A Petty Nuzlocke Challenge: HeartGold Edition
A sequel run to A Petty Nuzlocke Challenge: LeafGreen Edition


It's been three years since LOCKE's adventures in Kanto and she's ready to take on Johto! A new rival and old enemies emerge as well as a rumor of a mysterious figure on Mt. Silver referred to as "RED".

Will LOCKE survive this league?


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Comment on Part 12b
Pavel (Guest), 30 Oct 2014 10:18 am
I would like to see where it is written that Petty would, for the scenario of her comic, adapt to the letter the "plot" of HGSS. Because if this "warning" of her does not exist, then the notion of "filler" does not, either. Again, one more time, Petty draws the story she wants, not the story you asked her to draw. If you do not like it (which is in your right alright), then no one stops you from not coming here anymore.
Comment on Part 12b
Schroeder (Guest), 29 Oct 2014 10:25 pm
@Guest: LOL, and let's not forget the other filler plot where Locke and gang have a chapter long epic and all they do is rematch youngster Joey.
Comment on Part 12b
Guest, 29 Oct 2014 10:23 pm
@Guest: 20 years to complete the comic? Now that's pretty strict. It'd probably take 20 years just to get the Cianwood badge, it's probably gonna be set in motion right after a 15 page sub-plot where Locke can't figure out why Weston has the hiccups.
Comment on Part 12b
Guest, 29 Oct 2014 01:39 pm
Comment on PART 7
(Guest) (Guest), 25 Oct 2014 02:00 am
Locke just has really bad luck with the Pidgey line, doesn't she?
Comment on Part 12b
Hektor (Guest), 19 Oct 2014 12:53 am
Calm down y'all
Guys, Sheepat is right. Petty gave us warning about the computer and her schedule. We also don't know whether this trend with agitated wilds will become a plot point or not, so I'm not comfortable making judgments about the page just yet. I think it's just better if we lay off the anxiety on this front, okay?

Petty, you have my support and continued readership! You are the biggest influence that got me into Nuzlocking and I love both your comics!
Comment on Part 12b
Sheepat (Guest), 16 Oct 2014 08:58 pm
@Edwardo: Bro, she gave her reasons for not doing the comic. Chances are, her computer finally died and she's been too busy to get a new one.

Give it time. Be patient. The world isn't going to end because Petty hasn't posted the comic.
Comment on Part 12b
Edwardo (Guest), 15 Oct 2014 10:58 pm
So can we safely assume that this comic can be lumped with Half Life 3, Megaman Legends, Dr. Dre's next album, and Dark Blood?

Or should I say, "list of things that assholes with lots of talent for some reason won't ever be finishing?"
Comment on Part 12b
Guest, 15 Oct 2014 10:50 pm
10 years? You're being way too harsh. This comic won't be done for another 20 years.
Comment on Part 12b
SpotOn (Guest), 14 Oct 2014 10:47 pm
Math Time!
This comic started June 10th of 2011. It's been 3 years, 4 months and LOCKE has only earned 4 badges. There are 16 badges in HeartGold. At the pace this comic is going it's gonna be (give or take) 10 more years before she collects all the badges. And that's not counting the Elite 4 or any other important battles or plot things...

Still love this comic, but I'm not sure how I'll feel a decade from now.

@BlackSheep: THANK YOU!! I'm glad someone else said it!

And, I'm sorry, but paragon of what? He doesn't specify. For all that Tentacruel knows he could be a paragon of lies or destruction.


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