A Petty Nuzlocke Challenge: HeartGold Edition
A sequel run to A Petty Nuzlocke Challenge: LeafGreen Edition


It's been three years since LOCKE's adventures in Kanto and she's ready to take on Johto! A new rival and old enemies emerge as well as a rumor of a mysterious figure on Mt. Silver referred to as "RED".

Will LOCKE survive this league?


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Comment on Part 13a
Fliplogic, 27 Jun 2015 05:37 am
Seeing that there was an update after all this time broke my heart into pieces and melted them

In the best of ways.
Petty, I missed you so much.

I won't lie, you are my third favorite Nuzlocke comic, but when I try to introduce a friend to the nature of the nuzlocke universe, you are the first comic I direct them to - you embody the spirit of this specific adventure to the best it can be.
Comment on PART 14B
HJN, 14 Jun 2015 09:14 pm
@timemonkey: yeah, normal types aren't bad... except for the Pidgey family. They can barely learn any good moves, and their type advantage to fighting goes kapoot. I mean they are well balanced, but come on! You can't punch a bird... but if it's a NORMAL bird...
Alright, that's my Pidgey rant. Great job with the comics as always, Petty!
Comment on April 1st, 2015
HJN, 14 Jun 2015 09:06 pm
I hope this actually becomes part of the plot. It would be EPIC.
Comment on Part 13b
HJN, 14 Jun 2015 09:04 pm
Cianwood... claims the lives of so many Toges...
RIP Elkia - You will not be forgotten.
Comment on PART 9 (Part 2 of 2)
linspoppa, 05 Jun 2015 05:51 am
Are you actually anti-feminist, or just making satire of radfems?
Comment on PART 14B
PrinceSky, 03 May 2015 11:12 pm
I'm really enjoying this comic, thank you so much for your hard work. I look forward to each update <3
Comment on Part 10b
LKWayvern, 24 Apr 2015 07:04 pm
"Quick, Athena! Fastball special!"
...Could I help it? Yeah. Would life be anywhere near as fun? Nope! X3
Comment on PART 14A
silver-wolf, 23 Apr 2015 04:44 pm
Comment on PART 14B
timemonkey, 22 Apr 2015 08:01 pm
Yay, two more pages!

Liking Diva. I always loved catching either a Jigglypuff or Clefairy in gen one and loading them up with fun TMs. Normal types are so versatile and everyone underestimates them.
Comment on PART 14B
Devourer, 22 Apr 2015 12:43 pm
Awesome update! Love to see this comic getting new pages, no matter how the long the wait is in between.

And, yeah, fuck the haters. This is your webcomic and you don't have to put up with those little shits.


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