scandle or the wobbling of appendages. Still, i can so picture Canberra being the priest at the wedding. Declaring a 'merger' :D. Brisbane being Sydney's best man (or best woman in this case) and Adelaide telling Melbourne to man up so all the ceremony wouldn't go to waste.

alternatively as a ship, Adelaide X Austin (the one in Texas) would be definitively cute due to both being somewhat culturally country. Adelaide has food wine and music such as Barossa and the fringe plus numerous events from tour down under to retro car parades. Austin being a music and restaurant centre (both a centre for american country cuisine and music, such as 6th street and such). Perhaps a whimsical american country boy could charm the sophisticated lady of the South Straya. :D
@Yanderelaide: I'm not sure if you know what 'platonic' means because there's definitely no room for debate that Mel has had a crush on Sydney for over a century, except he treats it with all the maturity of a kid on the playground confused about his feelings even in modern times. (Hobart seems to too although it gets considerably less attention)
my headcanon is that, smooth as he acts, Syd's thicker than a sack of bricks and has no idea either of them like him. In fact I can definitely see him having a crush on Mel but never acting on it due to thinking Mel really does just think he's a 'big stupid git' lol.
Part of me: Aww how sweet and platonic

Other part of me: YAOI YAOI YAOI

First part: Stfu.
I still want to know who Perth would send a Valentine to. The Avatar of Singapore?
February 13th, 2017
Welcome to 2017, Southern Cross!
Sometimes I'm amazed this comic is still running haha. Its the first update of 2017!
Anyway the valentines special i did back in 2013 was one of the most fun things I've drawn for the comic and I wanted to do another one some time and never really got the chance, half cos of time and half cos I didn't really know what to draw. Luckily for me, I discovered its actually possible to make a vaguely educational valentines episode for this comic.

Melbourne's fangirls from the 2cities arc are back - and they're also right, it's true that many of the miners became so wealthy during this period that they were able to splurge ridiculous amounts on Valentines gifts to send home. Apparently the preferred gift was a ludicrously decorated silk pillow. I couldn't find any pics of these, but I did find pics of the ones in France which they were apparently similar to. It 's said that the Australian ones in particular featured a lot of seashells as well.

There were apparently much more elaborate gifts sent, such as taxidermied birds, which is not exactly romantic in my opinion.

As for the city identity of those fangirls, I still haven't formerly decided. Maybe they're french.

I hope to have more updates in the coming months so keep on checking back.
Omg so cute! So christmassy! So awsome! Merry christmas and keep on drawin'
Christmas Requestathon is up! vvv
See it here:

Unfortunately I couldnt get through every request due to having a lack of time to do these.

Southern Cross will return in 2017!

Thank you so much to everyone who stayed with this comic for another year, and to those who have recently started reading who plan to stay.
Good luck drawing these! also idk if you'll read this but for the requestathon, i hope you'll like Matryoshka! best wishes for christmas and don't break your drawing hand again!
It's back! Rules are below, please read em:
The Requestathon I did back in 2014 was a lot of fun so I'm gonna do it again.
The old one got deleted when I lost my tumblr blogs, but I just reuploaded it on the new blog if you want to relive the memories, or know what it's all about: stathon-2014

Rules of the Requestathon:

1. Make the requests at the tumblr's ask box. The url for that is
You don't need to have a tumblr account to send a request!

2. You can request something from any character from the comic - this includes their child forms and the assorted animals.

3. The comic's rating is PG13, and I'm sure none of you want to see my awful attempts at anything more risque so just use your best judgement here. No 18+ requests is what I'm saying here.

4. You can submit more than one request, but I might not get time to draw them all.

5. In the event I end up with a lot the ones with a christmas theme get priority.


Depending on how many I get, I might post them in small batches leading up to Christmas on the comic site (ie here), or I will dump them in one hit on the tumblr blog on christmas eve(like last time).

Have fun!
Liin (Guest)
October 31st, 2016
the feeels
poor Hobart :( I want to give her a hug.
Poor kid with her forever unrequited crush...
I can't say I'm not amused by Syd's terror, though. :P
Poor Hobart. Always being forgotten by the others :(

Although, them walking through darkness makes me want to bring up Hobart's underground.
Her "underground" is mainly just a single tunnel over a river running through her CBD, with some side-tunnels leading to storm drains. It's pretty much impossible to get lost in there, since everything leads to the main tunnel, which is pretty obvious and you just walk in either direction for a few minutes to see daylight again. Or you could also just follow the signs.
It's also one of the few places in the city that you can find graffiti. (And in Hobart, even in the few places where you can find graffiti, only the really good stuff can survive for long)

Of course, technically you aren't meant to go in there and within the last couple years they've built fences to prevent casual access. (Doesn't prevent there being helpful signs in there with eg quickest way out, and warnings about flash flooding)
Mastakazam (Guest)
October 31st, 2016
Nice finish ~<3

I was worried they forgot about Hobart ... and yeah they kinda did T~T hehe

Hobart was the angel ^^
October 31st, 2016
and then syd used a nightlight for 3 months.

I'm glad I technically had time to finally do another Halloween special, but I wish I'd had more time because this was intended to be at least one or two pages longer. The original draft from a few years back also introduced a few other haunted places in Sydney but there wasnt enough pages in the final one.

Anyway, I'm going to be taking a little break from Southern Cross for a while - I don't know for how long yet. I want to take the time to draw some other things - if I manage that they'll be on my art blog ( - but there's still SC content I want to do as well. Maybe I'll manage a christmas special, I definitely can't guarantee that (I'll definitely upload -something- though, even if it's just an illustration).
There's also some stuff I kinda want to do concerning what the -others- were up to dring the Two Cities arc...and I really, really want to redo the character intros cos seriously. Those things suck.
Vandal (Guest)
October 31st, 2016
I think my favourite parts to this comic is Adelaide showing her dark side and Canberra showing her frivolous side.