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My theory
Umm... He has no eyes?...
Option four...
- -;...Nah, he "actively" decided it was best to exit the lab as Dr.Light started he boas- er, I mean...'Defiant' speech that justice will prevail. Suddenly Auto finds the 'outer' part of the lab NEEDS his attention. * struggles to keep a straight-face*
Shut the hell u-
@RyanMC: Dude. She lifted a Steelix.
And Proto Man gets to see how boring Roll's life is.

Proto Man: No wonder she wanted to be like Mega Man...
Any robot who MIGHT break the law?

Does that mean he'll destroy any robot that MIGHT break the law rather than just the ones who HAVE broken the law?
I'm perfectly sane- oh look, unicorns!
My List
Gary Oak!
Prf. Oak!
Prf. Elm!
Prf. Rowan!
Prf. Juniper!
Sally Acorn!
Your mom!
Gnasty Gnorc!
My mom!
Trevor Fayas!
Cain(surprised no Normalcy Is For Wimps fans said that yet)!
Chuck Norris!
Last Comic Comment
Omega:Here doggy doggy!
Treble: Oh sh-
Wilybot's face is a win :)
Oh god, thundercats reference without even noing it
NUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU- oh wait, I never really liked Light. Meh, do it if u have 2, Wily.
Shit there goes my second favorite character.
Can't stop laffng :D fav'd
I think Wily's a bit vain right now...
Oh God, it's Murphy!!!!!!!!!
Oh no. Roll has an idea.
I had to get cherry soda stains out of my friend TeamSonicPrez's fluffy pink carpet once. Compared to the stuff WE do at our house, Mega's got it easy.